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Gantz Academy for the Magic and Supernatural

Gantz Academy for the Magic and Supernatural


a part of Gantz Academy for the Magic and Supernatural, by justsayyes234.


justsayyes234 holds sovereignty over Gantz Academy for the Magic and Supernatural, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Gantz Academy for the Magic and Supernatural is a part of Gantz Academy for the Magic and Supernatural.

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Petra Dunes [6] "True magic is used for good, not evil."
Austin Dunes [6] "As long as Petra's happy, I'm happy."
Amelia Locke [5] A cheerful God of Death
Wil Avery [1] Reserved, cold and distant, he stays in the shadows.
Yuki Mystora [0] Brave,Fast,and loves messing around. She tries to stand tall in the worst of situations
MinHo Kim [0] WIP

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#, as written by Felilla

Petra still had about thirty minutes before breakfast was served, so she wandered around the school's halls, taking a few minutes to go over the answers for her chemistry test. She wasn't really stressed about it, she just liked to distract herself. Her phone buzzed in her pocket and she withdrew it, seeing a text from her brother Austin. She was about to reply, but the thought left her head the moment she heard beautiful piano music coming from the direction of the music room. Curious, she stuffed her phone into her back pocket and tiptoed over to the room. Whoever was in the room had the left door open, which seemed odd to her. If they wanted to be alone, why leave the door open?
She peered around the doorway and was surprised to see Wil sitting on the piano bench, his fingers dancing across the black and white keys. For a moment, she just stared, mesmerized by the music. She had been playing the piano for almost two hundred years and she still wasn't even close to being that good. She snapped out of it as he began a different song, withdrawing her phone. She recorded the entire song before slowly closing the door. With a wave of her wand, she vanished from the hall and appeared next to her brother.
Austin jumped away from his sister, obviously startled. She smirked at him, "Did I scare you, Austin?"
He nodded before letting out a small breath, "I was looking everywhere for you, Petra. You weren't getting into trouble, were you?"
Petra waved her hand, "Of course not, I was just walking around."
She briefly wondered if she should show him the recording of Wil playing, but decided against it. Austin raised an eyebrow at his sister as he adjusted his guitar strap. "Well, we should get to the dining hall if we want to eat.
Petra bobbed her head in agreement. "I think they're serving waffles today... Mmm... Waffles... Let's go!"
Before Austin could protest, Petra grabbed his arm and dragged him to the dining hall. She stacked up her plate with everything sweet on the table and begrudgingly accepted the healthy food Austin gave her. She sat down next to Amelia, and Austin, with a small blush on his face did the same. Petra wiggled her eyebrows suggestively at her younger brother, but he turned away,staring at his plate. Petra was so wrapped up in eating that she didn't notice Wil enter the room.

Amelia sat in the dining hall, quietly nibbling on a croissant. Since she wasn't actually alive, she didn't need food nor even sleep. At night, she mostly wandered around the campus, enjoying the gentle wind and beautiful sceneries. She always enjoyed doing so, because of the peace and quiet that can be found there. Of course, there was also her job. Nighttime was her busiest part of the day. Something with "letting her enjoy a high school life" had to do with that. Amelia wasn't complaining about such things, it was a welcome feeling she experienced here. She felt less lonely, although she was scared of getting to close to others after all. Immortal people are not that easy to find and dealing with anyone who would die one day scared her.
Amelia sighed and put down her croissant. She didn't feel like eating at all. Just as she decided she would move on to the library, Petra and Justin sat down next to her. She had known them for a while now and enjoyed their company. Something about their presence soothed her soul. "Goodmorning", she smiled. "Eating sweets again, Petra?" She raised one eyebrow and took another look at the healthy food on her plate. "Good thing Austin takes care of you." Amelia shifted her gaze to Petra's brother and smiled at him. He always took care of his sister, which made her a tiny bit jealous. She had once had a brother like him, altough some years older. Austin reminded her of him. Luckily, it didn't made her sad like it would have done years ago. It made her rather happy to see such people walking this Earth.

#, as written by Felilla

Austin had decided a long time ago that he would do anything to make his sister happy, even if that meant going against his own wishes. He had spent a year at Gantz Academy because it made Petra happy. He had never seen her enjoy herself so much. She loved seeming normal, even if the school itself was falling apart. Some of the newer students found it difficult to do things like go out to the bathhouse, and have no electricity, but it didn't bother Austin. He was born in the 1600's. This life was more normal for him than fancy cars and compact phones. However, Petra was fascinated by the modern world, so he had a cell phone in his pocket and an acoustic guitar strapped to his back.
Music was one of the few things that Austin allowed himself to enjoy without Petra. She was a great musician, but it wasn't her passion, like it was Austin's. She would listen in at the Music Club when she had the opportunity. Normally, she'd be at her clubs though. Austin spent almost every moment he had at the Music Club, unless he was too busy worrying about Petra. Like when she disappeared randomly in the morning... or when she stockpiled on sweets. He followed his sister to the table Amelia sat at. Inside, he was screaming. He didn't want to be near Amelia.
Amelia was the other thing he kept to himself. He had the biggest crush on the death god. Despite never actually telling Petra about his little crush, he knew that she knew about it. It was hard to keep secrets from someone who knew you so well. The closer Austin got to Amelia, the more his heart raced. He tried to push back his blush, but Petra saw it, wiggling her eyebrows. He turned away and stared at his plate. "Good morning. Eating sweets again, Petra? Good thing Austin takes care of you."
"Yep!" Petra chirped. "My brother is a very amazing boy!"
Austin looked up startled, flushing a deep crimson color, "P-Petra!"
Petra smirked at her little brother, glancing around the room casually. Austin met Amelia's gaze for a millisecond before he hurriedly looked away.

