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Amelia "Mia" Ellison

"I'll be in the library... won't you join me?"

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a character in “Gaol Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry”, as played by Shooting Stars


Amelia "Mia" Ellison
"I'll be in the library... won't you join me?"

Age: Sixteen, 16
Year: 6th
House: Strix
Wand: Elm, 10 inches, Veela hair
Patronus: Fox
Familiar: Snow-white owl, named Athena, who is often coolly tempered with random outbursts of energy.

Amelia's temperament is very mild for someone of the Strix house. She often keeps to herself and spends her time with her head in her books. On rare occasion, if her buttons have been pushed past the breaking point, Amelia will snap with great wit at whomever insulted her. Mia rarely uses her magic abilities outside of class. Naturally, she thinks through all sides of a situation before putting her word in for final input. Trust is gained slowly and lost quickly with Mia; as much as she tries not to judge, it comes far too naturally to her and she often feels regret afterwards. In general, she is a very hard person to get to know. Once you have entered her circle of friends, Amelia opens up slowly and pleasantly. Her secret keeping skills are incomparable and her smiles, though not very often full, are sweet and shy.

ImageAmelia was born on eighteenth of April as the second and final child of pure-bloods Thomas and Alice Ellison. The Ellison family has strong ties to their ancestors and relatives in southern France. Her father graduated from Gaol Academy in the early seventies at the top of his class and quickly went into the profession of wand-crafting. The year Amelia was born, Thomas had made his first Veela hair-core wand. The Veela-hair, often known as being temperamental as a core, is an extremely uncommon core to find and even more difficult to craft into a wand. As if by magic, the wand has never been as temperamental as presumed and has always been the perfect match for Amelia since day one. Her mother, Alice Ellison, graduated from Salem Witches Institute at the top of her class two years after Thomas. She now works as a seamstress creating robes known as "works of art" for witches and wizards around the globe. The two own neighboring shops on Rhiamon Way. The eldest child, Michel, was the lead point on Gaol's Quadpot team seven years running. He is well known

Image around the school today drawing unwanted attention towards Amelia. The family resides in Massachusetts while Michel tours the globe on an international team.
In her first-through-fourth years at Gaol, Amelia attended all classes with quiet intent to become the next Head Girl of her house. In her fifth year, she took her spot as a the library secretary. More often than not, you can find her in the library guiding books to their proper spots and reading History of Magic books. If she is not found there, her favorite spots are where you could find her. The garden, the courtyard between the forest and the old school ruins, and the path to the Quadpot fields are among those favorites. Late last school year, Amelia received her first familiar for her seventeenth birthday. A snow-white owl with golden flecks was brought to her by her brother from Sweden. She named the owl after the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena. Her future plans include graduating at the top of her class and becoming a history of magic historian for the Senatorium.

    // Secretly loves Quadpot // Reading // Singing (but not around anyone) // History of Magic // Occasional exploring // Apple pie //

    // Flying // Heights // Herbology // Relationships // Drama // Sodas //

Specialis Revelio

So begins...

Amelia "Mia" Ellison's Story


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Friendship was barely a word in Chloe's vocabulary.

It was an underused, dusty word after being left in her childhood- back in the days where everyone was a friend, and when she was left with entirely her own thoughts. Overshadowed by cruel words, dwarfed by remarks of monotonous irritation. Her words were perpetually sharp, she noticed, and almost never did soft, kind words pass her lips. Truthfully, she was fine with this. The sugar-sweet words she heard others say to their friends left a sour taste in her mouth, almost opposite of what was intended. The sheer amount of lies these friends told one another was astounding, as well. White lies, they called them, because placing a colour next to a seemingly bad word obviously changes the whole context. The real reason people do not express their true feelings is usually not the fact that they want to protect the fragile feelings of their friends, but because they are afraid that their opinion may bring their friends to dislike them. It always about the well-being of the liar.

One could label Chloe and Marcus as friends, but she really did not like to think of it like that. Friends reminded her of a circle of people that whispered petty gossip and laughed obnoxiously together, whispering rumors while she passed. Friends reminded her of people that were being as fake as they could, desperately trying to fit in. Chloe and Marcus were not friends. There was really no word to describe the 'friendship' they had. Nothing seemed right.

"Gaol Academy is unfortunately littered with immature idiots." He responded, and Chloe gave a nod in acknowledgement. "At least now we only have one more year to suffer through their juvenile pranks."

Pranks. She hated the very word. They had never been a thing to interest the girl, and she usually took the crude things with a look of distaste. They merely created embarrassment. She'd been a victim of a few in her earlier years, but usually the perpetrators got what they deserved. She'd never really been pranked by the two so-called prank masters of Gaol- the twins.

