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Thomas Erener

"Among the brave, few survive. Those that do, they're considered heroes. Those that don't become a statistic."

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a character in “Gaol Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry”, as played by Red_Kryptonite





Image Image
Age: 16

Year: 5th

House: Ursus

Wand: Pine, 11 inches, Thestral tail hair


Thomas has always been one that isolates himself from others, having much to say, but the wisdom to remain quiet. He's highly intelligent and spends the majority of his free time studying in the library, an unlikely place to be approached by others. He's has a problem with interacting with others, not sure how to make himself liked among others. He's always recieved good marks in his classes, especially Defense Against the Dark Arts. He's been known to have a knack for the subject.

Thomas's sense of humor isn't the greatest, either, he's more serious and doesn't exactly understand when someone is joking. People have told him jokes before, but instead of laughing, he would just give them a queer look because he thought they were intentionally messing with him to get a rise out of him.
He struggles with this, having quite the problem with getting along with those that are able to break through his social barrier. It's no secret he has very few friends, and whether or not this is entirely his fault, it's just the way things have been.

His endearing solitude might have either been caused or created his distaste for a large portion of not only his peers, but for others in general. He feels like even among other wizards and witches, that he is different. That he is easily misunderstood, though he makes no attempt of trying to prove himself to others. Thomas isn't the most confrontational person, but if backed into a corner, so to speak, he would not hesitate to strike at those that threaten him. Unlike others with a darker personality like Thomas's, he doesn't feel as all others are inferior to him. He just wishes bad things upon them a lot of the time.
Thomas was born into a dysfunctional family in Brooklyn, New York to Carolyn Erener. Carolyn was a prostitute who had gotten pregnant by one of her regular costumers, who was never seen again. Not wanting the burden of having a child, she dropped Thomas off at her parent's house. She eventually moved away, somewhere in the south where she would die a few years later after having contracted AIDS. Image

His grandparents were extremely hard on Thomas, forcing him to do hard labor around the house, such as fixing the plumbing, or repairing the roof of their old, run down house, despite being a child and having no previous experience with carpentry or plumbing fixtures. Even without this experience though, Thomas was always able to accomplish the tasks that were given to him, which would most likely be impossible for other children. Although his grandparents took no notice of his out-of-the-ordinary qualities, being as they were often intoxicated, banishing Thomas to his bedroom, he had developed a practice of his abilities.

ImageThroughout the years, Thomas had trained himself to be able to hurt those without having to touch them. A reason for his want for such violence is that as soon as he was enrolled into public schooling, he had been dubbed as an "outcast", even by his teachers. He has always been a victim of bullying, thus he created an imaginary world where he was all-powerful, though when among the muggles at school, it wasn't entirely imaginary...

The first act of violence happened when one day in Thomas' 5th year in elementary school, a kid named Rufus, who made no attempt to mask his dislike for Thomas, proceeded to pressure him into a fight on the school playground. Along with the adrenaline of the other students egging the fight on, Thomas felt his first real furious feeling bubble up inside him. He took this feeling and without laying a hand on Rufus, he had caused him great pain. Without going into much detail, Rufus had to be sent to the hospital and even though Thomas hadn't touched him, he was expelled for beating up Rufus.

His expulsion led to an uproar among his grandparents, who were surely going to give Thomas a harsh, long lasting punishment. Afraid and unsure of what would happen to him now that he had been expelled from school and that his grandparents were angrier with him than they have ever been, Thomas ran away. An eleven year old boy, on the mean streets of Brooklyn, alone, he was scared, but Thomas felt safer out on his own than back with his family. Miraculously though, a man had taken Thomas in after seeing him digging through a trashcan for food one night. This man was no ordinary man, however. He was a wizard. And, as Thomas would soon learn, so was he.Image

