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a character in “Gantz: Phase One”, originally authored by Black, as played by CherrySwirl


Teito Valdez
Age: 15

Gender: Male

Race: Spanish/Japanese

Size and Structure: 5”2, weighing at 43kg, Rather weak and scrawny build (below average).

Appearance: Teito has brown hair which hangs over his left eye from time to time. It doesn’t seem to annoy him though. His eyes are a sea green colour and from afar could be seen as grey. He is rather short for his age but doesn’t let that bother him at all. He likes to wear white clothes, usually with a paper-boy hat. Complete with black fingerless gloves.

Main or Killable: Main

Current Points: 0


Personality: Teito is a happy-go lucky person, although he is rather lonely. He doesn’t have good ‘people skills’ mainly because he never really interacted with anyone. He doesn’t smile much around people he doesn’t know and can sometimes get rather nervous, even to the point of breaking down into tears. He doesn’t know really what love is because he was never shown it, so people being kind to him confuses him an awful lot. He won’t say much and just keep his thoughts to himself, even though he’s rather smart and his thoughts could be the difference between life and death. He doesn’t seem to care when people make fun of his height, even on the inside it doesn’t bother him. Teito believes that he cannot do anything good enough for anyone, but he still tries his hardest. He can be stubborn and doesn’t believe that any compliments or praise directed at him is sincere.

Sexual Orientation: Secret


Social Status: Rich

Occupation: Student (Home-schooled)

Home: Spain

How you died: Suicide, by jumping from a overpass and getting killed by the cars.

Back-story: Teito’s mother comes from Spain and his father from Japan. His father met his mother whilst on a business trip to Spain, they fell in love and moved back to Japan with their newly born son Teito. Teito went to public school for quite a few years, however he kept coming home depressed because of people making fun of his height. His father, who is a famous politician (Ryoichi Valdez), then got him a private tutor and he did all of his studies from the comfort of his own home. His mother was the only one who really paid attention to him, when she died, Teito went into a state of depression again. Committing suicide only a few days after his mother’s funeral. Teito has never been in a fight before, though he was beaten up many times.

Extra: N/A

Theme Song: What Do You Want From Me ~ Adam Lambert

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