Damion Howard

"If you can't play, then get out."

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Name: Damion Howard
Age: 16
Appearance: Image
Personality: Damion isn't exactly that much into video games. In fact, he just plays when he's bored. Damion hates it when people repeatedly do, go to, or do whatever to something that they don't like. Like playing video games for example. Damion is also into anime, but not really fully.
Damion has a calm attitude, and he's usually the one to stop and think how this or that will go.
When given a task, Damion would work hard to reach it. This especially happens when a task comes in the form of goals.
Damion likes to make friends, and he keeps enemies far away. To his friends, Damion freely reveals anything, as long as it isn't too personal. To his enemies... Nothing. Na-da.
During battle, Damion first stands by and defends himself. He watches how you move and such, and will barely attack. When he has gotten enough information on how you fight, Damion would strike in some way or in some place that would be advantagous. His wide selection of characters also allows for Damion to adapt to any kind of situation, as each has their own strengths and weaknesses.
Bio: Damion is basically a normal kid going to high school. Once in a blue moon, he would ask for video games and such. This is because when he does, his parents would allow him to buy an extremely good one. Damion is one of the top in his class.

1) Yuri Lowell (Main)
Race: Human
Class: Sword Master
Reason for Choosing: Yuri Lowell's Moveset is fluid and smooth. It allows Damion for smooth chains and combos, as well as powerful punches and fast sword swings.

2) Yurick
(Without eyepatch)

(With eyepatch)
Race: Human
Class: Fire Mage
Reason for Choosing: Yurick is a master of arcane fire spells, and is a very fast caster. This combination lets Damion bring up powerful spells quickly. Once the eyepatch is off, Damion can also cast a lot of the ultimate spells, but he can't do it for too long or he risks losing control.

3) [color=dark blue]Sakuya Izayoi
Race: Human
Class: Knife-Wielder
Reason for Choosing: Sakuya can manipulate time and throw knives with precision and accuracy, as well as in very high speeds. A combination of these abilities is deadly, because Damion can temporarily freeze a target in place with a stopwatch, and throw a knife in for a headshot to cause maximum damage.[/color]

4) Youmu Konpaku
Race: Human
Class: Sword Master
Reason for Choosing: Youmu is excellent in swordsmanship (or swordswomanship). She also has a spirit with her, which Damion can utilize as a counter, or use it to copy his movements in a slight delay.Youmu is also known to move extremely fast and make projectiles with a swing of her sword, so this is useful as well.

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Damion ran into the mall. Today was the day "Dragon Whips" came out, and Damion wanted to be the first few to test play the game Gamerverse, as well as get a free copy of it. He had his character stick ready, and he had reached the... extremely... long.... slow-moving... line.... ....CRAP! Damion screamed in his mind.He can't afford to wait in this line, nor can he afford to break the rules by cutting. Then he realized something. It was a line for another product. "Yes!" Damion nearly yelled, but then he stopped himself. He looked over to the still-forming line, and went into it.