Lord Mace "The Fort" Rogan

"I would rather be poor in a cottage full of books than a king without the desire to read"

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a character in “Game of Kings: Succession”, as played by Arik223


Lord Mace Rogan


Nickname:The Fort

Age: 34

Skin tone:White



Other aspects of your appearance: A scar on the temple, a tattoo on the right arm

Likes: Riding, Fighting, Training, Hunting, Drinking, Reading.

Dislikes: Liars, Thieves, Losing

Fears: A stupid fear of being decapitated and of Spiders

Skills/Talents: Very Swift with a sword, good with a bow as-well. Quick and agile. Good with throwing knives.

Weaknesses: Family, left ankle.

Personality: Mace is resilient, he is hardworking and ambitious. He will do anything to win but will never endager his people or his family. He is strong willed and strong minded. He hates losing and therefor motivated to always win. Hes a good leader but not always kind hearted. Revengeful.

Religion: His entire blood line have been worshiping Deimos, the God of War and Ophelia, the Goddess of Peace

Loyalty: Their Family, and their territory.

Short-Term Goal: Protect his town and family.

Long-Term Goal: Control the entire northern part of Renova.

Relationship/Martial Status: Married to Marcella, now Lady Rogan but before was Lady White. Two sons and daughter. His eldest is 10, a son that is 8 and a 5 year old daughter.

History: Lord mace was born to nobility, from birth he was the little lord of Savion. Their town was fairly to the north so it could get very cold. Mace's father ruled with an iron hand, he didnt let anyone overcome him and bowed down to no one. He loved his family more then anything. When Mace turned 23 he went out on a hunting trip. He imminently got word that his father is sick and dying. He raced back home and arrived to say his last goodbyes. While doing so his father told him his long goal of controlling the entire northern part of Renova and creating their own nation or country. Away from what they had. Mace made it his goes to at least get as many northern territories as he could. Mace always had a longing for reading, he was very educated. When he turned 25 he was married to Marcella, and quickly fell in-love.


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