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Piper Borges

"Do that again, and I'll drop a piano on your head."

0 · 291 views · located in Sanctum City

a character in “Gatewatchers”, originally authored by TheMagnificentVanillaBean, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name || Mana Color
Piper Borges || Blue


Age: 21

Preferred Magic Style: Telekinesis

Unique Trait: Enhanced Hearing

Weight: 120 Lbs.

Height: 5'3

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Hazel

Piper's parents owned a very popular restaurant chain, and thus extremely wealthy. She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, and a loving disposition. She was a happy, live-for-the-moment child who spent most of her time daydreaming or doodling. Her life changed forever when she was thirteen and accidentally tossed a book across a room with just her mind and a hand gesture. She tried to tell her parents what she had done, and of course they didn't believe her. She tried to prove it by doing it again, but she couldn't seem to repeat the action. She wouldn't let it go however, and spent every second of every day trying to do it again. She became so obsessed that her parents started to worry about her mental safety, and had her checked into a mental hospital. She was there for five years, miserable, and growing darker with each passing day. By the time the Gatewatchers come to recruit her, she is a shadow of her former self, the joy for life she once felt, gone, only appearing in rare moments of happiness. She is trained to use her Telekinesis on command, and even learns that she can move her spirit out of her body and move freely, invisible to all but still able to use her powers. Her trainers try to teach her other magical disciplines, but she refuses to use any other power, too enamored with the power that changed her life to begin with. She participates in Council-sanctioned missions to help with the Gateways, she doesn't really have any concern over human life, and wouldn't help if she wasn't ordered to by the people to rescued her.

So begins...

Piper Borges's Story


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  1. Let the posting and fun begin!

    by LookingAtPerks

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(Had to prepare a really long intro post so that it was really good and awesome, and got our story going) (Oh, and people can still join and what not. I just wanted to give everyone who already made characters something to do)

The rain poured down outside as Zane watched it safely from inside the train car. Zane hated getting wet, it annoyed him greatly. Though right now, he did have bigger problems. Like finding the truth about what happened to his parents. He knew there was a Gateway responsible for it. But there was this other strange feeling he couldn't figure out. Something happened in the background, something he could not place. But he would find out.

As he sat in the train, he began to doze off a little. He had another nightmare. He was standing outside in the rain, entering through a set of double doors into a large room. Inside the large room was a large machine, equipped with sensors and other recording and analysis devices. In the center was an object. The object was the only thing that changed with each different nightmare. Sometimes, it was a box. Other times, a strange rock. Occasionally, it was a Gateway. And then, he would turn around and see a young girl. Her Mana glowed a bright silver.

Then he woke up. He woke up to screaming and running and the sounds of destruction. And he could sense it, there was a Gateway nearby. It was on the train. Worse, the train was deteriorating itself. It was getting more and more shaky. As Zane made his way towards where he sensed the Gateway, he came across the baggage car. "Well, I guess I won't have to deal with anyone getting in the way".

However, that's when things started to get out of hand, when some of the wheels also started to deteriorate. If he didn't do something soon, this Gateway would derail the whole train! Zane quickly slammed his hands onto the ground, causing his mana to spread out and create a protective field around the wheels and the train so it wouldn't deteriorate any further. He then drew a sealant circle in the air, with the intention of sealing the gateway, when a large burst of energy came out of it. A few seconds later, several humans came in under some sort of control, and tried to grab Zane.

"Its defending itself? BUt the Gateways are not sentient! Unless....a Black Mana user opened this Gateway and created a defense system for it! Which means they are still on the train! But how? How did they open a Gateway? Or could they have just modified it once it opened?" Zane realized, before turning his attention to the goons in front of him. "Alright, sorry about this".

Zane conjured Red Mana Lightning in his hands by snapping his fingers, and blasted them away with it. Another one took a golf club from the storage cart, and swung it at him, but Zane's energy barrier blocked it. He then grabbed the golf club with his electrified hands, and zapped the guy unconscious. Zane could make his lightning either zap people unconscious, or fry them, depending on the force he used in the snap. He then turned his attention back towards the Gateway, only to see that more Wild Mana was flowing from it....and creating a Golem out of the various objects in this place. "Great. Just great. Okay, time for some heavy duty focus".

