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Zidar Voltain Mi'talrythin Rulrindale

"Reason exists for those who cannot go on living without clinging to it. Now let's go... to the edge of reason."

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a character in “Galaoa: The Tangled Red Threads of Fate”, originally authored by Ravelin, as played by RolePlayGateway


Zidar Voltain Mi'talrythin Rulrindale

Role: Crown Prince of Adoressa

Which Kingdom Are They From: Adoressa

Background Information about Your Kingdom: Adoressa is called the "Ice Kingdom" for very good reason. All year round, the temperatures normally stay around the 15- 35 degrees range. But every decade or so, there would be a week or two with temperatures as high as 55 degrees. Which is still cold for the other kingdoms, but for Adoressa it's like their spring. One of the biggest celebrations take place during this rare time, it's called 'Fvorar'. Which is the kingdom main celebrations besides celebrating the ending of one year and beginning of a new one, or ending of one family rule and another blood line taking the throne. The Rulrinadale's began their rule only two generations before Zidar. Even during the "warm" weather in Fvorar, plants still refuse to take root in the frozen landscape. Before the Rulrindale's took the throne, the most if not all the ruling families were of mixed races instead of full-blooded. In the ice and snow lanscape, those of mixed races tend to survive the hellish ice storms, rapid decline in temperatures, and survive wild polar bear or artic seal encounters since the species have been either hunted or been raised and slaughtered like cattle. But there's no actually proof that being born from different races increases your chances to life into adulthood, it's a minor observation from the commoners point of view how most of their kings, queens, princes, and princesses have been half-breeds. So unlike most of the kingdoms, discrimination against half-breeds hardly exist in these lands.

There always been rumors that Adoressa being the land of the damned and dead, since outsiders think living in the ice kingdom's conditions were impossible. In the past, it was diffcult to birth and keep children and the eldery alive to increase or maintain the population but people leanred to adpated. Like using seal leather and polar bear fur for not only clothing and bed blankets but also line the inside of their homes with them. Much like wall tepestries that decorated and insulate stone, medieval casltes. Only leather and fur and for homes. People expanded their food sorce than polar bears and seals to fish, birds, and artic fox. There are wolves, but they are mainly used to travel by pulling a sled (like a small group of specially breeded polar bears that are used for noblity) or aim hunters into tracking preyAs one can guess, their diets are mainly, if not all, made out of meats. Making the citizens of Adoressa built stronger against the icey winds. It is mainly the nobles and royals that can actually see any green portions in their meals.

Those are the living conditions in Adoressa. In the home, it's mainly the men that bring the income and "wear the pants in the household". They not only hunting but they also do the trading, fight in the kingdom's armies, blacksmiths, bear/seal/fox/fish ranchers or breeders, and other jobs along those lines. The women's role are the "supporters". They are there to aid their husbands or fathers by brithing and raising children, skining/guting animals, clothes making, tepestry making, cleaning and cooking. Women are expected to make any sacrifice for the better of the family. For example, young women are expected to marry at a young age and to the most successful man that's willing to take them. During celebrations, parties, or traveling women are expected to wear veils or masks that completely cover their faces while men are free to be mask-less unless attending a masked ball. The women's veils and masks are there to prevent other men to see and target their daughters, wives, or 'intendeds' and also in hope that the women don't lay eyes on another man other than their own. Depending on which class they come from, women can have a various of different colored and decorated veils or mask. The commoners mainly wear a simple colored veil of different styles, while higher or noble class women wear masks. Even with this set up in the family home, Adoressans do value their families may it be love or simple duty. If another family troubles a member of another family, then they better expect verbal or physical (depends on the 'trouble' and families) counters from the victim's family.