This man told Thomas of a school where children like him went and learned magic together. He told him that he was just the right age and that he could go there the following year, if he wished. He even went as far as offering Thomas a place to stay for his summer holidays, though to his slight surprise, he declined. Thomas thanked this man for everything he did, but he knew that if there was such a place as Gaol, that he could help himself from here on out. But, as it were, he stayed with the man until he had received a letter, inviting him to Gaol, the Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Since his departure from the man, Thomas has not seen or spoken to him since, and he feels no remorse for not making an attempt to contact him. After his first couple years within Gaol, Thomas feels as if he has still not found his place among the other students, therefore he has a reputation for being a weird, quiet kid. Not having a past altercation with anyone at the school, though, Thomas's bottled up emotions are beginning to boil over and it's only a matter of time that he bursts.


  • Potions class

  • Wandering the grounds

  • Riding his Grenin broomstick whenever possible

  • Studying/reading (especially in the library!)

  • Root beer

  • Dislikes

    • Most people

    • Confrontations

    • Cats (He's terrified of them)

    • Care of Magical Creatures class

    • Most sports

    • Other:

    • Thomas is rather good at flying the broomstick

    • Has asthma

    • Image

      Password: Specialis Revelio

      So begins...

      Thomas Erener's Story


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      Megan Hooper

      Fifth year. The year when O.W.L.S took place. The year that could make or break her future career depending on her scores. Of course, Megan wasn't extremely worried on that aspect. She was reasonably confident that she'd pass the classes she needed for next year, but it never hurt to take precautions. Megan wasn't going to be one of those promising students that went down in flames just because they thought they would breeze through these exams.

      "Are you sure that you remembered to pack everything?" Megan looked over at her mom in the driver's seat and smiled. Her mother always insisted on driving her to Rhiamon Way just in case Megan actually ever did forget something. This was probably the third or fourth time she'd asked that, each time sounding more worried than the last. She didn't quite understand her mother's concern. It wasn't like this was her first year attending Gaol. It wasn't even the first time she would be buying her last-minute supplies by herself. Megan had started wandering Rhiamon Way on her own two years ago.

      "Yes, I'm sure Mom. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine." The car stopped near the entrance and Megan jumped out. She opened the back seat and pulled out her trunks and pet carrier. Her mom stepped out of the car and silently hugged Megan. Before Megan could respond, she was already back in the car driving away. Goodbyes had always been hard for her. Megan waved until the vehicle was out of sight, and then she turned towards Rhiamon Way with a smile on her face. She'd already gotten everything she needed over the summer, so there wasn't any need to go shopping. A good thing, too, because the bookstore looked completely packed.

      Once at the ship, Megan found an empty compartment and placed her stuff above the left side window seat. She always chose to sit near a window whenever possible. Watching the water gave her something to do while they were traveling to Gaol. Megan turned towards the door in time to see a small gray blur rush past with something in its mouth. "What the heck was that?!" She rushed to the door and stared after the thing, finally realizing it was just a small cat. Not really anything to get overly excited about, especially since it was now a ways away. Megan grinned and was about to go back to her newly-claimed seat when someone suddenly slammed into the back of her.

      "Oof!" Luckily, the wall had kept her from falling to the ground, with the expense of receiving a large bump on her forehead. Megan turned around quickly and saw Thomas Erener on the ground, looking stunned. He was mumbling something, probably an apology, but Megan couldn't quite tell. What if he had a concussion? "I'm so sorry, Thomas! I should have been paying more attention." She held out her hand to help him up. "Are you all right?"


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      Blinking water out of his eyes, Thomas looked around the blurry hall, focusing in on the figure in front of him. "I'm so sorry, Thomas! I should have been paying more attention. Are you alright?" He closed his eyes for a long moment before opening them again, seeing an outstretched hand in front of him. Absentmindedly, he took the hand, helping him up. Finally getting a good look at the person he had crashed into, he saw that it was a fellow 5th year, Megan Hooper, a student from the the Cerva house. Embarrassed, he muttered another apology. "I'm sorry... I wasn't paying attention."

