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Amelia O'Conner

"Its a Cold world, the only way to survive in it is to be just as cold."

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a character in “Game of Thrones 1X1”, as played by Night-Wish



β€œIt’s so hard to forget p a i n , but it’s even harder to remember s w e e t n e s s. We have no scar to show for h a p p i n e s s. We learn so little from p e a c e .”


Full Name:
Amelia Victoria O'Conner

Amy is a nickname more commonly used by her Mother and Father than anyone else, though close friends have been known to call her Amy.

Ames(Pronounced Aims)
A nickname given to her by her Older brother Alexandre who usually uses it when he is asking her to do something he knows she won't like, or is going to say something he knows will upset her.





May 4th

Lady of the court






Hair color:
Golden Blonde


Eye Color:

General Appearance:
Amelia is a rather pretty girl. Taking after her mother for the most part she has blonde hair, her body is slim, and her skin is fair and pale. Though she is clearly her mothers child she did inherit her father's hazel eyes.
Often described to look like a Porcelain doll, her appearance is fragile and she may even appear easily breakable. Though she may appear that way Amelia is in no way a Fragile breakable girl.




Amelia knows how to stick up for herself and voice her opinion, but would you expect less from a girl who was sixth born in a family of eight children? Though both of her parents were generally nice people, Amelia was always a little colder always less forgiving, and it wasn't because she was an unhappy child, it was because she was taunted and mistreated mercilessly by her five older brothers from the time she could comprehend. The Rather Sadistic side of Amelia's personality only appears when she has been angered or pushed to far, saying this she isn't the type of person you would want to make angry or hurt; as she can and will hold a nasty grudge. Amelia is really only at her kindest around her parents and two younger siblings, but that doesn't mean she isn't kind, when with the right type of people Amelia can be a very kind and outgoing person. She is stubborn, as stubborn as a mule as her father would tell you, she is hard to compromise with, when her mind is made up it is made up and you really have no hope in changing it.

Despite all of this Amelia has an intense Maternal instinct, and children of any age always hold a special place in her heart and absolutely melt her, she is known to be more protective over her younger siblings than a mother bear and would go to any length to protect them and the rest of her family. Because of her brothers Amelia learned to question everyone so her trust and loyalty is hard to gain, but once you gain it she will always stand by you no questions asked.

Family of her own-
There isn't anything else Amelia could dream for, a beautiful wedding, a loving husband and children playing at her feet, its really the only thing she has ever dreamed about from when she was a little girl.

True love-
True love is something Amelia has come to believe only exists in fairy tales, though that never has stopped her from thinking about it, wondering what it would be liked to be loved so deeply by someone. She now wipes it off as a foolish childhood dream.

Losing everyone she loves or cares about.-
This has always been a fear of Amelia's since her trust and love aren't given away easily, but her fear really took hold of her when her father returned from the war gravely injured and there was a very real chance that she would loose him.

Being hurt.-
This fear came along with her fear of losing everyone she loves or cares about, like that fear she had always had it even as a small girl, but it took a hold of her after the war, after almost losing her father. This fear of being hurt also Impairs her ability to trust and or love, she's afraid that if she looses someone she loves it would crush her and she wouldn't be able to recover.

|| Tea||Warm summer days|| Riding|| Painting|| Music|| Lilies-specifically tiger Lilies.|| Reading or writing|| Animals of all kinds|| The four seasons|| Children and babies|| The forest|| Apple pie|| Deserts|| Sleeping in|| Watching the sun rise or set|| Being right||

|| Being teased or taunted|| Being disrespected|| Being to hot or to cold|| Being bossed around|| Spiders and snakes|| Arguing|| Being proven wrong|| Embarrassment|| Being disturbed when she wants to be alone|| Her brothers Foolish games|| Recklessness||




Amelia was born into a rich family of Noble blood, she was the sixths born in a family of eight children which consists of two girls and six boys. Unfortunately Amelia learned to despise her older brothers at a very young age especially Alexandre the oldest child in the family. Alexandre was known for starting the taunting and the cruelty that was directed to young Amelia. When Amelia was around five years old she started her studies which consisted of reading and writing, and a little bit of politics for the fact that she would eventually be going to court, along with these studies Amelia learned how to be a proper wife for whom ever she would marry in the future, learning to cook and clean and take care of children though she didn't understand why, her mother never did any of that, they had household servants for that. Amelia also learned how to ride at a rather young age and had mastered the skill by the time she was six.

By the time Amelia was seven she was rather cold and very unforgiving, she had every reason to believe she couldn't trust people, and that she couldn't trust her brothers her own blood. Though as she grew older she learned how to get her brothers to back off by having little spurts of anger in warning and also spent time in the study with her mother. The Kingdom was never a peaceful place to live and in her town specifically parents would rarely let their children play outside, Amelia's childhood consisted of her studies and playing with dolls her Father brought back from the castle. She was daddies little girl indeed.

At the beginning of the War her Father was gravely injured, Doctors had started to tell them to prepare for the worst. Though her father escaped the grip of death, he could no longer work, and rarely left his room, he left the family fortunes in the hands of her brother Alexandre and in all intents and proposes he was now the man of the house. Though Amelia ignored her older brother when she could and spent time tending to the needs of her two younger siblings and her Father. Though at the end of the war she could not ignore her brothers order to go to court, especially when her father agreed. Before she could really comprehend it, she had most of her things packed, and was saying goodbye to her family before she was put in a carriage to live with her uncle, aunt and two cousins, who lived in the castle itself and her Uncle was a well known courtier. Her only instructions were to find a suitable husband. The whole idea of being shipped off to the castle angered her, but she knew it was going to happen sooner or later.


Family Timeline:

Father: Jeremiah Nathaniel O'Conner-43

Mother: Victoria Michelle O'Conner-42

Brother: Alexandre Joshua O'Conner-23

Brother: Edwin Aurelius O'Conner-20

Brother: Maxwell Jason O'Conner-19

Brother: Brandon Caleb O'Conner-17

Amelia Victoria O'Conner-16

Sister: Rebecca Lucille O'Conner-10

Brother: Christopher Jacob O'Conner-4

So begins...

Amelia O'Conner's Story