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Three princesses and princes along with their servants are carted off to a castle in an effort to prevent a war. However, in the last decade the castle has changed and an ancient mystery resurfaces...

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For years now, the six realms of Aezris have maintained the peace through 'arranged' marriage. This isn't like any old arranged marriage where it requires meetings and promises. Instead, each year the royal family of each region sends a child of their choosing to.....the Castle at the Center of the Land. Here the children may get to choose from a selected list of people whom they may marry. The ratio of male to female is always balanced so there is no need to fret, everyone has the opportunity to end up with someone in the end. Furthermore, no one could leave if they wanted. Once the participants have passed through the gates a binding magical contract makes it impossible to leave until they have proof of their love to someone. The process has ranged from a mere two weeks to months, but the results are always satisfactory. Because of this many rumors have gone around. Some say the castle is alive. It always matches together couples perfectly....then again the castle is connected to the land itself....perhaps it knows more then we know......


In a more recent decade, the Castle suddenly decided lock itself firmly shut. Few vain attempts were given to pry open the doors. Eventually, the realms were forced to pair up their own children and as a result the land has payed dearly for it. While the castle unbiasedly created marriages to keep the land in order, these new marriages were based on the idea of self-benefit. Relations between the strong and weak shattered, the strong paired with the strong, the weak with the weak. As a result, some realms prospered while other began to fall. Tensions rose. Betrayals stained red. War sat just on the horizon.....


But then, an intervention occurred. Crimson letters addressed to each royal family arrived in a roar of blue flames. The contents varies from letter to letter but one thing was clear. Each realm was to send the child listed in the letter to the castle as soon as possible. The one who signed the letter was the Castle itself. A meeting of royals was immediately called and in the end they would all comply to the Castle's demand...

Now that you've been filled in as to why you've been sent so far away from your homes, shall your story begin. Remember to leave everyone must have proof of your love to someone. However you take this rule is up to you. Now please enjoy your stay while you are here~


P.S. I nearly forgot. Prince's may bring a maid of choice, while Princess's may bring a knight of choice. It would be rather daunting to arrive in a strange, new place alone after all.



The Castle at the Center of the Land, let's call it CCL for short, is located precisely as it name says and was built so that it touches all six realms equally. Set between forest and ocean the castle ensures all the diverse races of the land may enjoy themselves. It is fairly closed off from any civilization to prevent any interference from the outside world, with exception of relatives to be allowed to visit. A magical barrier covering a few miles out helps if anyone wishes to visit the beach, forest, or mountains nearby. Magic keeps everything well kept and well equipped to suit everyone's needs. It's also a set in a secret location. Now moving on to the tour~

Main Foyer - Large and expensive. This is where everyone passes through to get to anywhere else in the castle. Paintings occupy the wall and constellations dot the ceiling. There are sets of couches and lounge chairs to enjoy simple conversations in comfort. There are a few glass cases filled with beautiful, magical, and strange rarities.

Library - Shelves upon shelves on what seem to be books for everything. Perfect place to study or if you wish to get away from any commotion. It's always quiet here.

Dinning/Kitchen - The dinning hall is quite expansive with a large table to hold an assortment of dishes and smaller tables to seat four. It's much like a buffet and the meal set changes each day and night. Kitchen is always stocked so feel free to drop by for a snack or two.

Bedrooms - There's a good number of them and room design seems to change depending on the guest's preference. Furniture is the same for every room : desk, bed, dresser, vanity. Closets are walk-in with an all around mirror.

Bathrooms - There's only two, divided between male and female gender. A magical charm keeps the wrong gender from entering and it's always clean. Shower (indoor waterfall) and tubs are available.

Misc - The foyer leads to a number of assorted rooms that range from an indoor aviary to a dungeon. If you need to be alone, take your pick and hide away.

Outdoors - Feel free to venture outside the castle. However, be aware of the magical barrier and a small rune marked on your left hand will start to burn if you near the limits.

Rose- Marked Rooms - Indoor gardens of roses and benches to create a romantic feel. Past guests have always felt they were being watched and have even witnessed a mysterious figure drifting through.

