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Evelyn (Eve) Hartmann

Quiet, strong, and holds her head high.

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a character in “Gantz Academy for the Magic and Supernatural”, as played by justsayyes234


For the angry but feminine members of the school.


Name: Evelyn Hartmann
Nickname: Eve
Age: 17
DOB: January 10
Race: Rokurokubi (a demon that appears as a human with the ability to stretch its neck to unnatural lengths)
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Demisexual
Gender Identity: Cisgender
Height: 5' 9"
Build: Lanky
Appearance: Long and brown hair, narrow and brown eyes, light nutmeg skin
Clothing Styles: simple and cheap, likes to wear dark colors
Personality: Insults people often, manipulative, captivates outsiders with her stoicism
Hobbies: Cryptography, playing poker and gambling
Likes: Winning, money, insulting people with a straight face
Dislikes: Losing, angels, humans that beat her
Classes: Mathematics, Eastern Philosophy, Computers and Technology, Japanese, Gaelic, Chemistry, Economics, Study Hall
Extra-Curricular Activities: Tennis
Bio: TBA

So begins...

Evelyn (Eve) Hartmann's Story


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Eve sat on her bed, cards spread out in front of her. She was playing solitaire. She stared intently at the three cards she had just turned over, carefully deciding her next move. It took her a few seconds to realize, but she could combine two of the piles. She moved the cards over into the right pile and smirked. Eve had all the moves until she won planned out in her head. She quickly made four piles of cards, organized by suite, next to the bottom right bedpost of her bed. She piled the piles on top of each other and shuffled them for her next game, which would take place after classes. All the other girls were hustling and bustling around the room, trying to get ready for the day. Eve took no such precautions, she didn't even wash her face or brush her hair. Her bed, third down on the left, hadn't been made, and the pillow still sat on the floor from last night's tossing and turning.

All the students had been informed that they should expect plenty of new student within the next few weeks, even years. Eve didn't really care. Unless the students had money they were willing to gamble, of course.


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#, as written by Felilla

Petra sighed as she rolled off her bed onto the floor. She was not one for getting out of bed like a normal person. For a moment, she just stayed there, watching people's feet go by. Before she stood, she groped around on her nightstand for her wand. When her hand came in contact with the smooth oak, she stood up and yawned dramatically. She lazily looked around the room, seeing Eve playing solitaire and all the others bustling around to get ready. Like everyone else, she wondered why six girls had been crammed into one room, with two empty beds left.
It had been a year since Petra came to Gantz Academy for the Magical and Supernatural and she had never felt more at home. Sure, it had it's cons (meaning no electricity in the dorms and no indoor plumbing), but she loved it here. It had been the first place that she had ever felt... normal. Then again, how can you be normal in a place where no one is "normal". Here though, unusual was the usual.
With another yawn, Petra picked up her mirror and grimaced. She'd have to hurry to get ready. While the other girls were prepping their items of beautification, she simply walked to the bathhouse, armed with nothing but her wand and her mirror. On the way there, she bumped into Wil Avery. She offered him a small greeting before walking into the small building. She quietly glided over to her secret hiding place and withdrew all of the things she had hidden there, including the bucket of water she had filled the night before. She walked over to a basin, soaking her brush in the cool water before running it through her hair. Doing this every morning always reminded her of when she was younger.
Slowly, the rest of the students trickled in. The boys disappeared to their side and Petra offered a small smile to her brother. However, the girls began crowding the mirrors and basins, talking avidly to each other. Petra offered her input where she felt like it was needed until she was ready. She smiled softly as she left the bathhouse, this was going to be a good day.