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Professor Luke Mordecai

"From the blood in our veins to the hairs on our head- we are animals."

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a character in “Gaol Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry”, as played by Not that awesome


Professor Luke Mordecai
(honey badger, teacher & animal aficionado)

Weep for yourself, my man
You'll never be what is in your heart
Weep Little Lion Man
You're not as brave as you were at the start
Rate yourself and rake yourself
Take all the courage you have left
Wasted on fixing all the problems
That you made in your own head


| Age |

| Subjects Taught |
Transfiguration and occasionally Care of Magical Creatures.

| House |
Head of Cerva house.

| Wand |
Luke has been raised to properly respect the artifact as an extension of himself. As such, his current wand is also the only one he has ever owned. The wand is carved from a 12” long branch of Oak and imbued with the core of a Phoenix Feather. Rigid, as all oaks are, the wood is smooth and even.

| Place of Birth |
Originally from the Falkland Islands, Luke moved to Saskatoon in Canada aged five. He is of French-Canadian Heritage.

| Animagus |
Luke is a registered Animagus, and he can transform in to a honey badger after spending his entire years at Gaol honing the skill. Honey badger don' care, honey badger don' give a shit.

Thistle or Weed?
(strong, independent, kind.)

Tremble for yourself, my man
You know that you have seen this all before
Tremble Little Lion Man
You'll never settle any of your scores
Your grace is wasted in your face
Your boldness stands alone among the wreck
Now learn from your mother or else spend your days biting your own neck.

| Personality |
Luke is lion-hearted.

In his chest it thunders like the hearty beasts that live with him. When he falls asleep at night, it purrs beneath his chest. It is in his smile, radiating warmth, like the sight of his lips curling upwards is as powerful as the sun above . It is in the way he walks, almost self-assuredly, keeping his head at a permanent eye level. Not tilted upwards like those who find themselves better than others, but not tilted downwards like those poor souls who loathe themselves. It is in the way he talks, smoothly, yet with a hint of acknowledgement. His mind is permanently awake with the whirr of thoughts and the flickering amaranth light of flames.

There is no denying that Proffesor Mordecai is brilliant. Not smart, not intelligent, but brilliant. He is not completely brain-dead, no, but it is not book-smarts that sets him apart from your everyday man. He is brilliant in the sense of memory and observance, able to pick out the slightest flaw in the room instantly. Because of this, he is better suited to detective work, but Luke isn’t really what you would call sociable in the least. He is kind, friendly and strong, but really prefers little company over parties and the like. He surrounds himself with only people he likes. This could be seen as selfish, but really it is an act of protection.

Actually, he prefers the company of animals. If you arrive at his room thinking you will not be greeted by a friendly Crup, or a number of freshly-caught Cornish pixies you are wrong. He keeps a large tank in his room filled with sea creatures from Kappas and Grindylows, to Kelpies and even the odd Sea Serpent. A number of creatures live with him, but his pride and joy is his assortment of dragons. First, his Icelandic Sabertooth Klaus, secondly his Peruvian Vipertooth Cyanide, or Cyan. Cyan lives with him, but Klaus, being massive, does not, and he instead lives in a hut.

As mentioned before, Luke is strong. He is kind, but strong mentally- like a diamond, Luke is virtually unbreakable but it can be done. He is independent and capable, but also has the joy of a child. He doesn't really have massive problems, so he tends to create them for himself.

Stallion or Steed?
(pure-blooded, the creatures friend, teacher)

But it was not your fault but mine
And it was your heart on the line
I really fucked it up this time
Didn't I, my dear?

Didn't I, my dear.

| History |

From the moment his tiny feet touched the ground, Luke always knew that he was destined for greatness.