Zane put his hands together, two fists, and drew them apart while humming, drawing a line of energy in front of him. He then grabbed the energy on one end, and he changed the hum to something more intense, causing the energy to solidfy as he moved it in front of him like a sword, before calling out the command word "Adsol!". The energy solidified into a blade, which he then used to slice at the Golem. It was cut completely in two, but the energy of the slash did more then that. It caused an outward force to erupt from the center and shatter the remains of the Golem.

"Okay, now its time for this one more time" Zane mentioned, as he drew the Sealant Circle in the air again. "Sealant Circle, Activate! Seal this Gateway!".

The Sealant Circle sealed the Gateway, but Wild Mana was still leaking out of it. Sealant Circles were not perfect after all. Nothing could ever truly seal a Gateway except for draining it of Mana, and even then, once enough Wild Mana flows back into it, it might open again. Still, it was better then nothing. Knowing this, Zane proceeded to drain the Gateway of Mana, when the train shook more. His protection spell had been eaten through, the train was going to crash soon if he didn't close this Gateway.

As Zane finished closing the Gateway, the train began to shake more and more. The Gateway was closed, but the damage had been done. This train was going to crash. And for some reason, no one was stopping the train. Unless....Zane quickly thought of something, and ran to the front of the train. When he got there, the entire front car was put to sleep. He saw through the window some sort of incense burner on the ground. "Damnit! Okay, I got this".

Zane drew the Mana symbol for "Air" on the door, and pressed his hand against it. Suddenly, a strong wind forced all the gas from the incense outside the car, and even sealed the incense can. Zane quickly ran it and sealed it again with barrier magic, before moving to the conductor and using some stim magic to wake him up. Unfortunately, Zane was unfamiliar with this magic, and gave him a little too much because he jolted awake. Still, he saw the danger warnings, and quickly stopped the train before things got worse, while Zane snuck out of the car.

"Well, that was exciting. Guess I better get out of here myself, don't want to get caught or anything" Zane mentioned as the train stopped, quickly hopping off and running into the crowd as it rained even harder. As he did, he noticed it. Someone was actively using mana near him. He couldn't pinpoint it though, but something was amiss. Even with intense focus, Zane could not pinpoint it. "Concealment magic?"

As he looked around, another looked at him from a distance. A woman holding an umbrella, as it continued to rain. "Well well, a little Gatewatcher. And here I thought we knew all the players in town. Oh well. Brother, this is your sister. Detonate the bombs we secretly slipped into Gatewatcher headquarters. The train was not derailed as we wanted, and the leader survived, but I did find something interesting...and dangerous. I think I might just need to test this boy".

Atlas Electronics HQ AKA Gatewatcher Eastern Sanctum HQ

The bomb detonated just as planned, causing widespread destruction and chaos, as well coating everything with residual mana. It was part normal bomb, part smoke bomb, so one saw much after the explosion. Even Gatewatchers couldn't, because the smoke was laced with mana. The ultimate smoke bomb.

And now, the one responsible could maintain their distance....and then observe how they reacted.



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Of all the bells Sillo had ever heard in his life, the school bell at 3:15 was probably his most favorite. He reached up and stretched his arms as everyone around him got up from their seats, the once quiet classroom now full of bustle and noise. The scraping of chairs. The stuffing of papers and books in their bags. People revising plans due to the weather outside.

"Make sure you read chapter nine tonight and do problems 1-6 at the end of the section!" the teacher called out last minute. Of course, no one would pay attention as they began to filter out the door to enjoy the rest of their day.

Slowly but surely, the room returned to it's previous state of quietness if not quieter than before as people left the room. Before Sillo knew it, all of his classmates' chatter was in the hallways and it was just him and the teacher left in the room. The teacher was in the middle of organizing his own stuff to be put away when he noticed his room still had one other occupant.

"What are you still doing here?" the teacher asked him.

"Oh, I'm just taking a minute before I walk out in the rain," Sillo said, "It's kind of pouring."

