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Calchas Menesthil

I'm not THAT kind of seer..

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a character in “Galaoa: The Tangled Red Threads of Fate”, originally authored by Jerico Do'Lantul, as played by RolePlayGateway


*Calchas Menesthil*

Role:Eden commoner.

Which Kingdom Are They From:Eden


Race:Elf/Seer. Approximately 50:50.

Description: Standing at 6'2", his imposing stature is diminished, greatly, by his kind and intelligent green eyes, which are so vibrant and deep that they can be seen at range, when looking directly into them, made only more noticeable by his short blonde hair, which he keeps pulled back, away from his face, fully revealing his features. His ears are those of an elf's, as is his complexion, which appears blemish-free and fair. For an elf, he is incredibly built, but he tends to hide it beneath loose-fitting clothing. It is unclear whether or not this is intended. With a light complexion, Calchas feels most comfortable in casual-wear, usually green and white or grey and black, which only serves to further bring out his eyes. Though he isn't the fairest in the land, his features tend to give off a soft, friendly glow, which will give credence for others to trust him more easily. Wherever he goes, he will carry a sword, which is unnamed. This blade will almost always be a double-edged shortsword of common design but elegant functionality. When dressed formally, he will wear a more ornate sword that has been passed down from generation to generation. This sword is otherwise ordinary, and isn't very reliable in a combat situation. His dress clothes include a green, golden brown and gold tunic, golden Epaulette that doesn't fall very far down from his shoulder with matching breeches. This dress uniform is that of his regiment back in Eden, altered to suit his needs and his style. His everyday wear includes a plain grey and black shirt that buttons down over a black undershirt, with a deep forest green trim. His pants are a dark grey with a similar forest green trim.

Ablitlies:Future-sight; able to see into the future. Unable to see others’ futures, nor is he able to see further than a few seconds into the future. Mind-reading; is able to read other’s thoughts and emotions. Unless granted special permission, Calchas will not enter another’s mind, although he is able to sense their general emotions, to an extent. Bard; able to play most musical instruments with some level of proficiency. His talent comes nowhere near the natural talents of most elves in the sense that his is a learned talent, not an inherited one.

A good example of a sword that Calchas would go into battle weilding. With this weapon, he would be able to control the battlefield with ease, using his ability to predict his foes to his full advantage by turning their weapons away at every step, from every angle. So long as the blade remains intact, Calchas will be in full control.

His ornate sword is just that: an ornate sword. Though he is capable of weilding it as easily as his regular sword, it is far less sturdy, with an edge that is less keen. If he is forced to fight with it, his blows will be careful, measured, and reserved, to protect the steel from breaking. Dodging attacks, not deflecting them, will be his main focus.

Carries a lute with him whenever he travels, which he can play exceptionally well. Though he cannot perform great feats of magic with it's melodies, he can create quite the atmosphere, when need be.

Personality: Although he had been widely hated by society for a good part of his life, he is outwardly kind and compassionate, holding true to the creed of "kill them with kindness". As a seer, he is able to read people's thoughts at will, without much trouble, but his morals will not allow it; he must always ask permission before reading one's thoughts; however, he can always get a "feel" for what those around him are feeling. In spite of any mental barriers they may erect around their minds, Calchas will always be able to sense the "color" of one's mood, as well as picking up on sudden bursts of strong emotion, though this ability is not perfect. Because of the complexity of sentient emotions, he is not always able to translate when he senses correctly, which has sometimes gotten him into trouble. Over time, he has come to understand what his appearance does to others, in that they come to trust him easily and open up to him quickly, a trait which he had always been careful of; the more you know about someone, the more dangerous you become, to them, and the more they tend to rely upon you. He is careful never to abuse his power, as he believes it a great privilege, despite other's belief that it is a curse, and an abomination of nature. Calchas believes in doing the right thing, above all, no matter the consequences. As such, he will rarely, if ever, tell a lie, nor will he ever knowingly do another person wrong. He will avoid conflict, wherever possible, and will, instead, try and talk them down.

Bio: Born a commoner, Calchas was given up at a young age for reasons unknown, being left with another elven family, which were famous for their musical talents. However, try as he might, he was never as talented as the other elves, which worried his adoptive parents, greatly. As young Calchas began to mature, a startling development would unfurl; Calchas is half-seer. This was first realized when a near-death experience was narrowly avoided when Calchas avoided a wayward arrow from an archer's bow, from behind. Soon afterward, it would be revealed that he was able to see into the minds of others, as well as into the very near future; no more than a few seconds, or so it would seem. in addition to this, it became apparent that Calchas was an empath; able to sense emotions and feelings of those around him, even when not actively reading his minds, which he was discouraged from doing without permission. Distraught, his parents proceeded to keep this secret from the other elves, and from the people of Eden, in general, at least for a time. Calchas would go on to learn to play most instruments to some degree, with the help of his half-elven heritage, along with hours of dedicated practice. This, too, worried his parents, as those with the abilities of two races were widely despised. Worried that his secret would one day tarnish his adoptive family's name, he broke away from them upon reaching adulthood, leaving his home to become a soldier, as many elves chose to do. There, it was quickly discovered that he was half-seer when he demonstrated his ability to defeat nearly every sword that came for him with little effort. Though this fact was unsettling, his talents could not be ignored, and so he was allowed to continue to serve. Content with his new lot in life, Calchas would begin to embrace his dual heritage, practicing his swordsmanship, his ability to read and understand thoughts, as well as his musical talents, until each was formidable, in it's own right. Though he understood that he would never be as good, on his own, as the other races were, he knew, too, that his unique abilities, in conjunction with one another, could give him an advantage over all of them. When summoned to the royal kingdom of Galaoa, he was unsure of how to take the news, and nearly refused to attend. After receiving an ultimatum from his CO, however, it became clear that the summons was not optional..

Who is your fiancé:Josephine Dezentro

Love Interest:None to speak of.

Theme Song: When at rest: “Dearly Beloved” as preformed by Kyle Landry, on piano.
When in action/ in combat: “Midna’s Desperate Hour” as preformed by [artist to be included, later], on piano.

So begins...

Calchas Menesthil's Story