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Max Avarus

"Why me?" (Avatar will be put when I have access to an actual computer)

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a character in “Gaol Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry”, as played by Mr. Baneling Squishy


Max Avarus

(Not sure if it's just because I am on school internet when posting this, but if the pic isn't working il change it later. Currently on iPad at school)

Age: 11
Year: 1st
House: Aquila
Wand: Dragonwood (a rare wood), whale bone core, about a foot long.
Patronus: A unicorn. Something he is VERY reluctant to admit.
Pet: A white owl named Snowtimber.

Max has a complicated personality. In combat, he can be brave, heroic, and a bit bold. He will attempt to be strategic, if brute force and running straight in doesn't work. Max also tends to isolate himself, as his vast intellect and dedication to studying to live up to the expectations of his parents often gets him bullied. However, if someone makes an effort to be friends with him, he will show effort right back. He can be very friendly and personal if you make an attempt to know him. Additionally, the fact he is shorter then most gets him bullied a bit as well.

The younger brother in his family, Max has always felt like he has a lot to prove. When he was little, he would be locked into confined spaces by his brother, giving him a fear of being locked in. However, it did not manifest as greatly as it did until their house almost burned down with him locked inside a trunk. He was rescued with minimal burns, which hurt him to this day, but he now is greatly afraid of fire and being locked in. He can hide his fear of fire easily, unless there is a lot of it and he is in danger, but he will shy away from being near it, absolutely refusing to hold a torch if asked.

As most if not all of his family did extremely well in Wizarding school, he is expected to do the same, a pressure he certainly feels. His family is a very old Wizarding family, even having traces of Wiccan in his bloodline, and his family is a major political family with many connections. This pressure has made him a bit more vulnerable to being taunted and made fun of, especially since he studies extremely hard, harder then most others. It has also caused some slight distance from most of his peers, and if one sees him alone he might look a bit lonely. However, if anyone actually made an effort to be his friend, they would find it extremely easy to do so. He makes friends very quickly, he just isn't one to search them out...

  • Magic
  • Keys
  • Flying. He secretly wants to fly, even though he is not allowed.
  • Dragons, particularly those who don't breath fire.
  • His family. Most of the time.

  • Being called short.
  • Being made fun of.
  • Trolls. He has a deep fear of trolls.
  • He also is afraid of being locked in. He isn't afraid of tight spaces though, just being locked in one.
  • He has a fear of fire as well, really non magical fire but magical fire can also scare him somewhat.

Password: Specialis Revelio.

So begins...

Max Avarus's Story


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Max Avarus:

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME!" Max yelled as he walked down the street, casting some attention to himself. His father had been called ton emergency meeting, so he had to finish shopping on his own. He hated shopping. However, most of his shopping was done at least. Phear walked into the Wand store, quickly got his wand, and got out, a feeling of accomplishment running through him.

"Hey Maxy" a familiar voice called to him.

"I told you not to call me that!"

It was his brother, Daniel, who graduated last year. He messed his brother's hair up, and then checked his stuff. "Did he at least say goodby? Or was this like the time he completely forgot about you on the playground because of an important meeting?"

"He did say goodby...he sounded panicked".

"He always sounds panicked about a meeting...oh, I think I see some people I know. Hey, Liam!" He shouted. Max just felt embarrassed now. However, as Max and Daniel walked closer, Max saw a girl bunch this other guy in the face.

Daniel looked at them, wondering what had happened. "Max, this is Liam and Eden Madsen. Guys, this is my brother. He is starting this year. Liam, I forgot Eden had also started this year. Guess they will have company then..."

Max said hello, attempting to jump in after his brother's icebreaker. He was...wary, about making friends. It was the fame and the money, mostly, but also he was smarter then most his age. He couldn't help but worry if the woman was going to punch him next or something. Not afraid, but he would rather not get punched. It was a personal objective not to get punched.

Zeke Barrow:

"C'mon Zane, I don't want to be late!" Zeke impatiently tapped his foot. "Your walking too slow!"

Zeke had this aura about him that you got the feeling he doesn't like to sit still. That was Zeke being Zeke. He hated waiting, standing still, or not doing anything. Zeke simply said he was "a man of action".

Of course, most of his actions usually got him into trouble.

"Come on Zane! We need to get all of our equipment..." He meant the firecrackers and other jokes they had got from some stores. "...loaded before the ship leaves!"

He saw a few others on the street, but he was so centered on not being late to notice anything unless it happened right in front if him or it called to his or Zane's attention.