Just so you know the six realms are divided into Sky, Earth, Water, Night, Fire, and Technomagi. The sky realm exists up in the harsh mountainous regions hidden by dense mists and clouds. Here exists beings of all winged nature, the ruling family a descendent of dragons called draconians. The earth realm is a network of forest home to the ruling family of elves, and including dryads, sprites, fairies, and the like. The water realm is self explanatory, merfolk preside as the rulers. The night realm is rather the most dangerous and home to the creatures under the bed. Royalty has been rather shaky over the years, but the _________ are the presiding rulers. Moving on to the the realm of fire, this place is home to those flame-born. Jinn ( don't call them genies) are the primary rulers of the land, though there isn't much to rule. Finally, the Technomagi realm is home to humans. In order to keep up with their neighbors they have perfected the use of clockwork technology mixed with magic. A handful of humans are true magic users, and by that the royal family. They are also the only race capable of using the magical arts.

Maids and Knights are their own character. Some characters don't have a maid or knight due to the may factor. Please coordinate accordingly with your prince or princess if you decide to play a maid or knight.


Name | Night Realm
FC | Played By
- Maid

Name | Fire Realm
FC | Played By

Name | Technomagi Realm
FC | Played By


Name | Sky Realm
FC | Played By

Name | Water Realm
FC | Played By

Name | Earth Realm
FC | Played By

I have a things to point out before you rush off and reserve characters. Realms are going to be set, however if you wish to swap your realm for a realm that's open I will do so. In order to start this roleplay we need to have all the realms taken and filled. I will edit the page accordingly upon reservation. As for reservation please stick to the OOC! I can not stress this enough. Don't PM me and make the awkward chase. Also double check to see if the role you are applying for is open. Please take your time to create your character as well. If you are worried about time a WIP that proves you are dedicated and plan on building a good character and I shall accept them.


Code: Select all
Age: [19-26]
Hair Color:
Eye Color:

~ . ~


~ . ~

Face Claim: [If any]

~ . ~

Gallery: [Anime or drawn only.]


Note - These are the basics requirements to create your character. Feel free to dress up and add to your character sheet as you wish. Try and be creative, try out new roles. Please go look over other people's characters when making yours to avoid the way-to-similar characters problem.

-Rules, Notes, Character Sheet all by Fantastical-Ducks (Thank you very much!)

Toggle Rules

NOTE: Rules copied from the magnificent and beautiful Rhianoue(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

✄ 1. Reservation - To reserve, please find the rule hidden somewhere here (yes it is there your just not looking.). Afterwards, you have 48 hours to get up a wip, and then a few days to finish it unless you talk to me explaining why you can't. Sometimes I'll bend this rule, but don't count on it all the time. If you don't have a wip of your character up in the time given, I'll have to send you a PM warning you that your role could be taken.

✄ 2. Characters - I am a person who loves fancy and over the top glamorous characters. I love them to be all different and unique, and the prettier the better, trust me. If you can wow me with your character I might tell you a few secrets about the rp (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜. I base my acceptance mostly on character appearance, so if I don't like it I won't accept.

✄ 3. Rules - No, this isn't the hidden rule...or maybe it is, but basically, stick to RPGway's rules and my rules. Three strikes and you're out, right?

✄ 4. Literacy - Please щ(ಠ益ಠщ) , oh please be literate. Its fine if this isn't your first language, but make an attempt to look over your words. If you need help, you can always call on me. Right, and at least 350 words per post. Not that I'll be checking, yes I will, but make it an acceptable long post that's at least a decent paragraph or two. Sorry for being picky... but I'm going to have to be this time! Clean and pretty character sheets and posts, please!

✄ 5. Gore and Romance - 'Course this is all appreciated, and wanted, and loved, but lets not go into '30 Shades of Grey' romance or 'Elfen Lied' gore ( つ゚Д゚)つ . Let's just not. Either PM it with whoever you're doing the do with, or fade to black, and for violence, let's not put blood in every single post possible. I'm a little more lenient on it since, in my opinion, I don't mind reading any violence. But remember this is slice of life, so I don't think it will be like Tokyo Ghoul. Keep the romance the same. Which comes as a warning! Too all younger role-players who are interested, please be ready to read some very sad topics. a

✄ 6. Story and Theme - Please relate to this theme and story! It'd be great if your characters looked as if they were of the era, and if your bio ties in with the plot, I swear. I will love you forever. Please accept my love.
Modified a bit here and there.

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