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Dr. Allen Bishop

Defence Against the Dark Arts & Apparition Instructor.

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a character in “Gaol Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry”, as played by OldManPsycho


Dr. Allen Bishop
"Please, call me Bishop"

Class: Defence Against the Dark Arts & Apparition.
House: Head of Ursus House.
Wand: Nine-and-a-half-inches, phoenix feather, pine from a 2000 year old tree.
Patronus: A Rhinoceros he calles Gary
Familiar: A ring-tailed lemur named Atlas.

A passionate man, Bishop manages to find trouble unnaturally often. Luckily he has developed a silver tongue that allows him to get away with a lot. Some would go as far as to mislabel him a troublemaker, others would simply call him charming. Regardless of what side of the coin you see him as, there is no denying his value. And although he often casts himself as an idiot, he is rather intelligent in several aspects. A ploy, perhaps; but mostly a devise to insure his privacy, something he values very highly. However, his respect for privacy does not extend in both directions. As he sees it, it is in his best interest to find out as much about a person as social norm would allow, and sometime even beyond that. I guess you could say that gossip is one of Bishop's many weaknesses, but he is skeptical of everything he hears from a third party. Like he always says at the end of his lessons "Knowledge is power", but what he leaves out is that knowledge of a person can be power over them. This is a philosophy that Bishop painfully learned through experience.

Allen Bishop is a mudblood in a sense that neither of his parents can perform magic, so a mudblood is what he is. In truth, He is still a little ashamed that his parents are both squibs but he still loves them very much. Of course he doesn't tell people his of his heritage, it's none of their concern. But discovering that he was a wizard one of the proudest days in his parents lives. At the young age of seven, Bishop was very fond of lemon drops, and his parents often used them as a reward for good behavior (uncommon for Bishop even at that age). One day, the boy was in a particular fowl mood. He demanded his candy before dinner and refused to eat until he got what he wanted, so his father placed the box of candy on top of the cabinets out of reach from the little brat. Determined, little Bishop focused on the location of the cand and with a loud "crack" he was on top of the cabinets throwing up. He had successfully apparited.

At age eleven, young Bishop was invited to study at Kazikel Institute of Magical Learning & Advancement in Oklahoma. There he quickly became popular, that is until the day he confessed the condition of his parents during his third year. The remainder of his wizard schooling proved unkind. Still, Allen bishop remained focus a soon graduated from Kazikel, vowing never to return. For a short while, living in the wizarding world made Bishop feel sick to his stomach as if he just ate an entire batch of garlic. It wasn't a hard decision to live in the muggle world with his parents for a few years. During that time he was able to get a doctorates in Colonial American History and fall in love with a muggle. The relationship ended tragically after several year, throwing Bishop in a sort of depression. When he tried distracting himself with work, his studies naturally drew him towards the oldest wizard school in America and once again Bishop entered the world of magic.

  • Watching quidditch
  • Military History (Wizard and Muggle)
  • Upsetting the status quo
  • Pranks
  • French Women

  • Strict teachers
  • Rude students
  • Nosey students
  • Know-it-alls (Students and teachers)
  • The Dark Arts (Obviously)

Password: Specialis Revelio

So begins...

Dr. Allen Bishop's Story


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The slinder teacher had his hand in his mouth as he picked his teeth clean. Patence wasn't really one of the doctors refined qualities and the quite school was getting boring. It was odd to consider that this loner of a man missed the audence of his class, but the students were usually full of entertainment in one way or another. Bishop flinched as his fingernail slipped and dug into his gums. He sat up as he tounged his gums tasting for blood. The tinge of salty metal accommodated with the taste of red filled his mouth.

The fact that he had hurt himself in such an idiotic manner annoyed Bishop. He stood up and begain looking for his lemur, Atlas. He couldn't help but keep licking his lips as he contiued his search. "Atlas you damn monkey, where are you?" Eventually the frustrated teacher found his furry friend standing infront of a window with its arms spread out as if medatating. The sight of this was enought to leave Bishop dumbfounded. "You're a freaking weirdo." He said as he surrendered the idea of getting any kind of entertainment out of Atlas.

Bishop left his room to wonder the not-so-empty halls. There was plenty of activity from the excited ghosts roaming through the walls. The teacher knew all the spirits for the most part. A lot of them were as boring as the living , but Bishop always managed to surround himself with interesting company. He began to whistle a gloomy tune as he headed nowhere in particular.