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Game of Kings: Succession

Game of Kings: Succession


The old King of Renova has died, leaving no heirs to the throne. The nobility gathers in the capital for a Witan, a gathering of nobles. But with the nobility is divided and many seek greater power, conflict is inevitable for Renova.

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After 60 years of reigning over island kingdom of Renova, King Artorius Perov has passed away. During his long rule, Artorius led Renova into a new golden age. Never before had trade of goods both Renovan and foreign flowed so free, and the fields produced so much wheat. Nor was there ever a monarch been so popular among both the peasantry and the nobility. Unfortunately, his death has left not clear line for succession. During the latter part of his reign, most had believed that Prince Gherlen would succeed his father, but unfortunately, a plague took the life of both the boy and his young mother. With the death of the king, succession is in flux and there are those among the nobility who secretly welcome the chaos to further their own power.

Meanwhile other tensions divide the people of Renova. Just over 100 years ago, the Northmen were given the snowy north of the land to dwell in and no one is sure whose side they are on, if any. Furthermore, King Artorius had recently granted autonomy to the traveling people, called Koli, a separate ethnic group with its own culture and religion which consists mostly of fortunetellers, entertainers, performers, fire-masters, and the like, led by the mysterious Koli Queen. This decision to not only tolerate, but grant these people self-rule has been viewed as a mistake among many of the nobility.

The Perovian Dynasty has ruled Renova for 300 years and in that time, almost every noble family has intermarried with the Royal Family, brooking many claims to the throne through marriage or blood whiles others claim prestige or closeness to the late king and still others claim the right to rule based upon their competence and practicability. One thing is true among all of the nobility: they would rather die than allow a hated rival take the throne. There are even some who wish for war. Knights long to prove themselves in battle and mercenaries eagerly covet the gold and renown a war would gran them. The Golden Age of King Artorius Perov has come to an end.

Places of Note



The jewel of the Kingdom, located just thirty miles upriver and surrounded by the River Danu on one side and Moin, Aurora has great white walls and gleaming towers with the outer wall enclosing the farmland just outside the city. A trade center and formidable fortress, this city has never fallen to an attacker. It is rumored to be impossible to take by force of arms. It is here the nobility gather for a Witan to elect a new king or queen.

(more may be added)

Key Roles

(Pictures may be replaced at the roleplayer's discretion; gender is also not set in stone)


Lady ________________


Chancellor to the old King, Lady ________________ was the queen's older sister and is adept at the intrigues and motivations of Court. She has been charged with arbitrating the Witan as the nobles select a new King or Queen.

[Taken by Bonjour51]

Lady Antoinette Marlane


An officially minor noble with no blood ties to the former King or notable prestige, Lady Antoinette Marlane holds the influential position as the Castellan or caretaker of the capital city of Aurora. She runs the day-to-day management of Aurora and has been since the mysterious death of her older brother two years ago. With the King's death, however, Lady Antoinette Marlane sees his chance to ascend the throne in a city he controls filled with men loyal to him alone. The squabbling nobles will do well to recognize her at the Witan.

[Taken by Natzalia]

Grand Cleric Titus Aurel


Officially the head of the most prevalent religion in Renova, Grand Cleric Titus Aurel is a spiritual man, but a pragmatic one. He is a well-meaning man whose chief concern is for the common man that lives in Aurora, rejecting the noble privilege that was his as one who was born in a noble family. He believes that a King or Queen, whoever he or she is should not be opposed as it would disrupt the extensive services provided by the Church to the peasants and poor of the land. Tyrants, he believes, will die as sure as everyone must.

[Taken by almostinsane]

Brother ________________


A saintly man by all accounts, admired by the common people, Brother ________________ travels and preaches throughout the countryside taking no more than anyone is willing to give him and refusing gifts and luxuries. It is rumored he can perform miracles and see the future while others say he is merely talented at herbalism and reading the winds of change. Idealistic and uncompromising, he settles for nothing less than the greatest good in people and will denounce cruelty and complacency even from the nobility and his superiors.