      It suddenly struck Thomas as odd that Meagan knew his name. He couldn't think of any time that they have spoken before. He didn't know much about her but he was almost flattered she knew who he was. They had been standing there for quite some time before he realized she had asked him if he was alright. "Oh yeah, sorry. Yes, I'm okay." He looked down to the floor, an awkward air of silence between the two before he quickly asked if she was okay. "A-are you?"

      Suddenly though, before Meagan could respond, Eric Green's cat sprinted back through her legs, hopping around Thomas's legs, almost as if to taunt him. It still had his wand latched between its jaws. Cursing quietly, he looked back to Meagan timidly. "Sorry... The er-- That cat has my wand." And without a further explanation he offered a weak smile before turning on his feet and going after the cat. I swear, I'll kill that cat! Running down the hallway, his eyes locked on the stumpy cat whose legs seemed to wobble at an incredible pace as it raced around the recovering Miss Nilaya, who was busy trying to catch all the chocolate frogs that were jumping about. Closing in on the animal, it suddenly stopped dead for a split second before it jumping into a compartment. Beyond annoyed, Thomas followed, swinging around the same compartment to see the dwarfed cat sitting in the lap of Eric Greene. Thomas narrowed his eyes at the elder student who was looking down at his cat, a stupid smile across his face before looking up to Thomas, his expression faltering slightly, but not completely. "Oh... Hey, Thomas." Ignoring his greeting, Thomas responded, a definite tone of distaste in his voice. "Would you please return my wand to me?

      Eric raised an eyebrow, looking down at the wand that his cat seemed to have dropped in his lap. He grinned, pushing his pet to the side so that he can stand. Looking down at the wand he had in his hand, Eric stepped forward toward Thomas. "Sorry about that. You know how cats can get." He chuckled lightly as he handed Thomas's wand to him, who quickly snatched it away. "That's a nice wand. What is it, pine?" Thomas ignored his question, but instead responded, "If you don't mind, would you kindly keep that animal away from me this year? He eyed Eric's bruise before turning and walking away from Eric, not giving him a chance to reply. Thomas was going to spend the rest of the day in his compartment until the ship arrived at Gaol. Glancing outside a window inside a random compartment, Thomas saw that it was beginning to get dark. He checked his watch before returning to his own compartment, seeing that the ship was scheduled to depart in another hour.


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      Megan Hooper

      Megan sighed in relief when Thomas was able to easily bring himself upright. She watched him carefully as he seemed to get his bearings. He looked fine, and he wasn't keeling over or anything, so no lasting damage must have been done. "I'm sorry... I wasn't paying attention." Megan waved away his apology. Apparently there was a distinct lack of awareness today already. Hopefully this problem wasn't an omen for how the rest of her year was going to go.

      Thomas still hadn't answered her question, but Megan figured it would be strange to ask again. She looked him over one more time, just to make sure, and was about to say goodbye when he finally responded. "Oh yeah, sorry. Yes, I'm okay." Megan smiled. "That's good to hear. But maybe I should stop popping out of my compartment and you should stop chasing after cats. At least until we get to Gaol." She realized that her statement, meant jokingly, could be taken offensively and Megan bit her lip. "Sorry." It was quiet for a minute or two when Thomas suddenly asked if she was okay.

      At that moment, the cat that had caused the two to crash ran past them in the opposite direction. Megan didn't even have time to try and grab it before it was almost out of sight. "Sorry... The er-- That cat has my wand." She grinned as Thomas began to pursue the wand-nabber. Megan waved and called out, "Good luck!" before gently feeling her forehead. Yep, there was already some swelling going on. If she didn't find ice fast, her head was going to grow two sizes! But Megan had no idea where to get it from.

      Megan walked a little bit down the hallway to the next compartment and looked inside. It was Carella, a girl in Cerva as well. "Maybe she will know." Megan knocked on the door before opening it slightly. "I'm sorry to bother you, but do you know where I could get some ice? I ran into the wall."


