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Kris Conner

Zombie, Scientist, Gangster, Leader

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a character in “Gangs of the Supernatural”, as played by RolePlayGateway


A zombified scientist, he often wears goggles, he wears a long black trench coat out of the lab and white scientists coat in the lab.


Very grim and solem.


He carries a long range of viles with different chemicals in them, if they pop open they create a cloud of gas, each one a different color and having a different effect if inhaled.


Yet to be reavealed. All there is to know is that hes the leader of the zombie scientist gang.

So begins...

Kris Conner's Story


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Character Portrait: Kris Conner Kris Conner says,
 “ Welcome to Gangs Of The Supernatural, dont rp here yet! I still have to finish the rest of the places. ”