Duke Grym Jorvaldof Jorvik


Descended from the Sea Raiders of old, Duke Grym Jorvald is proud of his people and their unique culture. He was loyal to King Artorius without question and knew him well. The Northmen swore an oath of fealty to the Perovs and with the last Perov King dead, no one is sure how they'd act or who they would support for kingship. One thing is certain. He does not support cowards and would die rather than see his people threatened.

[Taken by Binsetsu]

___________, Queen of Kolis


Beautiful, clever, and as quick with the sword as she is with her tongue, the Queen of the Koli people is comitted to the protection of her people and maintaining their autonomy and holds no interest for the nobles or their quarrels. If they seek to threaten her or her people, however, she will fight.

[Taken by MaliceInWonderland]

Character Sheet

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Appearance:[/b] (Please include a realistic image such as a photo or realistic illustration)

[b]Skin tone:[/b]



[b]Other aspects of your appearance:[/b] (anything else really)






[b]Religion:[/b] (your personal views; does he worship the God of mainstream society or does he worship another god or gods?
Loyalty: [/b](Themselves, another character, just Renova, etc.)

[b]Short-Term Goal:[/b] (what is your immediate goal/concern?)

[b]Long-Term Goal:[/b] (what do you want in the long run?

[b]Relationship/Martial Status:[/b] (Do you have romantic relationships? If you are nobility, what connections does this give you and how is it viewed by others?)

Toggle Rules

1. Be respectful of your fellow roleplayers.
2. This is a literate roleplay. That means that you should post at least two paragraphs per post, though more is encouraged.
3. This is rated M for sex, violence, gore, and language, but please follow Roleplaygateway rules. I do not want this being shut down.
4. No god-modding. That means, in battle with another player, there should be no auto-hits and definitely no auto-kills. That also means you are not invincible. That means you should take hits. This also means no convoluted posts to avoid harm or inflict harm on another player. Those get tiresome.
5. For appearances, real life photographs are preferred but good illustrations are acceptable.
6. I have a set plan for the beginning of this roleplay. If you take a key role, listen to me.
7. Have fun.

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Character Portrait: Rivera Talmir
0 sightings Rivera Talmir played by CNAGamer
"Do not underestimate me. Lesser men than you have died on my blade for lesser crimes."
Character Portrait: Grym Jorvald
0 sightings Grym Jorvald played by Binsetsu
Duke of Jorvik
Character Portrait: Vorcir
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Master of the Assassins' Guild
Character Portrait: Lady Antoinette Marlane
0 sightings Lady Antoinette Marlane played by Natzalia
"I deserve the throne!"

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Character Portrait: Lelinus Conally
Character Portrait: Titus Aurel
Character Portrait: Lord Mace "The Fort" Rogan
Character Portrait: Lady Gwendolyn Brightmore


Character Portrait: Lady Gwendolyn Brightmore
Lady Gwendolyn Brightmore

Chancellor to the old King.

Character Portrait: Lord Mace "The Fort" Rogan
Lord Mace "The Fort" Rogan

"I would rather be poor in a cottage full of books than a king without the desire to read"

Character Portrait: Titus Aurel
Titus Aurel

Grand Cleric of Renova

Character Portrait: Lelinus Conally
Lelinus Conally

Duke of Westmarch


Character Portrait: Titus Aurel
Titus Aurel

Grand Cleric of Renova

Character Portrait: Lelinus Conally
Lelinus Conally

Duke of Westmarch

Character Portrait: Lord Mace "The Fort" Rogan
Lord Mace "The Fort" Rogan

"I would rather be poor in a cottage full of books than a king without the desire to read"

Character Portrait: Lady Gwendolyn Brightmore
Lady Gwendolyn Brightmore

Chancellor to the old King.

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Lord Mace "The Fort" Rogan
Lord Mace "The Fort" Rogan

"I would rather be poor in a cottage full of books than a king without the desire to read"

Character Portrait: Lelinus Conally
Lelinus Conally

Duke of Westmarch

Character Portrait: Lady Gwendolyn Brightmore
Lady Gwendolyn Brightmore

Chancellor to the old King.

Character Portrait: Titus Aurel
Titus Aurel

Grand Cleric of Renova

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