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      For the first time in his entire magical schooling career at Gaol Academy, Benjamin "Benji" Fox did not board the ship to school at the Georgia port, the closest stop to his home state of Tennessee. That was bizarre in of itself given that for the past four years, Benji's presence in the eleventh compartment from the end of the ship had been an undeniable truth like how two plus two always equals four or that owls were wonderful for package deliveries if you remembered to tip them with their rodent of choice. However, the oddest thing about it was where Benji actually was; Baltimore, Maryland, standing in the middle of the Alvar family rare book shop next to a port key in the shape of a bookmark, and listening to the Alvar children squabble tirelessly as he had for the past four days.

      When Sophie Alvar had let it slip to her parents about the nice boy a few years ahead of her that had helped her with class, she had clearly underestimated how enthusiastic her parents would be to meet said nice boy. In a whirl of excitement(for her parents) and dread(for Sophie), an invitation had promptly been sent via owl to the Fox household with an invitation to have them stay in Baltimore for the last few days of Summer vacation. To say that those days had been difficult would be an understatement; the parents, once the Alvars had realized that they didn't need to tiptoe around the issue of squibs and muggles, and grandparents(because there was no way Randall or Miriam were missing a chance to be around other members of the magical community) had gotten along famously, and the children, well, less so. At first, the amount of sibling discourse had been a little disorienting for Benji given that he was an only child, but, unfortunately, he'd gotten used to it, letting the brothers' endless teases and their sister's cutting retorts become the soundtrack for his little visit. At least, he decided, she was talking to him again- Sophie had refused to even make eye contact for the first two days of his visit when Allan, the only Alvar boy still living at home, had jokingly insisted that Benji was his sister's boyfriend.

      "You both have everything?" Gregory Alvar asked one last time, eying the two as they shifted on their feet, luggage topped with owl cages, the birds blessedly silent, gripped tightly. They'd already said their goodbyes and, honestly, they'd made sure that they'd had everything at least five times now, but parents do have a tendency to worry about these things.

      "Yes, daddy," Sophie huffed, looking more than anxious to go.

      "Alright then. It's about time, go ahead and put your hands on the port key-" The instruction was cut off in a short manner by Allan who apparently couldn't risk a parting shot at his baby sister.

      "Remember to hold hands, Fi-Fi!" He cooed, despite his mother's prompt glare. Sophie, as she always did, colored a violent scarlet color and was about to round on her brother with a verbal assault to violent that it might have left a bruise or two. However Benji, who'd had more than enough of this by now, was too quick, grabbing her hand and tugging it down with his just as the hour struck and, quite suddenly, the middle of the rare book shop in Baltimore, Maryland, was missing two people leaving behind a guffawing older brother, a scolding mother, and several proud relatives.

      They were unceremoniously dropped off in an out of the way part of Rhiamon Way, closer to the docks than to the shops. Sophie landed uneasily before smoothing down her uniform skirt, grumbling something about the perfect use of a bat-bogey hex, while Benji simply straightened back up- he would never get used to port keys- and started off towards the ship. Hopefully his usual compartment wouldn't be occupied- well, at least by someone he didn't know. If it was someone like Thomas then he'd-

      "Benji." He stopped in his tracks and turned around to see Sophie looking just as red-faced as before.

      "What is it?"

      "I forgot my charms book." Before he could even reply, she charged on quickly, "But it's not my fault- Allan was talking when I was packing and he distracted me, so…" She huffed. "I need to get a new one."

      "It's fine, Sophie," Benji said, cutting off any further rants. "We'll just drop our stuff off and I'll go with you, okay? We still have a little bit of time." When handling Sophie, especially when she was upset, it was best to use kid gloves, a lesson Benji had quickly learned last year after his first disastrous tutoring attempt.

      Sophie nodded and quick as could be they dropped off their luggage and still sleeping owls before heading towards the shops.

