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Galaxy's of Blood

Galaxy's of Blood


Man kind has moved to the stars, when Earth becomes dangerous for humans to live in. Once safely in the massive space station named "Luna" they find out they're not alone.

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Man has been in the dangerous grips of space for over 100 years. When they find out that the entire time they've been having unwanted guests laying millions of eggs on the forbidden underside of the station "Luna" absolute mayhem erupts. The eggs, having hatched, grow quickly into terrible beasts. Within days the aliens, deemed the "Sarrax", have clamed Luna for themselves. Human activity is scares, as most have managed to find some way to get killed. You start off alone, the Sarrax hunting you down. Unarmed and afraid you try desperately to find someone, or something to help you survive in the metal prison of Luna.

For your characters please list:
Name: (Who are they?)
Sex: (Male or Female)
Gender: (Male, Female, non-binary, etc.)
Age: (Please have a reasonable age. 17+)
Personality: (Are they mean, nice, dangerous?)
Background: (Who was their family, do they still have family, or what's their story)
Physical features: (Do they have scars? What's their eye/hair color? Are they tall or short? Skinny or plump?)
Strengths: (Are they smart-witted, and able to get out of trouble easily?)
Weaknesses: (What will slow them down, or prevent them from getting away?)

Once again, please be respectful of everyone, and we'll all be happy.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the roleplay.

Toggle Rules

1. Please be respectful of everyone and their characters.
2. Attempt to post weekly, unless something hinders your ability to do so.
3. Don't make your character unstoppable, it's annoying and unrealistic.
4. Unless it's impossible to, please post more than 4 sentences in each post.

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(Hello, and welcome to Galaxy's of Blood! I'll go ahead and start, then.)

The loud crashing banged through out the metal hallway. It's what awoke Sin from her light sleep. She jolted up, and looked around, awkwardly scooting farther back into the ventilation shaft she was currently sleeping in. Her eyes narrowed in the dark as she tried to see if anyone was passing the closed grate by her feet. Much to her distain, there was. It wasn't human, but instead Sarrax. Sin bit her lip, and held her breath hoping the monstrous deep red animal wouldn't sniff her out. She wanted to scoot farther back, but she had hit a fan. She was boxed in, and sweating up a storm. She covered her mouth, trying not to let out a terrified whimper as she stared at the alien creature, who had stopped and was sniffing around. What could she do? She was trapped and helpless. She could only hope the Sarrax left her alone.


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Escaping onto a ship with an unknown destination? Sure! He deserved this. Managing to save his ass from the Space Fuzz, Levison wasn't all too sure if this was a better alternative to a jail cell. The ship had landed and shortly after decompression the screaming had erupted. From his hiding place below with the cargo, the wretched bangs and the blood curdling wailing of humans clearly in distress had stopped him from levelling this safe zone.

Levison was no coward. But he wasn't stupid either. When he finally decided to crawl out the screaming had stopped but the strange sound of something moving above, something not human could still be heard. Finding a gun with all the stuff down there, Levison shoved it in the back of his trouser and grabbed something else without paying too much attention.

That was almost 24 hours ago.

"Here boy!" The con man called out, quietly stalking his way through the bloodied halls. Did he have a death wish? Levison wasn't sure. "Come out you ugly son of bitch." He muttered. He sure as hell wasn't going down without a fight! Whatever the hell was up here, he was going to kill it or go down trying.

Levison stopped in his tracks. Eyes narrowing, he raised the baseball bat in his hand. No more than 5 feet between the creature and him.

"Hey fish face!" Levison called out, the creature turned from whatever it was sniffing and with a crazed snarl leapt towards Levison! "Yeah! Come and get it you sick son of a bitch!" The man goaded and swung.


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"Hey fish face!" could be heard from just outside the air shaft. Sins bright blue eyes went wide seeing the bloody monster growl at something to her left. It snarled, and shot for the voice that had called out. Sin sat there, tense and terrified for what seamed like minutes before she heard the indistinctive sound of a skull being cracked open. 'That's it... The idiots done it! That poor person just went and got their head bashed in by what ever the hell that was!' Sin thought franticly. She did, however, allow her body to relax. She slowly withdrew her hand from her mouth.

She sat there, resuming to hold perfectly still for a few more long seconds before deciding that the Sarrax was probably to occupied with the dead fools body to notice her sneak out of the vent. Rolling around quietly in the shaft she made it so she was on her hands and knees, head facing the opening of the AC unit. Shuffling forward she quietly opened the vent. Much to her attempt, the old rusty hinges let out a teeth gnashing squeak. She froze, body going tense, preparing for a snarl to split the tense, freezing air.

When no unnatural sound was made she opened her eyes, eyebrow raised. 'Did it leave?' she asked, opening the vent fully, and quickly. Peaking her head out she first saw the dead monster on the ground. Her eyes trailed up to a bloody baseball bat, and finally to the crazy man who had just saved her life. Her lips were pursed as she stared at the unknown male. "Uh...." She mumbled after staring at him for a good thirty seconds.


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"Wooo! Yeah!" Levison cheered himself. "That's a home run and he's outta here!" He swung the air with his bloodied bat when he encountered the fiery redhead poking out of the vent. Huh? So that's what this ugly son of a bitch was sniffing out around here.

"Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in." He drawled, crossing his feet at the ankles, leaning his weight to one side on the bat. "You're welcome." He replied to her in-distinctive muttering before giving her a perusal from the tips of her toes to the top of her blinding head. "I should charge you but first ones on the house." The quick smirk dropped. "So what are ya'll experimenting on up here huh?! You're little science experiment gone bad? You know I should just leave your pretty little ass here all this trouble you've caused. But I'm a nice guy and I've been sent by the ASA to come rescue you." Levison lied.

Lying came easy to him. But the fact that she was the only human he encounters in the past 24 hours and the fact that he may very well need her to get out of here and survive meant she needed to trust him. And she certainly wasn't going to trust him with the truth. Whatever the hell that was!

"My ships down, where's the emergency escape pods fire crotch?"


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Character Portrait: Levison Gallagher Character Portrait: Sin Belladona
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Sin had come fully out of the vent upon deciding the batter man was only dangerous towards the monsters that were tormenting Luna. Her eyes narrowed hearing him blaming the entire alien invasion on her. "It's not MY fault everything's gone to hell," She grumbled, cocking her hip to the side as she crossed her arms. "It's been hundreds of years, so I've heard, that this station has been up! This whole alien problem only just started about a week ago. We thought they were just harmless creatures until they actually found a way inside." Sin frowned, and looked the man up and down.

From the information he gave her, he seamed trustworthy, but she still made sure to keep a constant eye on him as she looked around. "And I never asked you to save me," She snipped, turning to look down the hallway. Remembering his last question she frowned even more, wrinkling her nose a bit in annoyance. "And we don't have any escape pods.... No one planned for this to happen, all of the staff thought we'd be safe." She looked back to the man, about to go one when there was a blood curdling screech. It wasn't close, but it was still loud as it echoed through the metal prison they called Luna. Sin cussed under her breath, knowing that the man had been too loud in his rejoicing.

She looked around franticly, trying to figure out what to do. "Look," Sin said looking at the male, "You need to find some place to hide, these things are dangerous, and you might not get so lucky when one of them is actually hunting you, and not occupied with something else." She started to back up, figuring there was probably a cubby hole she could hide in, or some more open ventilation shafts.

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