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Cassiana Lucille Seraphine

"Being kind in a cold world is not weakness but courage, though I will admit, sometimes to survive, you need to be just as cold."

0 · 860 views · located in Kingdom of Teirwen

a character in “Game of Thrones: Power is Power”, as played by Night-Wish


"Being kind in a cold world is not weakness but courage, though I will admit, sometimes to survive, you need to be just as cold."

The Basics

Full Name:
Cassiana Lucille Seraphine

Cass or Cassie



Princess of Teirwen


On The Outside



Hair Color:
Chocolate Brown (Brunette)

Eye Color:



Cassiana has always been described as the small sort, even though she is average height, and average weight as well. She has a slim build with an hourglass shape that is becoming more noticeable as she ages. Her eyes are piercing blue and very easy to spot and recognize.
Cassie's hair is brown naturally though when she was little there was a point where her hair was her mother's shade of blonde, it darkened as she grew older and she was fully brunette by the time she was ten. Cassie's skin is fair but is known to be speckled with freckles in the warmer summer months.

On The Inside


"I am not as stupid as you think! Nor are my loyalties so easily bought."
Cassiana is tends to be very loyal to people who she decides to devote all of her time and energy into, in most cases its usually her two brothers and close friends.
Though she is very loyal Cassie also appreciates when someone has her back in case something goes wrong and sometimes things can go wrong, very wrong very quickly.

Cassiana finds a natural joy from helping people, and watching people help others, and in most cases will do most anything in her power to help people.
Like her Mother, Cassie has a very string natural maternal instinct and can be very motherly and quite soothing, because of this she is known to be quite responsible.
It is no secret that Cassiana can be quite stubborn, she will fight you on something within reason until the day she dies if she must. She has always been a fighter, knows how to stand up for herself and will not be used as a doormat another thing she picked up from her mother, though she still knows how to obey the rules.

Cassie believes in a fairness, that people should be treated and judged fairly, for example if a lord was to commit the same crime as a lowly villager she believes that they should have the same consequences, she fights for this most of the time, even if it means she has to get involved in her parents work and state her opinion on the matter. Cassiana is smart like her mother and usually knows what she is talking about and collects evidence that could help her case before making any type of move.

Though here is a warning, do not be fooled by Cassiana’s normally fun loving, kind, outgoing nature. When it comes to matters of the people she loves and matters of her heart, you do not want to test her or push her, she has proven in the past that she can and if need be will be as cold and unforgiving as her mother can be.


||Warm Days|| Animals||Children||Music||Spring||Her Parents||Her brothers||A Challenge||Being Right||Making someones day||Hugs||Romantic people or things||Birds||Flowers||Tea||Respect||Sympathy||Reading||Books||Libraries||Riding||Exploring||

||Disrespect or being Disrespected|| Being teased or taunted in anyway|| Spiders|| Unfairness|| Unjust actions|| Being unkind for no reason|| Threats towards her family|| Dancing|| Being to hot or to cold|| Large Bugs|| Certain types of fish||Crying||

Into Her Past

Place Of Origin:


Cassiana is the third child and only born girl to the King and Queen of Teirwen. Because she is the youngest and the only girl her two older brothers have always been rather protective of her, though in reality if you watch she is the one who keeps the peace between the siblings.
Cassiana has always been the most unpredictable of the three children, as she has a rather well mixed personality and some days if someone has set her off she can be very cold and snappy, but that is not the only thing that makes the Princess unpredictable just herself in general some days she will just want to relax and other she will be up and about doing many different things at once.

Cassiana on most days doesn’t enjoy being a Princess as she finds her title complicates her life considerably, she always has to be with a guard, and people just don’t treat her the same, sometimes she wished she could just be normal for a day to see what it is like. Growing up with her two brothers wasn’t exactly a treat either, as they were fighting most of the time until she would intervene.


Cassiana spent most of her childhood playing at the feet of her parents, and spending as much time with them in a day as she could get away with, though it was and still is no secret that Cassie is daddies little girl, and has the King basically wrapped around her finger. In some way Cassie finds it useful but it also makes her father very protective of her which she can find very annoying, especially since her mother is just as protective over her, though everyone knows that her eldest brother is her mothers favorite out of the three children, he was a boy and he was her first so in some ways Cassie understood why that was but most of the time she found herself fighting for her Mothers attention, something she did not enjoy doing.

Cassiana has become the target of many suitors now that she is sixteen and though she knows her parents want her to get married they aren’t pressuring her so she is in no rush, and doesn’t really enjoy involving herself in the game of flirting with the courtiers, especially when most of them are looking for a title, and marrying into the royal Family would give them that. Until she really wants to get married she has decided she will just continue doing what she enjoys to do.


So begins...

Cassiana Lucille Seraphine's Story