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Teito Valdez

"Figure It Out On Your Own." [Alive]

0 · 335 views · located in Gantz Apartment

a character in “Gantz: Phase Two”, as played by Black


Teito Valdez


[General Information]

Faction: Gantz Players

Age: Sixteen

Gender: Male

Race: Spanish/Asian

Sexual Orientation: Secret

Occupation: Student (Home-Schooled)

Main or Killable: Undecided

[Psychical Attributes]

Height: 5"4

Weight: 130lbs

Build: Rather Weak Build

Eye Colour: Green

Hair Colour: Brown

[Psychological Attributes]

Personality: Teito used to be a happy-go lucky person. He seemed quite lonely and confused at first because he was unsure what to do. Because he committed suicide, he was still rather depressed and found no motivation in trying for anything. However when he got out into his first mission, he saw a few people die and wanted to help them. He began to realize that life, to others, was a thing to be cherished. They all had lives to live, unlike him. These views are what pushed him to become a 'hero', stepping in and fighting the aliens as best as he could. He was unable to accept the thanks which people gave him, always considering them to be insincere about it. He was always a modest person, one which was bullied during his time at school. Because of his height (being much below average for a male), he was constantly picked on and fought with by others his age. This has caused him to never trust anyone and have an extremely low self-esteem, lately though he has been getting better. Despite Teito's height and relatively weak build, he is a strong fighter and very agile on his feet. Skills which have been developed through fights inside and outside of Gantz's missions.

During the course of the missions which Teito has been in, he's changed an awful lot. Teito has seen many other people die and been the only one to survive for this long. Call it luck or skill but Teito has become a very skilled fighter and one which knows a lot about Gantz, including a few secrets. He's become very used to the fact that people die, he no longer feels any remorse or guilt for those who die and does not at all find it sickening. Many would say that Teito has lost all empathy for others. Teito is the type to remain at the back of the room, silently watching everyone else as they try to make logic of the situation. He doesn't tend to speak unless spoken to, and doesn't like it when others try to take control. He finds it unnecessary for everyone to know exactly what is going on, there has to be some people who die. It is impossible for everyone to make it back alive. Gantz is a game, one which needs to be played with all cards on the table and without emotions. During games he'll disappear and let everyone else distract the aliens whilst he ambushes them from elsewhere. Teito is intelligent and experienced, he knows when it is best to attack an Alien. He might seem cowardly due to disappearing and letting everyone else deal with the aliens, but he is never too far from the fight.


Home: Japan

Back-story: Teito's mother was originally from Spain and his father's native land was Japan. His father, a famous politician needed a break and thus decided to go on holiday. The destination was Spain. There he met his mother, she was a stripper at a bar where the two of them met. It was love at first sight and the two of them decided to spend the night together, that only strengthened their love. Throughout the holiday, Ryoichi (his father) would spend time with his mother, there was hardly a time when they weren't together. When it was finally time for them to part, Ryoichi offered that she would come back with him to Japan. She agreed and the two of them left Spain to create a life together. It was only a few months after their arrival that she fell pregnant with a boy. Their son was named Teito. Throughout Teito's childhood, his mother took care of him with the help of a nanny whilst his father went to work. Their family was classed as rich due to the money which Ryoichi received as a politician. Teito attempted to go to school for a little while but he was constantly bullied by the children of those who hated his father, despite Teito never having anything to do with him. Because of this, Teito was home-schooled by private tutors. He has become a very intelligent male because of this, he is in fact at a higher level than any other sixteen year old. He is also able to speak three different languages: Japanese, Spanish and English. His father never paid attention to his son, always too busy with work to bond with him. His mother was the only one to ever pay attention to him, she loved him with all of her heart and Teito felt the same way. Unfortunately she fell ill with Cancer when Teito was fifteen years old, she died a few months after his sixteenth birthday. For a little while, Teito continued on with life, always crying about his mother, but living in the hope that things would get better. Nothing did get better, everything remained the same and Teito didn't feel like he could continue on like this. A few hours after his mother's funeral, he committed suicide.

Teito was transferred to the room (Gantz's apartment) and was shortly sent on his first mission. No one knew what was going on, nor did they realize the severity of the situation they were in. Teito included. He didn't bother to wear a suit, but he entered the mission with a G-Blade. When faced with danger, Teito played the part of the hero and managed to save a guy named Zane a few times as well as others. He was injured during the fight when another player named Alexis was thrown into him. The impact cracked a few of his ribs, even making one protrude out of his side. Teito was rendered incapable of fighting and thus relied on others to complete the mission whilst he lied on the ground dying from blood loss. Luckily the mission ended and Teito was transferred back to the room with no injuries at all. He went home that night confused but determined to never be in the same position again. He never mentioned what had happened to anyone, his suicide nor Gantz, no one would believe him even if he did. Teito trained hard, taking up a fencing class (by asking his father) and figuring out the best ways to fight. He knew that it would not be the end of the missions. Teito returned to the room, a lot more experienced and knowledgeable about the situation. He was the one to explain to the new comers about what was happening, pushing and pushing the correct theory to them. When they didn't listen and were killed during the mission, Teito gave up and decided to no longer care for telling people the truth. He also realized that Gantz was where he belonged, he felt wanted and in the right place. Teito eventually became the person he was today; an emotionless boy who enjoys fighting.

Death: Suicide. Due to the fact that Teito could no longer take life, he jumped from the top of a bridge whilst the cars rushed below. He died because of impact, rather than the cars running him over. Luckily he never landed on top of any of the cars.

[Gantz Status]

Player Status: Veteran

Mission Completions: Seven

Current Points: Eighty

Equipment: G-Sword, X-Rifle, Y-Gun, Radar

So begins...

Teito Valdez's Story