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If there was one thing his father had taught Thomas Decius, it was to be prepared. Thus, he had purchased his school supplies a month earlier and at half price too. It helped that his family owned a quarter of the shops on Rhiamon Way and loaned money to money to many of the ones they did not own. Today, he had decided to visit the broom shop. True, he had never shown any inclination towards joining the Quadpot team. This was for various reasons, two of which amount to the practice times infringing on his already limited supply of free time and the fact that he found it easier to slip into the old school ruins while professors and students alike were distracted by the game. However, he loved the feeling of the wind rushing by him as he flew in the air and he felt that there might come a day where he would be grateful to have a quick broom available to get him away from somewhere quickly.

"Oh, you are very fortunate to come at the time you did, Master Decius," the middle-aged shopkeeper simpered as he brought out an elegant-looking broom, "This is the very last Aether V we have in stock."

"Hmm... I hope Auora managed to get one beforehand," Thomas mused before paying the shopkeeper, wandering if he was being truthful. He had found a couple documents in the old school ruins his father had been keen on getting his hands on. He was so happy, he had agreed to give Thomas the money for this purchase.

Next, Thomas decided to head towards the book store for some recreational reading. He paused, however, when he saw the commotion before him and lo and behold, Aurora was in the midst of it along with several of his classmates and what looked like a couple first years. He smiled politely at Eric, though he could not help but scrutinize Chloe. It wouldn't surprise him that she was the one to give him that bruise on his cheek.

"So, I'm heading over to the broom shop on Main Street if any of you two lovely ladies would do me the greatest pleasure of your company!"

"You should have stopped by there first, Aurora. Someone purchased the last Aether V, though he might be willing to sell or loan it for a price. Or maybe the shopkeeper was lying when he said it was the last one. It's a common marketing trick," Thomas announced with a slight grin on his face as he held the broom in his arms, unwrapped of course. There was no point in wrapping a broom. Everyone knew what kind of item it was.


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Zeke Barrow:

"Am not! We don't have any other form of transportation to get there! Besides, we can't risk missing it!"

Zeke said hello. And when Zane mentioned Chloe, his head started spinning with ideas. "Yeah they are next to the..." He started, when a large firecracker dropped out of his bag. The kind of firecracker that explodes spectacularly when it hits the ground. "Shit....LOOK OUT!"

Awkward turned away as the Firecracker went off, a large portion of the blast going everywhere. Not so much an explosion as a magical light show, but it knocked Zeke backwards, distracted everyone, and sent this one kid (Max) flying backward. A large portion of the firecracker also went in the way of Chloe and Eric.

Zeke, of course, broke out into laughter. "That was awesome! Zane, did you see that? Those firecrackers are going to be a blast! We should have gotten more!" He stood up, and looked at Zane. "Those are going to be great".

He then looked at everyone else, and his mind immediately realized something. "Uhh...sorry....accidental firecracker use". He was still smiling though, clearly enjoying what the firecracker caused.


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For the first time in his entire magical schooling career at Gaol Academy, Benjamin "Benji" Fox did not board the ship to school at the Georgia port, the closest stop to his home state of Tennessee. That was bizarre in of itself given that for the past four years, Benji's presence in the eleventh compartment from the end of the ship had been an undeniable truth like how two plus two always equals four or that owls were wonderful for package deliveries if you remembered to tip them with their rodent of choice. However, the oddest thing about it was where Benji actually was; Baltimore, Maryland, standing in the middle of the Alvar family rare book shop next to a port key in the shape of a bookmark, and listening to the Alvar children squabble tirelessly as he had for the past four days.

When Sophie Alvar had let it slip to her parents about the nice boy a few years ahead of her that had helped her with class, she had clearly underestimated how enthusiastic her parents would be to meet said nice boy. In a whirl of excitement(for her parents) and dread(for Sophie), an invitation had promptly been sent via owl to the Fox household with an invitation to have them stay in Baltimore for the last few days of Summer vacation. To say that those days had been difficult would be an understatement; the parents, once the Alvars had realized that they didn't need to tiptoe around the issue of squibs and muggles, and grandparents(because there was no way Randall or Miriam were missing a chance to be around other members of the magical community) had gotten along famously, and the children, well, less so. At first, the amount of sibling discourse had been a little disorienting for Benji given that he was an only child, but, unfortunately, he'd gotten used to it, letting the brothers' endless teases and their sister's cutting retorts become the soundtrack for his little visit. At least, he decided, she was talking to him again- Sophie had refused to even make eye contact for the first two days of his visit when Allan, the only Alvar boy still living at home, had jokingly insisted that Benji was his sister's boyfriend.