The teacher glanced out the window, "Right...did you hear me when I said what the assignment was?"

"Yeah. Chapter 9, problems 1-6. I don't think anyone else heard you though."

The teacher chuckled, "And I suppose you're not going to do it either?"

Sillo just shrugged.

Sighing, the teacher set down his stack of papers and sat down in the desk next to him, "Y'know, your grade could be a lot better if you applied yourself and did your homework."

Oh, here we go.

"You pay attention in class. You pass every test with flying colors. It's evident you know the material. But you don't do your homework. I don't understand it."

Sillo sat there, a bit uncomfortable, wishing he could just phase out already instead of listen to this conversation. But he knew that would make his teacher flip shit and since he didn't want a rumor to be not to chance it.

The teacher went on, "You know you're a junior, right?"

Sillo grinned, "I haven't forgotten. Not that easy to forget your age."

The teacher rolled his eyes at the witty remark, "You're not too far off from college. Have you considered what your future is going to look like?"

Sillo thought for a moment before replying, "I think whatever it is, I'll just kind of 'show up' in it, if you will."

The teacher sighed again, "I'll take that as a no, then. Well, the ACT is coming up. Maybe that'll tell you a bit more about where your future lies. I hope you're prepared for it."

Sillo began to open his mouth before the teacher held up a finger, "Don't answer that. I'll put my faith in you." He glanced at his watched, widening his eyes slightly as if he was late for something, "Oh, I have to go." He gathered his belongings and made his way before the door, stopping in front of it to look back at Sillo, who hadn't moved. "Y'know, I haven't seen you outside of the school."

Sillo raised a brow, "What do you mean? Us not meeting outside of school is fairly normal."

The teacher shook his head, "No, no, no, no. I mean just outside of by the buses or with the crowd of kids walking home or just hanging out in the school yard. I recognize everyone walking outside of school hours that I've taught to, but I've never seen your face among them. It's like you just kind of...appear here and then disappear."

Sillo shrugged, "Maybe just a coincidence."

The teacher nodded thoughtfully, "Maybe...strange huh? Well, see you tomorrow!" He walked out the door before making one final statement. "And do your homework!"

Sillo laughed before finally getting up and gathering his belongings. At this point, the hallways were just about empty, only the occasional locker slamming shut and the conversations of passerby students interrupted the sound of the rain hitting the roof and the window, the only other sound coexisting.

Sillo probably wouldn't do his homework. He had more important things on his figuring out these damn Gateways that kept barraging his life with complications. Keeping his parents away from home. Messing up nature around him and causing general damage overall. He was waiting for the day when the school would erupt into a frenzy should a Gateway open up here.

Should be a fun day...

But for now, the only adversary in the natural world at the moment was the rain, something he could easily bypass. Peering out into the yard, he watched the stratus clouds hang low over Sanctum City, shadowing it in gray. The yard itself was drenched and small puddles were growing larger. The colorful umbrellas of the other students who made the mistake of walking to school today were visible. Sillo didn't need to join them.

Sillo checked to make sure he had everything before deciding he was going to the Gatewatchers HQ. He would typically be one of the last ones to show up, given the school Damion and Zane went to let out early while Piper and Minori held to their own agendas.

He concentrated in his mind and released his mana. He visualized the Gatewatchers HQ...the structure of the building, the furniture and technology inside, his four other teammates already conversing when he got there. And then poof! he felt the mana warp him through Sanctum City to their headquarters. Sillo opened his eyes, expecting the scene he imagined in his mind to be waiting for him.

Smoke. Fucking everywhere.

Sillo couldn't help but cough as he tried to gaze around him, not seeing anything through the clouds. The clouds themselves didn't look natural...they looked thicker than they were supposed to be. And he wasn't one with an ability to sense mana, but he could tell when he was in the presence of the stuff. It was like an aura to him...and by golly it was everywhere.

"Wha...*cough*...what happened in here?" Sillo muttered before calling out to people, "Zane? Damion? Minori, Piper, anyone? Who's here?" He didn't want to move in case he ran into something or knocked something over. But something also told Sillo that that was the least of his problems.