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Gemma Audrina L'Oiseau

"You cannot tame me. You cannot cage me. I will forever remain as free as a bird."

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a character in “Galaoa: The Tangled Red Threads of Fate”, originally authored by PishPosh, as played by RolePlayGateway


Gemma Audrina L’Oiseau


Role: Eden Princess

Which Kingdom Are They From: Eden

Background Information about Your Kingdom: Eden is by far the most laid back and slow moving of the bordering kingdoms. Everything, from the in-house politics to the everyday chores of the people, moves at a pace not much faster than a slow crawl. There is a three-hour siesta every day of the work week during which all shops and markets close down. This time is for rest, but still, many people can be seen out of doors in their beautiful surroundings, or chatting about the perpetually fine weather(a.k.a gossiping about what’s happening in the Royal Court.) In Eden, the separation of classes is not taken very seriously. Whether you are a lowly hunter, an upper class merchant, or a high-born Lord, you receive the same basic treatment and equality. The only real difference between the classes is their income, but even the rich in the kingdom do not feel that they have cause to look down on the poor. In the center of the kingdom, there is a large market in which people of all classes can be seen mingling.

The only people exempt from equality in the kingdom are the members of the Royal Family and their court, which is made up mostly of the many advisors who are the real rulers of Eden. Truly, King Nero and Queen Wilhelmina are no more than figure heads. They surround themselves with men and women who “advise” them on laws to pass and decrees to make instead of making such decisions themselves. The King and Queen’s main concern is looking the part rather than actually playing it. To their people, they are kind but decisive rulers, but in reality, they wield no real power at all. They are both of the Nymth race, and the L’Oiseau family is known for their strong connection with the bird species, ravens in particular. Because of this, they are often known throughout the land as the Raven King and Queen.

The Kingdom of Eden’s greatest weakness is its impotence. Because everything runs at such a slow moving pace, the important things tend not to get done for a long time, if they ever get done at all. There is no real chance for any great political changes to be made within the Kingdom, and the trading they do with Galaoa and Adoressa is not exempt from this lackadaisical attitude. Trading is often put off till the last minute, and because of this, Eden could be the Kingdom most looked down upon by the others.

Age: 21

Race: Nymth

Description: Gemma is quite tall at 5’10” and her limbs are willowy and graceful. Her body is toned and her muscles controlled, but her movements are fluid and without rigidity. Her fiery red hair hangs straight but voluminously to her mid-back, and her eyes, which she inherited from her father, are a vibrant violet. These eyes are always dominated by a far-off, almost dreamy stare which makes one feel as if Gemma is somewhere else entirely. Her skin is tan from many hours spent out doors in perfect weather, but it is polished with a creamy sheen which makes it glow. Also, Gemma is quite fond of body art, and she can often be seen with various shades of paint smeared all over her body in symmetrical, wispy lines.

Gemma’s wardrobe is very versatile. She prefers wearing earth tones, and many of her tunics, skirts, and various accessories are sprinkled with feathery attachments. Her jewelry is rustic and natural, and when she is clad head to toe in her earthy garb and body paint, she looks like something of a jungle queen. Of course, when she is forced to attend more formal events, she scrubs off the paint and puts on something resembling what a princess such as herself should wear, but it doesn’t make her happy.

  • Language of the birds – Gemma can understand all animals, but, because of her families strong connection with birds in particular, they are the only family of animals which she can speak back to.
  • Green thumb – Gemma can make plants grow at astonishing rates with her touch and her soothing words. She has found that if she sings to the plants, they will grow even more quickly, lending to the theory that she has a miniscule amount of Aria blood in her somewhere.

Weapons: The Venomous Vine is a sword which transforms into a bladed whip and back again; it’s an heirloom of the Royal Family which Gemma took an interest in and demanded to be taught how to use. She so seldom showed an interest in anything but plants and animals, and she rarely demanded anything, that it took her parents by complete and utter surprise. They complied, and she now wields the sword/whip capably.

ImagePersonality: Gemma is something of a mystery. Her whimsical attitude and perpetually cheery disposition can be both intimidating and confusing. Though she is friendly enough, she exudes such a far-away, almost other-worldly air that many find holding a conversation with her difficult at best. She has been called ditsy, unrelatable and vague, and those who have tried to befriend her have come away discouraged and disappointed. Often, she will start a conversation and then leave in the middle of it, as if she were called away by some invisible force. This makes her seem strange, and a little slow-minded. The reason she allows herself to be perceived this way is a mystery to most because she is in no way unintelligent.

Though she is seldom seen without a smile on her face, the look in her eyes is always distant. She never shows the unattractive emotions like anger or depression, though she is not immune to feeling them. In short, Gemma is happy but detached, present but distant, beautiful but unreachable.

Bio: Gemma learned at an early age just how inconsequential her parents were. They were the King and Queen, and yet they wielded not real power. As a consequence of this discovery, Gemma began to look at her position in life as something of a joke. Many viewed her as strange because of her tendency to talk to her birds instead of people, and to have plants and animals as friends instead of humans. She discovered that this was actually to her advantage. If people viewed her as strange, slow, and distant, they expected less of her. She began to act even stranger, to avoid people, and to walk away in the middle of conversations. Because of her weird behavior, she was left virtually to her own devices, and seldom expected to be present in court. This suited her just fine, as she now had her time free to spend as she pleased. Her father and mother were even somewhat afraid of her and her strangeness, and they generally gave in to her whims. She never demanded much, she just prefers to be left alone.

Who is your fiancé: TBA

Love Interest: None

Theme Song: She’s A River, by Firehorse

So begins...

Gemma Audrina L'Oiseau's Story