"You both have everything?" Gregory Alvar asked one last time, eying the two as they shifted on their feet, luggage topped with owl cages, the birds blessedly silent, gripped tightly. They'd already said their goodbyes and, honestly, they'd made sure that they'd had everything at least five times now, but parents do have a tendency to worry about these things.

"Yes, daddy," Sophie huffed, looking more than anxious to go.

"Alright then. It's about time, go ahead and put your hands on the port key-" The instruction was cut off in a short manner by Allan who apparently couldn't risk a parting shot at his baby sister.

"Remember to hold hands, Fi-Fi!" He cooed, despite his mother's prompt glare. Sophie, as she always did, colored a violent scarlet color and was about to round on her brother with a verbal assault to violent that it might have left a bruise or two. However Benji, who'd had more than enough of this by now, was too quick, grabbing her hand and tugging it down with his just as the hour struck and, quite suddenly, the middle of the rare book shop in Baltimore, Maryland, was missing two people leaving behind a guffawing older brother, a scolding mother, and several proud relatives.

They were unceremoniously dropped off in an out of the way part of Rhiamon Way, closer to the docks than to the shops. Sophie landed uneasily before smoothing down her uniform skirt, grumbling something about the perfect use of a bat-bogey hex, while Benji simply straightened back up- he would never get used to port keys- and started off towards the ship. Hopefully his usual compartment wouldn't be occupied- well, at least by someone he didn't know. If it was someone like Thomas then he'd-

"Benji." He stopped in his tracks and turned around to see Sophie looking just as red-faced as before.

"What is it?"

"I forgot my charms book." Before he could even reply, she charged on quickly, "But it's not my fault- Allan was talking when I was packing and he distracted me, so…" She huffed. "I need to get a new one."

"It's fine, Sophie," Benji said, cutting off any further rants. "We'll just drop our stuff off and I'll go with you, okay? We still have a little bit of time." When handling Sophie, especially when she was upset, it was best to use kid gloves, a lesson Benji had quickly learned last year after his first disastrous tutoring attempt.

Sophie nodded and quick as could be they dropped off their luggage and still sleeping owls before heading towards the shops.

It was lucky that Benji knew his way around Rhiamon Way because Sophie was completely out of her element. She was used to her parents buying everything for her and just staying put in the ship every time it stopped. The crowds buffeting her on all sides, most of them children around her own age, were frustrating and she couldn't help but press in a little closer to Benji just to make sure she didn't get lost- not that she'd ever admit it because she was just fine on her own, thanks very much.

They managed to fight their way through the crowds and into the Madsen family bookstore where Sophie vanished, presumably to find her charms book, and Benji was left to idly look around, fidgeting slightly with the shiny new Exemplar badge adorning his shirt. It would be a lie to say that he wasn't disproportionately proud of it and it would be a complete fib to say that he'd maybe cheered quite loudly the moment the badge and letter had arrived at his home.

It was only after Sophie had returned, dragging him resolutely to the counter so that she could pay for what was most certainly not a charms book(not that he could tell since she was hiding the cover resolutely from him) that Benji recognized the fact that, oh, hey, his classmates were here. And were also leaving. The bad thing, he supposed, about having friends was that, inevitably with him, they had other friends they were closer to, usually being people you didn't know all that well. That was the case with Aurora and her menagerie of friends that had swept out the door, excited about some broom or another, or Claudia, his own housemate who still lingered inside with Liam and some first years he was sure he'd never met before. He liked them sure enough, but he couldn't possibly just push himself into their group.

Sophie, whose self-esteem issues revealed themselves in a much different way than the doubt that constantly washed over Benji's mind, had no such issue. As exasperated as she may have gotten with Claudia, a familiar face was still a familiar face, and she was one of the closest things Sophie had to a friend, which was a bit sad, really.

"Hey, Claudia," She said, waving towards the girl and, given the general social obligation, Benji was about to call out a similar greeting when instead an explosion resounded within the shop. Well, not so much an explosion as an entirely too powerful light show. Sophie let out a shriek of surprise, stumbling backwards, and Benji had to shield his eyes before something more concerning than a firework gone wrong caught his sight. A boy- he didn't know him, so possibly a first year- has been propelled backwards in the explosion.

With all of the responsibility granted to him by the Exemplar badge and the general morality that he quite hoped most people had but knew from experience that they didn't, Benji hurried over to the toppled over boy, even as Zeke called out a not so sheepish apology.