He has never been particularly arrogant about this fact; indeed, he has often wished that fate had dealt him a simpler hand. He knows, however, that there is no escaping one’s destiny, and as such he has always been determined to make something of himself.Born to incredibly intelligent parents, Luke grew up with a strange view of the world. He was taught to question everything and to do everything. Inspired early on by the book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, as a child he dreamed of following in the footsteps of the great Newt Scamander and discovering new and brilliant creatures.His parents encouraged his interest, taking him travelling in search of magical creatures. On a trip to Peru, Luke caught a glimpse from far away of something sheltered in the trees, something he didn’t recognize from any of the texts he had read. It was a dragon, an and has spent the rest of his life trying to find these creatures.

As a young boy he was more impulsive, ruled by whim and passions, he did not give much thought to anyone but himself, like most children. But like a slap in the face, one event in his childhood caused him to think over his position. At eight years old, an unpleasant fight with his Muggle cousin threw him in a fit of anger, and before he knew it, accidental magic was set loose, setting fire to his cousin’s clothes. While obliviators came to take care of the incident, Luke could not believe what he had done, and as he later realized that his cousin might be scarred permanently he became thoroughly disgusted with himself.

His love of magical creatures took on a whole other level when he began to keep them in his room, much to the chagrin of his dorm-mates, and soon his room was filled with some. Some, he had acquired legally, others, not so much. It has never been a question to him whether or not he should participate in the school after he graduated from Gaol: the moment he learned of the existence of an open spot in the staffing, he did everything in his power to grab it, and then, join. Despite his age, he is rather useful to the school, with his unique way of thinking, the strong magical potential that is clearly lingering inside of him and his strong, lion heart.

| Likes |
animals & fire & roars & noise & teaching & gaol & magic & love & smiling & sunny days & honey badgers

| Dislikes |
evil & skeletons & staying inside & cages & [i]some[i] students & namecalling & death

| Password |
*even more obvious cough* Specialis Revelio */endcough*

| Other |
idk idk teacher and creatures and kindness and finally I actually have a nice character pls someone we need to do something about klaus because drama and shit omg pls

So begins...

Professor Luke Mordecai's Story


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It is true enough when they say that there is no rest for the wicked. As for herself, she could not say that she even had a lick of sleep these past two nights. This was all fine, she was used to it. She usually just laid herself down in bed and shut her eyes because she assumed that it was what most people did, whether she was tired or not. Where most people needed sleep every night, Chloe found that as long as she made sure to recharge herself every now and then she could keep herself going for much longer.

But right now, in this moment, her eyes were lead weights. They flickered like a candlelight that was near extinguished, closing shut and then opening wide. She'd really never been more tired. The sad fact is, they were not even at Gaol yet, but really so many things had happened in the space of an hour. She was aware at this point that it was her fault the events had unfolded the way they had. Well, it was really the Lord's wrongdoings that put her in this position, but she had acted accordingly. Was there really a choice, Chloe?

"You've improved your punches since I last saw you."

She really knew that a remark like that could have only came from one person. Marcus Altius to be exact, and really one of the only people that she could class as a 'friend'. Sure, there were acquaintances that came and went by the day, but they were often false friends brought only by the notion that they could 'change her'. Fuck changing.

"Was that a smile, Marcus?" Chloe teased, letting one corner of her mouth perk up. She pushed her palms on to the ground and got up off of the wall. "But was there really that many people? God damn it..." She bit her lip, leaning against the wall once more.

Just as she did there was a familiar sound of an explosion- not one on a large scale, granted- and sniggering came afterwards. Obviously, it was those dreadful Barrow twins. With a look of disgust she muttered "How immature can you get?" before turning back to Marcus.



Truthfully, Luke was worried.

It was not exactly a good idea to leave exactly four hundred and ninety one animals on their own. One would be bad enough- imagine the complete mess of his room and the state of the self-crafted sketches that graced his walls. But four hundred and ninety one... you are basically asking for trouble to be laid in front of you. Not to mention these animals are not exactly those of sorts. They are beasts or creatures or whatever you want to call them. They are wild. Luke knew he could trust them on their own, though, but there was a twinge of worry running through his mind. What if. It was a simple enough question, but one that caused most to worry, as there is not definite answer.