      It was lucky that Benji knew his way around Rhiamon Way because Sophie was completely out of her element. She was used to her parents buying everything for her and just staying put in the ship every time it stopped. The crowds buffeting her on all sides, most of them children around her own age, were frustrating and she couldn't help but press in a little closer to Benji just to make sure she didn't get lost- not that she'd ever admit it because she was just fine on her own, thanks very much.

      They managed to fight their way through the crowds and into the Madsen family bookstore where Sophie vanished, presumably to find her charms book, and Benji was left to idly look around, fidgeting slightly with the shiny new Exemplar badge adorning his shirt. It would be a lie to say that he wasn't disproportionately proud of it and it would be a complete fib to say that he'd maybe cheered quite loudly the moment the badge and letter had arrived at his home.

      It was only after Sophie had returned, dragging him resolutely to the counter so that she could pay for what was most certainly not a charms book(not that he could tell since she was hiding the cover resolutely from him) that Benji recognized the fact that, oh, hey, his classmates were here. And were also leaving. The bad thing, he supposed, about having friends was that, inevitably with him, they had other friends they were closer to, usually being people you didn't know all that well. That was the case with Aurora and her menagerie of friends that had swept out the door, excited about some broom or another, or Claudia, his own housemate who still lingered inside with Liam and some first years he was sure he'd never met before. He liked them sure enough, but he couldn't possibly just push himself into their group.

      Sophie, whose self-esteem issues revealed themselves in a much different way than the doubt that constantly washed over Benji's mind, had no such issue. As exasperated as she may have gotten with Claudia, a familiar face was still a familiar face, and she was one of the closest things Sophie had to a friend, which was a bit sad, really.

      "Hey, Claudia," She said, waving towards the girl and, given the general social obligation, Benji was about to call out a similar greeting when instead an explosion resounded within the shop. Well, not so much an explosion as an entirely too powerful light show. Sophie let out a shriek of surprise, stumbling backwards, and Benji had to shield his eyes before something more concerning than a firework gone wrong caught his sight. A boy- he didn't know him, so possibly a first year- has been propelled backwards in the explosion.

      With all of the responsibility granted to him by the Exemplar badge and the general morality that he quite hoped most people had but knew from experience that they didn't, Benji hurried over to the toppled over boy, even as Zeke called out a not so sheepish apology.

      "Are you okay?" He asked, almost immediately kneeling down next to him. If he was a first year, well, his life at Gaol had just gotten off to a rocky start.


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      Eric rubbed his jaw, a slight welp forming, reminding him of what was still fresh in his mind. Chloe. He made his way up into the ship, looking around at the few students straggling around the hall. He found his way to his compartment, giving a friendly nod to a couple people before slipping in the room. Eric's eyes had fallen right to the empty box of Ice Mice sitting on the seat near the window. He sighed in annoyance. Alfred. Shaking his head, Eric plopped down, pulling out his wand and directing it toward the box."Scourgify."

      And with that, the empty candy box folded itself several times over to the point that it was no larger than a thumb nail. It levitated for a second before puffing into dust. Eric sighed inwardly, gazing out into the horizon through the porthole, losing himself in his thoughts. His mind raced through many things for the next couple of minutes. Anything from what this school year had in store of this 7th year to whether or not he was finally going to gather up enough courage to speak to the breathtaking Amelia Ellison. He sat there awhile when a familiar ball of grey fur flashed into the compartment and leaped onto his lap. "Alfred!"

      Despite Alfred having eaten all of his candy once again, Eric couldn't help but grin down at his cat. He went to pet him when he noticed a long, thin object lodged in his jaws. It was a wand! No sooner had he taken it from Alfred, (who gave it up willingly), had Thomas Erener enter the compartment. The two sat there in silence for a moment, eyeing each other warily. Eric had ran into Thomas in their previous year, and had caught him with a book from the restricted section in the library. He could assume that Thomas didn't have proper permission to have the book, given the hastiness he showed in trying to hide it once Eric saw it. Eric has never told a teacher, nor anybody else, partially because it seemed like such an insignificant rule to be broken, and because he almost waiting for Thomas to slip up again, possibly into something worse this time. Eric was the first to break the silence.

