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Gatewatchers » Groups » The Gatewatchers

If Gatewatchers became an Anime, this is how I would picture it.


It all comes down to this (Shows the sun rising on the City)
You take your best shot, might miss (Shows the Gateway opening)
You take it anyway (Shows mana flowing out of the Gateway, as creatures emerge from it)
You're gonna make your move today (Shows various Gatewatchers combatting what emerged from the Gateways)
Got the will, you'll find the way (Shows the Gateways growing in power)
To change the world some day (Shows the Gateways being sealed)
Grab this moment before it's gone (Shows the Gatewatchers standing on a rooftop, looking out to the sunset)
Today's your day (Shows the group smiling with their victory)

It's on and on (Shows Rose and the Terrorists)
It's on and on (Shows various creatures and criminals)
It's on and on (Shows them charging towards the Gatewatchers)
Today's your day (Shows Zane using his lightning magic, fire magic, and his Aetherion, fighting Rose)
So c'mon bring it on (Shows Sillo take over the fight with Rose, using his teleportation and conjuring powers to fight her)
It's on and on (Shows Aldred and Newton collide fists and engage in an epic close quarters battle)
It's on and on (Shows Damion fighting Dreamy, using his Nature Magic against her illusions)
It's on and on (Shows Maric engaged with another cloaked figure with Cedric)
Today's your day (Shows Selena and Minori dealing with Zeus while in his lightning form)
So c'mon bring it on (Shows Nathan being attacked by another Terrorist)

And the view will never change (Shows the bleak world)
Unless you decide to change it (Shows a Gateway being sealed)
Don't feel like it today (Shows the group getting badly beaten by Rose)
Just show up anyways (Shows everyone getting back up)
And though life will take you down (Shows the group collapsing from magical pressure from overwhelming enemies)
It only matters if you let it (Shows the group beating back the enemy, staying strong and stubborn)
Get up, go through, press on (Shows Zane pushing through a Gateway, with the others behind him)
Today's your day (Shows the group face off against the terrorists)


Bring it on (Shows the two groups charge towards each other, as Demonic entities rise up behind the terrorists)

And though you want to quit (Shows Nathan and Damion combo teaming a large creature)
Don't think you can get through it (Shows Sillo going Black Hair Mode, and Zane losing control)
You've come to far to walk away (Shows Aldred and Cedric holding their own against Newton)
It's not gonna be today (Shows Minori decoding some ancient texts)
And no matter how you feel (Shows Zane and Rose clash again, as a dark figure looms behind her)
It's what you do that matters (Shows the group go up against a large Demon Class Entity)
This is your moment to be strong (Shows them using their ultimate moves on the Demon Class Entity)
Today's your day (Shows them breaking through the barrier)


And no matter how you feel (Shows the group climbing out of the rubble)
It's what you do that matters (Shows them sitting and standing on a rooftop, watching a sunset)
It's your moment to be strong (Shows the mana emanating from them)
Today's your day (Shows the group smiling again and the sunlight from the sunset hits their faces)

Characters Aligned

9 Characters Aligned, played by 7 Players

Character Portrait: Zane Bell

Zane Bell played by LookingAtPerks

"I will find the answers I seek, I will find the truth, no matter who or what tries to hide it from me".

Character Portrait: Sillo Deskern

Sillo Deskern played by NeverEndingFlip

"Looking at the stress around me and seeing what it does to people, I prefer to not give a shit."

Character Portrait: Minori Fukutawa

Minori Fukutawa played by RolePlayGateway

"There is nothing that cannot be explained or understood... Now hold still"

Character Portrait: Damion Gray

Damion Gray played by Mr. Baneling Squishy

"There is one undisputable fact. Everything has gone crazy".

Character Portrait: Selena Stone

Selena Stone played by Solo Wing Pixy

"Whoever fights monsters should be wary lest he himself become a monster. And should you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."

Character Portrait: Aldred Kynn

Aldred Kynn played by Alle9009

"The world isn't kind to good people. It'll eat them up and spew out their bones. Good thing I'm not a good person, right?"

Character Portrait: Cedric Valentine

Cedric Valentine played by Chuckles

Character Portrait: Nathan de Vries

Nathan de Vries played by Alle9009

"I dunno what's going on with you guys, but everything will be fine since you're friends! Right?"

Character Portrait: Maric Boone

Maric Boone played by LookingAtPerks

"Don't judge a book by its cover".

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