Zeke Dorian

"Mess with me, and it won't end well".

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ImageName: Zeke Atlas DorianNicknames/Aliases: Zee, ZD, Zad (Hates those two), Demon Boy, Hybrid, Misfit

Demon Name: Zedel Pyrus Lokar Demon Name Meaning: Zed meaning Fire, El meaning Born in ancient Demonic

Age: 11 Combat Ability: Magical, Blades, Creative, Practical

Signature Magic: Elemental and Time magic Signature Weapon:Clockwork Blade

Skin Type: Caucasian
Eye Color: Red like fireHair Color: Jet Black

Species: Half-DemonSubspecies: Draconis Nightmarish Bloodline (Descends from Draconic and Nightmare Demons)

Draconis Demon Abilities: Flight, Elemental Breath, Treasuresight (The ability to identify valuable objects from a distance with a glance), Dragon Form (the ability to turn yourself, or parts of yourself, into Dragon form)

Nightmarish Demon Abilities: Telepathy, Dream Visit (the ability to enter one's dreams), Illusions, Shadow Manipulation

Strengths: Powerful Magical and Physical strength, Strong Mental Resistance, Capable Fighter

Weaknesses: Afraid of being locked in small spaces (though not small spaces themselves), Holy Symbols and Magic, Drawn to do evil and mischievous things.

History: Zeke is one of those kids who grew up full of energy, trouble, and excitement. Wherever he went, it was guaranteed to be fun or at least interesting. Not to mention there would be some sort of action. But that's what happens when you are a part human, part dragon, part demon hybrid. One of his parents was human, the other was a half nightmare half dragon Demonic Hybrid. Hybrids are not generally accepted in the Demon World by the higher up levels, and are usually considered lower level demons unless they amass a lot of power, followers, and/or souls. As a result, Hybrids have the highest probability of trying to become good, productive members of human society to fit in instead...with varied results.

Zeke's father is one of the better ones. He works as a psychologist who helps people deal with dreams and nightmares especially, which to be fair, he is really good at. Zeke's mother died during his birth, which probably shouldn't be that surprising given what he is. Zeke is one of the smarter kids in class, but he is also a troublemaker. Comes from his Demon Blood, people usually say, but human blood isn't so innocent itself all the time. That said, he is willing to do anything, and I mean anything, to help and protect his friends, his loyalty being one of his best traits. His determination is another, because once he says he will do something, he will damn well do everything in his power to stay true to his word. Zeke might not be one of the good kids, but he isn't a bad one either. He is his own special brand of kid.

So begins...

Zeke Dorian's Story


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Zeke was not exactly one known for being quiet and calm. But maybe, just maybe, he considered he might have gone a little too far. But it was their fault for picking on a little kid. The bullies should have known better. Well, if they didn't, they should know now, considering Zeke trapped them inside a nightmare that would make them be bullied, disciplined for bullying others, and so on. He even put in the principle from their school in the nightmare.

That last part was what made him concerned he might have gone too far, considering their principle was a succubus. Her punishments....well, they were embarrassing, to say the least. Well, it couldn't be helped now. While it would only be a few hours in the real world, in the dream world days would have passed. So they were probably awake by now. And if they tried to get revenge, well....Zeke would just have to retaliate with something that would definitely be going too far instead of just might.

As he walked down the street, he saw the people going about normal business. Acting all normal. It almost made him want to cause a little chaos. He couldn't help it, he was drawn to darkness. Granted, pure blooded demons would probably not agree with his version of darkness. Zeke didn't like killing innocent people, or anything sentient if he could help it with some exceptions. He did love breaking rules, causing trouble, scaring people, but like his father, he cared about life. Probably why he had gone too far with those bullies. Granted, what he did was probably worse then what they did, but they were making that kid's life miserable for no good reason. Its not much of a justification by human standards, but for demon standards, it was massive. Even for a half demon, he was unusually kind hearted. He definitely was not what someone would call a good kid, but he definitely was not a bad one either.

As he turned a corner, someone grabbed his shoulder. It appeared to be some angry man. Zeke did notice he seemed a bit familiar. "Hey, who the hell do you think you are? You think just because of what you are you can go around torturing kids like my son? You have a lot to answer for..." Oh, that's why he seems familiar..." It was the father of one of the bullies. Zeke immediately took precautions.

Zeke seemed to disappear in front of the man, re-appearing a few yards ahead facing him. Zeke noticed the blade hidden in the coat he was carrying. Protection, or planning to kill? Probably the latter, he sounded like a racist. "First of all, I am only half demon you asshat. Secondly, it was your son's fault for bullying that kid. They weren't even in the same grade! And third, its rude to be racist. Its also a bit extreme to go around killing someone for a simple nightmare spell, especially when it was in defense of another!"

"Maybe, but you went too far with the nightmare! Especially with how you portrayed the principle! You need to be taught a lesson!". How I portrayed?! She is actually like that! Exactly what delusion do you people have of her? But granted, I did probably go too far with that.