"Are you okay?" He asked, almost immediately kneeling down next to him. If he was a first year, well, his life at Gaol had just gotten off to a rocky start.


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(so, to help move things forward, I am stepping in and posting for Rais. Mostly cause I don't want this to die, but also Rais knows I know where this goes to. Rais, when you read this, let me know if you want any changes made. Sorry if I forgot to tag or respond to anyone. Wasn't sure who to put in)

Eden reached out and shook Max's hand. "Nice to meet you..."

Max shot a slight glare towards his brother, before he looked back towards Eden. "Max, Max Avarus".

"So Max is joining right as your leaving? Well, this is interesting".

"Hey, don't go too hard on him. Or else I might start telling stories..." Max's brother, Daniel, mentioned with a grin. "Speaking of stories, you will never guess what his patro..."

"Shut up Daniel! That is private!" Max noted, before the firecracker bursted and knocked him into a wall. This other kid came over to see if he was alright.

"Are you okay?" He asked as Daniel came over. Max stood up, but was wobbly.

"What was that?!" He exclaimed, before looking towards Benji. "I think so. Maybe. Thanks for asking. I can stand, and nothing is broken. My names Max Avarus, by the way. Nice to meet you". Avarus might ring of familiarity for Benji. There was Max's brother, Daniel, who graduated last year with high grades, was captain of the Quadpot team, and was very popular. But there was also the fame of the Avarus family. It's a very old Wizarding family, who's members played great and key roles in various Wizarding Wars. Max's father was also a major politician and player in the Wizarding world, and his mother is one of the most powerful wizards known, and helps keep watch over the magical world of America. So yeah, the name might ring a bell.

Though personally, Max hoped it didn't. Being a member of a highly successful and famous Wizarding family meant high expectations. He wasn't even at the school yet, and he could feel the pressure on him. His brother alone out pressure on him, not on purposefully mind you, but he is following his brother's legacy.

Liam pointed out they needed to get going soon. Max made sure he had everything he needed, and said goodby to Daniel, before joining Liam and Eden to board the ship.

(Sorry again for everyone I missed or any errors made)


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"Yeah, not a problem," Benji said slowly, standing up from his crouch as soon as the younger boy revealed himself to be fine. Well, relatively fine; he had just been hit by fireworks, after all. It was definitely a relief if only because Benji didn't want this year at Gaol to start off with broken bones or any real bodily injuries for himself or others.

"My names Max Avarus, by the way. Nice to meet you." The name, at least the last one, tugged forcefully at Benji's memory. Where had he heard Avarus before…? Oh, right, Daniel Avarus. Benji hadn't known Daniel Avarus, hadn't even ever shared a word with the older boy, but you had to be insanely out of the loop to not know of him. The teachers had loved him, the students had adored him, opposing Quadpot teams had quaked with fear, or at least that's how the general rumor went. Seeing as Benji avoided Quadpot or, really, most things involving flying as a rule, he'd never seen the older boy in action on the playing field or in academics.

"Nice to meet you too, even if the circumstances could be better. Benji Fox, Strix House," the introduction came out a bit stiffly, but not unkindly given that it was more from the awkwardness. "If you need anything at Gaol, ah, don't hesitate to ask." With a smile that came out luckily more pleasant than his first greeting smiles tended to, Benji waved goodbye, making his way back over to Sophie who had long since lost interest in the situation as soon as she'd realized that everyone was alright.

"Ready to go back?"

"Of course," She sniffed, tucking her secret purchase in her bag and starting off towards the ship leaving Benji to follow in her wake. Well, this year was certainly going to be an interesting one.

When they made it back to the ship, the two split apart easily into different compartments. After all, it wasn't like they'd never see each other again given that they were not only in the same house but also Benji was Sophie unofficial official tutor for all things magical(and just a few things mundane because, honestly, for many purebloods Muggle Studies was insanely hard). Anyways, they had their own sort of friends to stick with. There was Benji with Thomas and whoever happened to be hovering around either boy at the time, and then Sophie with whoever she deemed the least annoying at the moment.

Finding Thomas was an easy enough task because, while it did take a moment of two, most Gaol students were creatures of habit and had their own preferred compartments by their third year at the Academy.

"Hello, Thomas," Benji greeted the other boy, dragging his assorted pieces of luggage plus one cage filled with sleeping owl into his friend's compartment, closing the door behind him in one smooth move. "Sorry I didn't find you earlier. Today's been… Kind of hectic."