Amelia always wondered why it seemed to be difficult for Austin to look her in the eyes. Each time their gaze would meet, he either turned away or avoided it by talking to Petra. She has had her ideas about this subject for a short time now, yet most of them were absolutely impossible. Some myths claim that looking in the eyes of a Death God will show you your own death. Rubbish, of course, because most people didn't seem to have a problem with it. Another tale that had reached her ears was even more ridiculous. It said that there was a risk of a Shinigami becoming attached to your soul, which would motivate them to reap it as soon as possible. It is true that the eyes are the windows to the soul for her, but she never felt something like becoming attached to one. Also, there was one more thing that abosolutely ruled out these two possibilities: Austin definitely wasn't a person to back away from things that seemed difficult or dangerous. At least, that was Amelia's thought about him. To her, he seemed like a very brave person.
That left her with two more possibilities: either he totally disliked her or he actually liked her. Amelia had ruled out both as soon as she thought about them. She had picked up some signals that would favor the latter, yet chose to ignore them. She had become closer to both Austin as Petra than she had planned. However, even she couldn't always keep that distance and caught herself looking at Austin. Amelia kept telling herself the reason was her brother and the warm friendschip she somehow received from them both. Yet she wasn't ignorant either and saw the signs within herself. She would have to maintain this distance, before it went totally wrong.
Amelia had often run this thought in her head. Even now, as he sat in front of her, she reminded herself of her task in this world. One day, he would die. And she would live on.
"Yep! My brother is a very amazing boy!"
The Death God smirked, which made her eyes twinkle with joy. "Petra, maybe it is time to call him a man now." she advised the girl. In every way, he was mature and even his body seemed to emulate that picture she had of him. Altough he was younger than her. Kind of.
"Austin, do I see you at the club this afternoon? I would like your help with something."

#, as written by Felilla

"Austin, do I see you at the club this afternoon. I would like your help with something."
Austin forced himself to nod before Petra elbowed him in the ribs. "Yes!" he squeaked. "I-I mean of course. I'd love to help you."
Next to him, Petra smiled. Austin scowled at her. He loved his sister, but sometimes she could be a tad too pushy. Then again, his last "date" was a hundred years ago and it had ended with him spilling tea on her and her parents. Honestly, Austin was happy to not date. He wouldn't die until Petra did and who knew when that would be. In Borne Witch years, she was only sixteen. In normal mortal years? She was over four hundred years old. Technically, her next birthday wouldn't be for twenty six years. And Austin knew he would remain sixteen until the day that Petra, withered and old, would turn to dust under a full moon. At least, that's what Austin understood from what she had told him about how Borne Witches die.
He slowly pushed around the eggs on his plate as an awkward silence descended over the table. Amelia was a Death God, a Shinigami, a Reaper. He could think of a million other things to call her, but the fact sill remained that she was immortal. Austin would live for a long time (a very long time), but the fact still remained that he wasn't immortal, nor would he ever be. Petra might be the most powerful Witch alive and he might be the most experienced alchemist in the world, but they both knew that immortality was not achievable. What Petra had done to save his life was a one time thing. She could never do it to anyone else. It was depressing to be honest. Live nearly a thousand years just to die in the end. He glanced over at Petra and Amelia. Was it worse to live for ever or die when you thought yourself to be invincible?

Amelia closed her eyes and bowed her head slightly. "I am much obliged", she spoke with her typical soft voice. She eventually opened her eyes again. She then proceeded to pick up her bag from the ground. After searching for some seconds, she found her notebook. She wondered how many she has had in the past years. But mostly she wondered how many she will have. Being immortal meant forever, but what would happen to her if the humans happened to perish on this Earth? Would she roam the empty ruins, never being able to die? Or would she perish with them? She has never liked to think about this depressing subject. It wouldn't be useful either, because for now the humans were still a fast growing race. Amelia would like to die one day though. Living forever is such a tiring thing to do.
Amelia sighed and put down her notebook. Just a she tried to find a working pen in the abyss of her bag, she felt a tingling feeling in her chest. Not now! Come on! Yet she knew she had no choice. A big black book appeared before her, at the height of her chest, slowly dancing in the air in front of her. Some students close to where she was sitting, were surprised by the sudden appearance, but soon chose to ignore it. Amelia waved her hand in the air and the book opened itself on the last page. There she saw a red name. Name, age, location, cause and time of death. All of them were written in there, in a neat and small handwriting. "Four years old", she whispers without thinking. She closed her eyes sighing and stood up. "If you would excuse me." The Shinigami had barely said it or she disappeared without any sound or movement in the air. As if she had never even been there.