"She actually is like that, but I guess you sort of have a point. Alright, I will give you some mercy" he told him with a sort of devilish smile. Suddenly, several swords stabbed him through each limb, before dissolving. He collapsed to the ground in pain, but the swords left no wounds. "Oh, and for the record, I sent you into the nightmare realm the moment you grabbed my shoulder. I was tempted to do worse, but given I did probably go to far, I will leave it at that and a warning. You come after me again, I won't hold back".

And with that, the nightmare dissipated, and Zeke walked away from the man with a smile. Well, don't feel guilty anymore...


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Zeke walked along the pond, reading a book. Which might be strange, if it wasn't for the fact it was a catalogue about new magical tools and magical spells that were being developed, as well as having all the top hits in terms of music. There were also some sports results.

"So, the Destonia Cavaliers win against the Elonis Hearts with a 12-8 score in Magi-Ball? Sounds about right" Zeke mentioned. "It looks like a lot is happening today. Anyways....ooooh, a new battlespear? THe Zendo V? Sounds epic. And these new Jitari Gauntlets look badass".

Zeke couldn't help himself sometimes. Besides, it helped distract him from his desire to cause chaos to everyone and everything around him. He was part demon, so he couldn't help it. Besides, the stuff really was extremely cool. As he kept walking though, he got a strange feeling. It was like someone just ripped a hole in the universe temporarily. It was only a passing feeling though, so he shrugged it off.

As he continued on his way though, he got this strange feeling something big was about to happen.

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Zeke looked out to see something happening far away. But all that could wait just a few minutes, because he had come across something interesting. A group of people, looking for Zane. They had been whispering in a dark alley, which is usually where Zeke found suspicious people to satisfy his demonic impulses. His demon form was a little hard to look at, so if he ever used it, a dark alley would be ideal to be in already.

The hunters had been something special, but he defeated them all. WHat kind of demon would he be if he couldn't defeat a few thugs, evne if they had high quality magic and weapons. "Now, tell me, why were you looking for Zane?"

"Oh, are you a friend of his?" another hunter asked, walking into the alley. This one was different though, he sent a shiver down Zeke's spine. Usually, Zeke did that to other people. In fact, his dark aura was intense, almost as intense as whatever creature was terroring the people a few blocks away. There was no way he could let this guy regroup with the others at full strength, he had to knock him down now. "Well then, maybe we can lure him in by killing you! He is one of a kind after all, and that makes him a rare species that will be hunted by the greatest hunter!"

Supernatural Creature HUnters. He figured thats what they were. Zeke let loose his dragon wings, to bring some terror into the man he faced. He also turned his eyes red. "Trust me, you should run away now".

"Oh, so your a dragon huh? Maybe I will hang your head in my living room!" he shouted, as he released a large amount of scarabs. This was old Egyptian magic, this hunter was powerful. However, as this fight started, Zeke sensed something coming. He immediately flew up above the street, and the man jumped via magic onto the rooftops as shadows started to swarm the streets and the alleys. He saw two others nearby, but they were far away, and right now, he had this asshole to deal with.

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Luci stared at Zane, realizing she just dropped a bomb on his head with blurting that out. She's never been good at lying. Honesty is a virtue, sure, but some things sound weird when they are just blurted out. Some dark harbinger of deception she was. "Oh geez, I'm sorry... I'll explain later... yeah," she says rolling her eyes to change the subject and holds out her hand to grab his. "I'm Luci Ruviae by the way, and I really hope you don't get motion sick."

It soon became clear as she grabbed hold of Zane by the waist and made a series of mighty leaps up to the top of an apartment building overlooking the streets below. Not winded in the least she looks down at the woman below, hands and knees looking pathetic in a pool of shadows. "Heh, maybe sis fell back asleep, she's harmless when she's asleep," she whispers to Zane. then the woman suddenly looks up at them, eyes piercing yellow within blackness, above those another set of eyes open up. Luci felt something grip her in her chest, and her stomach knotted up. "She's awake... she's very very awake."

With that a surge of the darkest aether is felt for miles. Various equipment malfunction as sensations of being alone and terrified... of losing everything... sensations the deepest despair. All of this flooded from the woman like a broken dam. The look in her eyes changed from fury to clarity, tilting her head some and looking at her hand, the shadows adhering to it like glue. As she averted her eyes, clarity turned to fear. The shadows, like a black liquid the darkness crawled up over her, up her arms and legs, down her spine, all in the form of hand, a long bone tail shoots out from the base of her spine, and the shadowy arms spiral and twist together giving it "meat" with a sickening squish. Her hair growing out long and wild, her body... overall growing tremendously, her ears grow out long and pointed, facial features elongate and twist, her hands, all four of them, grow out long nails and arms grow out lanky. Her once fair skin now blotched in patched of darkness. She raised onto her knees and held her head like she were in pain letting out a shriek, at first sounding human but soon it too turned up twisted as well, the ground below her cracking and quaking. It had sunk in at this point when she stood up, propping herself onto the top of a convenience store with one set of arms, crushing down a car with the other, and busting out the side of a clothing shop with her tail that... she's really... really... huge. Her long stringy hair flows violently as if in a turbulent breeze as the shadows spread out more violently than before, street lights and people begin sinking down into the blackness.

"You're right... we should get far... far away," she says in a strained voice, her legs feeling weak.