Chloe had given thought to where she was going after this year. She'd actually decided on being an Auror. Her parents might disapprove, but it was one thing she really had her mind set on. She was acing defense against the dark arts, and even though the greatest dark wizard was in her mind- she believed she might overcome it. Just maybe. It was hard work becoming an Auror, but hard work she was preparing to endure.

"There weren't too many people. I just happened to be passing and caught the end of the argument." He then spoke moments after, responding to her earlier query.

"That's the first time I've seen that Eric kid since last year, and I've already punched him." She paused, "Either I'm getting more evil or he is getting more unbearably irritating."

Looking up at the sky, she observed that it had darkened considerably, and although she did not have a watch, Chloe guessed it was about time to head back on the the ship. "Well, looks about time to head back to the ship. Oh, joy."

Without realising, she had walked a couple steps with Marcus still behind her. "Well, are you coming? Or just planning to miss school this year."



"Hello Professor? It's a pleasure to see you supervising this year."

He awoke, pushing himself off of the sun lounger. It had most likely been half and hour he had slept for, but it was maybe a degree colder and the wind was picking up, biting at his skin. He looked rather garish in his board shorts and sunglasses, but he figured that he was bound to look silly wearing them. In other words, he didn't care. It was a familiar face that he was greeted with- Amelia Ellison, a bright student of sorts.

"Of course I am supervising- you know I take my job very seriously." He smiled warmly, but was slight sarcasm, as his getup was far from serious. "However, I fear my sunbathing session is over. It is getting rather cold, after all."

He stood up and faced the girl, "I will see you soon, most likely. If it is not around the ship it will be in class."

He took the sunglasses off his face and held them in his palm. "I must say goodbye for now though- I have some important errands to finish." And with that he was off in to the ship, deciding to enter his cabin for a while to plan for upcoming classes.


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Eric rubbed his jaw, a slight welp forming, reminding him of what was still fresh in his mind. Chloe. He made his way up into the ship, looking around at the few students straggling around the hall. He found his way to his compartment, giving a friendly nod to a couple people before slipping in the room. Eric's eyes had fallen right to the empty box of Ice Mice sitting on the seat near the window. He sighed in annoyance. Alfred. Shaking his head, Eric plopped down, pulling out his wand and directing it toward the box."Scourgify."

And with that, the empty candy box folded itself several times over to the point that it was no larger than a thumb nail. It levitated for a second before puffing into dust. Eric sighed inwardly, gazing out into the horizon through the porthole, losing himself in his thoughts. His mind raced through many things for the next couple of minutes. Anything from what this school year had in store of this 7th year to whether or not he was finally going to gather up enough courage to speak to the breathtaking Amelia Ellison. He sat there awhile when a familiar ball of grey fur flashed into the compartment and leaped onto his lap. "Alfred!"

Despite Alfred having eaten all of his candy once again, Eric couldn't help but grin down at his cat. He went to pet him when he noticed a long, thin object lodged in his jaws. It was a wand! No sooner had he taken it from Alfred, (who gave it up willingly), had Thomas Erener enter the compartment. The two sat there in silence for a moment, eyeing each other warily. Eric had ran into Thomas in their previous year, and had caught him with a book from the restricted section in the library. He could assume that Thomas didn't have proper permission to have the book, given the hastiness he showed in trying to hide it once Eric saw it. Eric has never told a teacher, nor anybody else, partially because it seemed like such an insignificant rule to be broken, and because he almost waiting for Thomas to slip up again, possibly into something worse this time. Eric was the first to break the silence.

"Oh... Hey, Thomas."

Eric wasn't returned with a greeting, not that he surprised. "Would you please return my wand to me?", Thomas requested, almost in a tone of demand. Eric looked down at the wand in his hand. He hesitated before standing and taking a step toward Thomas, raising the wand to him, handle up. As Thomas took it from him, he tried at being friendly. "Sorry about that... You know how cats can get." He chuckled lightly before adding, "That's a nice wand. What is it, pine?" Thomas gave the older student a cold look as he retorted, "If you don't mind, would you kindly keep that animal away from me this year?" Eric eyed the 5th year curiously before glancing back to Alfred, who was now sitting atop Eric's backpack, flicking his bushy tail to and fro. When Eric looked back to Thomas though, he had already gone. Poking his head out of his compartment, Eric's eyes followed Thomas as he stalked off to his own room. So Chloe and Thomas. Lovely to see they're so eager to make friends.

Eric sighed, sliding the compartment door shut before turning to Alfred, who was looking expectantly at him. He smirked at the cat, falling into a seat next to him. He rested his hand around his neck, gently scruffing it as his eyes wandered back out of the porthole, looking toward the light from the sun reflecting off of the cold ocean waters. "I can't wait to get back to school, Alfred."