Kelly Saqqah

Kind, and modest, she puts others before herself.

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a character in “Gantz Academy for the Magic and Supernatural”, as played by justsayyes234


For the goodie-goodies of the school.
For the writers and the gossips.


Name: Kelly Saqqah
Nickname: none
Age: 14
DOB: August 14th
Race: Futakuchi-onna- a woman with a mouth hidden under her hair
Sex: female
Gender: gender-fluid
Sexual Orientation: asexual
Gender Identity: gender-fluid
Height: 5' 5"
Build: thin from starvation
Clothing Styles: likes the color blue and prints and loose dresses.
Personality: Gentle, helpful, stubborn, and hardworking.
Hobbies: volunteering, giving advice, learning about psychology, gardening.
Likes: flowers, colorful things, successfully helping someone
Dislikes: when someone refuses her help, eating, being bored
Classes: Mythology, Western Religions, Physics, Linguistics, 3D Art, Choir, Cooking, Sewing
Extra-Curricular Activities: Service Club, School Newspaper
Bio: TBA

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Kelly Saqqah's Story