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Leader of the Vampires[Alive]

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a character in “Gantz: Phase Two”, as played by CherrySwirl


Faction: Vampires
Name: Yasuo Fukuda II
Age: Twenty One
Gender: Male
Race(ethnicity): Asian
Height- 6'1"
Weight- 200lbs
Build- Athletic/Muscular
Eye color- Blue
Hair color- Blonde
Personality: Yasuo is the embodiment of sadism. He is fascinated by the suffering of others. He loves toying with as well as abusing others physically and mentally. He enjoys being the predator, chasing down his prey and then tearing them apart. Yasuo is cold, raw, deceptive, murderous, selfish and narcissistic. He has far too much confidence in himself which was only contributed to by his new abilities.
Sexual Orientation: Ambiguous
My Occupation: Head Manager
Home: Tokyo, Japan
Back-story: After the mysterious events surrounding his parents death, Yasuo's body began to unexpectedly change. Sunlight irritated both his skin and eyes. Without his parents watching his every move he decided to drop out of school, living off of the mounds of his inheritance. Shortly after he was approached by others who had experienced what he was going through. It was then that he was introduced to the leader who enlisted him. He used his inheritance to purchase a series of interconnected buildings, where his kind worked under the guise of Host Club workers. Later, he would go on to kill the lead vampire, taking control of the Vampire Army with him as the new self-proclaimed leader.
Main or Killable: Main
Three Pronged Metallic Claws
U99 Double Pistol

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