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Slade "deathseeker" Striker

Named the king of bones in shadowhold he started learning the arts of necromancy and was on his way to beaing a neromancer

0 · 177 views · located in Shadowhold

a character in “Game of thrones: The King Of Bones”, as played by Slade the necromage


physical:well built for a 18 year old, and is still training
Personality: while some say he is evil, slade is rather kind and her genrous, and will often use his powers for good
Equipment and powers: has the power of necromancy and can summons on undead, had various armor and a scythe
History: lost most of his memories when trying to become a necromancer, he used his power to help overthrow a tyrant and became the king of bones

So begins...

Slade "deathseeker" Striker's Story


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Character Portrait: [NPC] Bartender Character Portrait: Slade "deathseeker" Striker
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Slade stood on the highest tower in his keep looking down on the lands he came to own but donjon feels off like a part of him is missing, he shrugged it off and Walked down the steps and on the way he bumped into his personal bartender

"Oh hey slade don't mind just going to get some fresh air" the bartender ran up slade just laughed and continued his way down


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Character Portrait: Slade "deathseeker" Striker
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Slade looked at his thrine, made out of bones. He didnt want anything to do with it, but his people made it for him, and it would be disgrace to get rid of it. For a second Slade swore he heard the cries of the soldiers he had to kill.