Stop it Luke. You came here and you will stay here. It was your own decision. The only thing you should be worried about is the goofiness of your Hawaiian style board shorts. Really, though, nothing made him worry like the endangerment of his 'pets'. They were his pride and joy, his responsibility.

Elbows rested against the railing of the ship, he stared out on to the sea. He liked the sea. Knowing that when they left New York that all they would see for miles is the ocean comforted him in a strange way. He was glad he'd shoved on some sunglasses, though, as the sun was shining directly on to the ship and setting the water ablaze with light as navy waves crossed over each other in a battle for space.

Sighing in mild contentedness, he sat back on a sun-lounger and closed his eyes, slipping in to a light sleep.


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Friendship was barely a word in Chloe's vocabulary.

It was an underused, dusty word after being left in her childhood- back in the days where everyone was a friend, and when she was left with entirely her own thoughts. Overshadowed by cruel words, dwarfed by remarks of monotonous irritation. Her words were perpetually sharp, she noticed, and almost never did soft, kind words pass her lips. Truthfully, she was fine with this. The sugar-sweet words she heard others say to their friends left a sour taste in her mouth, almost opposite of what was intended. The sheer amount of lies these friends told one another was astounding, as well. White lies, they called them, because placing a colour next to a seemingly bad word obviously changes the whole context. The real reason people do not express their true feelings is usually not the fact that they want to protect the fragile feelings of their friends, but because they are afraid that their opinion may bring their friends to dislike them. It always about the well-being of the liar.

One could label Chloe and Marcus as friends, but she really did not like to think of it like that. Friends reminded her of a circle of people that whispered petty gossip and laughed obnoxiously together, whispering rumors while she passed. Friends reminded her of people that were being as fake as they could, desperately trying to fit in. Chloe and Marcus were not friends. There was really no word to describe the 'friendship' they had. Nothing seemed right.

"Gaol Academy is unfortunately littered with immature idiots." He responded, and Chloe gave a nod in acknowledgement. "At least now we only have one more year to suffer through their juvenile pranks."

Pranks. She hated the very word. They had never been a thing to interest the girl, and she usually took the crude things with a look of distaste. They merely created embarrassment. She'd been a victim of a few in her earlier years, but usually the perpetrators got what they deserved. She'd never really been pranked by the two so-called prank masters of Gaol- the twins.

Chloe had given thought to where she was going after this year. She'd actually decided on being an Auror. Her parents might disapprove, but it was one thing she really had her mind set on. She was acing defense against the dark arts, and even though the greatest dark wizard was in her mind- she believed she might overcome it. Just maybe. It was hard work becoming an Auror, but hard work she was preparing to endure.

"There weren't too many people. I just happened to be passing and caught the end of the argument." He then spoke moments after, responding to her earlier query.

"That's the first time I've seen that Eric kid since last year, and I've already punched him." She paused, "Either I'm getting more evil or he is getting more unbearably irritating."

Looking up at the sky, she observed that it had darkened considerably, and although she did not have a watch, Chloe guessed it was about time to head back on the the ship. "Well, looks about time to head back to the ship. Oh, joy."

Without realising, she had walked a couple steps with Marcus still behind her. "Well, are you coming? Or just planning to miss school this year."



"Hello Professor? It's a pleasure to see you supervising this year."

He awoke, pushing himself off of the sun lounger. It had most likely been half and hour he had slept for, but it was maybe a degree colder and the wind was picking up, biting at his skin. He looked rather garish in his board shorts and sunglasses, but he figured that he was bound to look silly wearing them. In other words, he didn't care. It was a familiar face that he was greeted with- Amelia Ellison, a bright student of sorts.

"Of course I am supervising- you know I take my job very seriously." He smiled warmly, but was slight sarcasm, as his getup was far from serious. "However, I fear my sunbathing session is over. It is getting rather cold, after all."

He stood up and faced the girl, "I will see you soon, most likely. If it is not around the ship it will be in class."

He took the sunglasses off his face and held them in his palm. "I must say goodbye for now though- I have some important errands to finish." And with that he was off in to the ship, deciding to enter his cabin for a while to plan for upcoming classes.