Gears of War: Aftermath

Gears of War: Aftermath


In the aftermath of the COG's war with the Locust, there is far more to be done. Will you help the COG end the war or will you help the Locust restart the war?

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From being imprisoned for abandoning his post to save his father, all the way to the destruction of the Locust Hive, Marcus Fenix has been through a lot of battles and warfare to finally take out the Locust invasion that threatens to consume the planet Sera. Accompanied by Delta Squad, Marcus Fenix led the battle, followed by COG members Dominic "Dom" Santiago, Augustus Cole, Damon Baird, and many other COG soldiers. In the end, the Locust Hive was destroyed with the use of the Hammer of Dawn. However, there is far more that needs to be done.

While the hive is destroyed, few locusts now roam the planet with no home, no brothren, no hope.....or is there? Buried deep within the remains of the hive is a small incubated egg. Only the hive survivors know of the egg. Within this egg is the rebirth of a new queen, therefore reigniting the dying war efforts. The locusts that survived immediately set off and alerted all locusts they ran into of the new situation. The locust army is slowly growing back and preparing for an all-new assault to bring back a new queen.

I'll take this moment now to note that this is not how the actual story ends. I'm basically using the Gears of War characters and theme and giving it an alternate ending. Please message me if you have any suggestions for a plot twist. In the meantime, enjoy the roleplay!

Marcus Fenix
Augustus Cole "Train"
Damon Baird
Dominic "Dom" Santiago

Reason for Joining (optional):
Primary Weapon:
Secondary Weapon:
COG Rank: (for example, Leader / Engineer / etc)

Locust Rank: (Flame Grenadier / Drone / etc)
Primary Weapon:
Secondary Weapon:
Survivor/Roamer (this is to show if you survived the hive destruction or if you were not at the hive when it happened)


Toggle Rules

1. Romance is allowed, but keep it PG-13 rated.
2. Pictures can be used for profiles
3. NO GODMODDING with the weapons.
4. Don't kill off players, unless they allow it. Remember, always give them a chance to react.
5. All OOC discussion will be in the OOC forums. If you wish to discuss how the roleplay is going, please post your thoughts in the COG Log, or Locust Log, depending on which character you control. This will help others see how well it is being either class.

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Character Portrait: Josh Carter


Character Portrait: Josh Carter
Josh Carter

"A gun with ammo....that's all I need and I can supply a blood bank for years with locust blood"


Character Portrait: Josh Carter
Josh Carter

"A gun with ammo....that's all I need and I can supply a blood bank for years with locust blood"

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Character Portrait: Josh Carter
Josh Carter

"A gun with ammo....that's all I need and I can supply a blood bank for years with locust blood"

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