Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden


the home of eden is a very interesting place but "All you have to do is wake up." (more info inside)

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The home of Eden is a very strange place... you wake up in a room in a beautiful mansion, though you don't remember how you got here. So you find clothes meant for a fancy party, but since you have nothing on you mine as well put it on, why not? You go downstairs into a ballroom and find out he has invited you to a party, but the other people you meet seem to have the same problem, they cant remember their past either! the man has shocking news to tell all of you he says that all of you have been in a coma for several years and that the man named Eden had been taking care of you all these years. But that's not all, there's something twisted going on and you and your new group of friends are trying to figure out whats happening and figure out your haunting past.

Eden has a funny hobby which will be explained
Eden is also playing a game wit you (will also be explained)
there will be NPC that i will create
their pasts are all below feel free to customize them yourself


1. runaway bride, ran away on her wedding day- open
2. black widow, a killer who was found out and hid from the law- Septemberism
3. sweet cheeks, sweet girl with a haunting secret- lil kawaii
4. bad blood, a girl who escaped from an asylum- SlightlyInsane
5. deadly thorns, a girl who seduced men and stole their money- open
6. Angel, a girl who is actually an angel- chocolateloversuntie

1. rapist, a man who raped people and was found out- open
2. detective, a young detective who disappeared during a case- open
3. bitter sweet, a boy with a bitter heart but soft side and bad past- open
4. kidnapper, a man who kidnapped boys and girls- open
5. heart, a innocent boy who has a dark side- open
6. demon, a man who is actually a demon - open

maid Marie
butler Gordon

Q: did they age?
A: Nope they never aged! :)

Q: who is Eden?
A: he is a man who has been alive for centuries with his maid and butler.

character skelly:

(image here try to make it a realistic photo but I'm fine with anime too)

Age:(your character never aged, ages between 19- 25)
tattoos/ piercings:
Person you like?
Theme song:

ROMANCE is highly encouraged though take it to PM if it goes past kissing and hugging
VIOLENCE um...uh... punching is acceptable...YEA! ... no killing
CURSING please not every sentence
CHARACTERS don't make them perfect
if you have read everything post in the other category: NARWHALS

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Character Portrait: Yukiko Yumizawa
Character Portrait: NPC
Character Portrait: Arella
Character Portrait: Zaria King


Character Portrait: Zaria King
Zaria King

"I don't like walls, halls, or masks."

Character Portrait: Arella

Who Am I truly?

Character Portrait: NPC

Eden, Gordon the butler, Maria the maid


Character Portrait: Zaria King
Zaria King

"I don't like walls, halls, or masks."

Character Portrait: NPC

Eden, Gordon the butler, Maria the maid

Character Portrait: Arella

Who Am I truly?

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Arella

Who Am I truly?

Character Portrait: NPC

Eden, Gordon the butler, Maria the maid

Character Portrait: Zaria King
Zaria King

"I don't like walls, halls, or masks."

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Re: [OOC] Garden of Eden

Okay I submitted my character.
If you want me to change anything just tell me.

It look me forever to figure out a theme song.
I even chose a song I don't like. I might change it later

Re: [OOC] Garden of Eden

I would prefer realistic picture but if you cant find one anime is okay too

I will reserve them for you! ^-^

Re: [OOC] Garden of Eden

Do you want realistic or anime?
I'd like to reserve black widow.

Re: [OOC] Garden of Eden

May I reserve the Bad Blood, insanse asylum girl? :D I'll have to put her page up tomorrow, since I'm exhausted right now.

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