Inside the caslte walls, the courts don't really change in structure even when a new family is crowned. The court systems worked when Adoressa was nothing more than a medium sized city, and it still works now. The King makes most of the decisions with after hearing, or ignoring, the comments or speeches of the advisers that were born into their roles like the royal families in theirs. the Queen is meant to merely listen and may speak to the King about the matters that concerns her, if the King allows her that is, in privant and not in from of the court in her mask. Normally, the first born son has the birth right to the crown, but the crown can be placed on another son's head is both the King and courts agree.

Age: 21

Race: Oni

Description: Zindar stands at 6' 4" and has some, not much, of a musclar built. He has dark blue hair that's is the same shade of the shadows on the snow and ice of his kingdom. Due to lack of sun since the sun never reachs high in the sky but always slightly above the horizon, and rarely going outdoors. Which he had little to no need to go outside unless it was to practice his black magic that comes from his Oni blood. Another trait that be bless with by his blood are his 'Soul Eyes'. His irises have a grey smoky color while the cornea, where most people have white, he has pitch black. He's eyes show people's inner demons and sins they commited. But it's not perfect yet. When he sees someone for the first time or rarely see, he can only glimps at a person's inner demon. For example, he could see a person is greedy at heart but there at many types of greed: greedy for money, power, artworks, love, women, men, and the list goes on. The more he spends time with a person, the clearer the inner demon could be seen. But this process can take the span of months or years depending how deep the person buries their inner demons of their hearts. As for clothes, he'll put on almost anything that he thinks it suites him.

Ablitlies: Soul Eyes- He can see people's inner demons and even pass sins, if he spends enough time with them, the demon's appear becomes clearer with the more time he spends with the person. Knowing people's inner demon is the same as knowing their weakness that he could use for either his gain or entertainment.

Antimatter- Antimatter is the antiparticle to matter, where antimatter is composed of antiparticles in the same way that normal matter is composed of particles. Since everything is made up with matter, and anything that takes up space, then everything is made of antimatter. Zidar can gather these antiparticles, which looks like a sickly black glomp, and manulate it into any shape he wishs. More often than not, he creates various sizes of needles depending how much antimatter he gathered and he let's them "float" in the air and fires them at his opponent(s). Kindar can change the shape of the antimatter depending on the amount gathered, diffculty (like he can't keep a shape of a strong weopen for a period of time), and concentration (the more focus that he can have on transforming the antimatter, the stronger and shape difficulty he can perform).

Curses/Hexes- One of Kindar's favorite past times. He knows a various of hexes that can plag a person to have intense bad luck, ruin their love life, along with other small and short term hexes like that. Curses require to clearly see someone's inner demon and then he could have 'long term hexes' on them. Like to curse a person to be completely miserible for the rest of their lives, from being a genius to be the town's fool, etc.

Weapons: He had no realy need for weapons since he can gather a large palm full of antimatter in a few moments due to intense training.

Personality: Kindar is one of the most mysterious man that you could ever mean, since his almost constant on his face with intellectual, politeness with hidden mocking, and use of sarcasm.Makes it hard for people to clearly know what is going on in his head. He rarely shows any sign of alarm or distress and feels confindent that he could adapt to situations decently quick. Whenever confronted, casual and uncaring, attempting to draw out a conversation and make small talk, which often infuriates the one he is talking to. Kindar seems to be fully aware of the effect he has on others and more than once has been seen toying with people's emotional states for his own amusement. When he is confroted by a girl that aims to be his or aims to be his future queen, appears to be a very kind, well-respected prince. However, this was just a mask to disguise his manipulative and very dangerous nature. In truth, he cares very little for his servents, 'friends', or 'girlfriends' and is willing to use almost everyone around him as pawns in his twisted game to entertain himself or to gain something in return. But more often than not, it's for his entertainment.

Bio: WIP

Who is your fiancé: Jacqueline Guinevere

Love Interest: Really? He just plays around with a woman's heart until he either gets bored or they grow annoying attact to him.

Theme Song: Blowsight - Poker Face

So begins...

Zidar Voltain Mi'talrythin Rulrindale's Story