      "Oh... Hey, Thomas."

      Eric wasn't returned with a greeting, not that he surprised. "Would you please return my wand to me?", Thomas requested, almost in a tone of demand. Eric looked down at the wand in his hand. He hesitated before standing and taking a step toward Thomas, raising the wand to him, handle up. As Thomas took it from him, he tried at being friendly. "Sorry about that... You know how cats can get." He chuckled lightly before adding, "That's a nice wand. What is it, pine?" Thomas gave the older student a cold look as he retorted, "If you don't mind, would you kindly keep that animal away from me this year?" Eric eyed the 5th year curiously before glancing back to Alfred, who was now sitting atop Eric's backpack, flicking his bushy tail to and fro. When Eric looked back to Thomas though, he had already gone. Poking his head out of his compartment, Eric's eyes followed Thomas as he stalked off to his own room. So Chloe and Thomas. Lovely to see they're so eager to make friends.

      Eric sighed, sliding the compartment door shut before turning to Alfred, who was looking expectantly at him. He smirked at the cat, falling into a seat next to him. He rested his hand around his neck, gently scruffing it as his eyes wandered back out of the porthole, looking toward the light from the sun reflecting off of the cold ocean waters. "I can't wait to get back to school, Alfred."


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      "Yeah, not a problem," Benji said slowly, standing up from his crouch as soon as the younger boy revealed himself to be fine. Well, relatively fine; he had just been hit by fireworks, after all. It was definitely a relief if only because Benji didn't want this year at Gaol to start off with broken bones or any real bodily injuries for himself or others.

      "My names Max Avarus, by the way. Nice to meet you." The name, at least the last one, tugged forcefully at Benji's memory. Where had he heard Avarus before…? Oh, right, Daniel Avarus. Benji hadn't known Daniel Avarus, hadn't even ever shared a word with the older boy, but you had to be insanely out of the loop to not know of him. The teachers had loved him, the students had adored him, opposing Quadpot teams had quaked with fear, or at least that's how the general rumor went. Seeing as Benji avoided Quadpot or, really, most things involving flying as a rule, he'd never seen the older boy in action on the playing field or in academics.

      "Nice to meet you too, even if the circumstances could be better. Benji Fox, Strix House," the introduction came out a bit stiffly, but not unkindly given that it was more from the awkwardness. "If you need anything at Gaol, ah, don't hesitate to ask." With a smile that came out luckily more pleasant than his first greeting smiles tended to, Benji waved goodbye, making his way back over to Sophie who had long since lost interest in the situation as soon as she'd realized that everyone was alright.

      "Ready to go back?"

      "Of course," She sniffed, tucking her secret purchase in her bag and starting off towards the ship leaving Benji to follow in her wake. Well, this year was certainly going to be an interesting one.

      When they made it back to the ship, the two split apart easily into different compartments. After all, it wasn't like they'd never see each other again given that they were not only in the same house but also Benji was Sophie unofficial official tutor for all things magical(and just a few things mundane because, honestly, for many purebloods Muggle Studies was insanely hard). Anyways, they had their own sort of friends to stick with. There was Benji with Thomas and whoever happened to be hovering around either boy at the time, and then Sophie with whoever she deemed the least annoying at the moment.

      Finding Thomas was an easy enough task because, while it did take a moment of two, most Gaol students were creatures of habit and had their own preferred compartments by their third year at the Academy.

      "Hello, Thomas," Benji greeted the other boy, dragging his assorted pieces of luggage plus one cage filled with sleeping owl into his friend's compartment, closing the door behind him in one smooth move. "Sorry I didn't find you earlier. Today's been… Kind of hectic."