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Black magicians and White magicians used to live in peace. But now, they are after the white magicians and their powerful gems. The gem bloodlines have passed down their gems, except the diamond and now it's a race to find it. Who will get it first?

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For centuries, the peace between The White Magicians and The Black Magicians has been kept in tranquil agreement; The balance between white magic and black magic and good and evil. It has all been kept safe as the world lived in harmony

The White Magicians are holders of 7 special gems and the holders of good and white magic, and are each a child, a chosen child, of each gem bloodline. The Diamond, The Sapphire, The Ruby, The Amethyst, and The Emerald. Each gem has a special magic, a special power and a special meaning that keeps the balance of good in check and is a part of the connection and it is the soul of the power each White Magician possesses. Without their gems, they would be weak and even could die if their gems were taken. Most wear their gems as a necklace, an earring, or some other form of jewelry or keep it tucked safely on them.

The Black Magicians hold one gem and one gem only; The Onyx Gem, the gem of darkness and evil and with the 4 onyx gem bloodlines, their evil is as equal to the power of the 6 gems of white magic. They have enough power to maintain the balance of evil, or chaos. Born with a dark personality, the Black Magicians have an evil dark side that makes them vicious and their onyx gems empower them. Like the white magicians, if their gems are taken or destroyed, they will become weak and possibly will die, depending on how strong they are mentally and physically.

Each bloodline, white and black, has a child that is the chosen one. They receive the gem of their bloodline. The Sapphire Bloodline gets the ancient family Sapphire, same goes for the rest of the gems, including the onyx. Once the gem has been in the hands of its holder long enough, it stops glowing and that means that it is time to pass it on to the next magician. Each chosen child will eventually come together with the other bloodlines. The 6 white magicians shall meet up with the rest of the white magicians, and the black magicians will come across the others. Once together, they will begin their training and learn how to use their magic and their gems and grow a bond between themselves, each other, and their personal dreams and form the connection. The connection is a powerful bond that forms them together, making their magic even stronger then themselves alone.

But as the gems stop glowing and it is time to be given to the chosen children awaiting their gems, an evil has started to arise from the peace that had been made. The Shadow King, the leader of the Black Magicians, has come up with an evil plot that may change the world as we know it. As he sends the new black magicians out to hunt for the strongest gem, the diamond, it has not been handed off. The white magician is killed but manages to hide her gem somewhere in the world, somewhere that is difficult to find. The new white magicians, just given their gems, are rushed into their training and they must form the connection as quickly as possible and find the diamond before the black magicians do or the world could end up in peril.

But the black magicians have a few tricks up their sleeves. They split up, sending 3 after the white magicians and in attempt to steal their gems and mark them. When a white magician has been marked, they become the servant and their soul is given to the onyx gem of the black magician. They will not allow the new white magicians to have the diamond, but the white magicians aren't going to give up yet.

Will they find the diamond before the black magicians? Will they fail and let the world fall into darkness and chaos? Will someone have a forbidden love, with a friendship be made or will hate form?

It's up to you.


[In the roleplay, the holder of the diamond would not have her magic yet and would be traveling with the group to regain her diamond back. She can still be strong and use a gun or something of that sort.]

Gems Descriptions:

Diamond- Purity and Air-

Ruby- Fire and Destruction

Sapphire- Water and Ice

Emerald- Life and Nature

Amethyst- Love, Flowers, and Passion

Onyx- Darkness and Evil

Character Descriptions:

White Magicians: The White Magicians are 6 holders of white magic and a special gem for each white magician. They keep the balance of good in order and help people in need, and each gem has a special quality, a special magic. They cannot take off their gems or they will grow weak or possible die, so the gem must be on their bodies or very close to them wherever they do. Once their gems stop glowing, it means it’s time to hand it down to the next generation of white magicians within the 6 gem bloodlines. When they use their gems, their eyes will take the color of their gems. Ruby will have red eyes, diamond will have white, sapphire blue, ect.

Black Magicians: The Black Magicians are 6 holders of black magic and each hold the same gem, the onyx gem which is of darkness and evil. They keep the balance of evil in order and enjoy causing chaos throughout the world. Now they are under instructions to hunt down the white magicians and the diamond. They too must keep their gems close to them or they could grow weak and die, most usually have them as a piercing or as a necklace. Once their gems stop glowing their bright black, they must hand it down to the new generation of Black Magicians. Their eyes will turn a dark menacing black when they use their gems. Black magicians are born with a natural knack for chaos and darkness.

The Shadow King- I don’t expect anyone to want this part, but if they do… the Shadow King has never been seen before, so you could make up what he looks like. Ugly, handsome, or made from shadows, he holds a special black rare gem that is the mother of the onyx gem and it is very powerful. But since he is ancient and forced the holder of the connection, the ancient one who made the connection between the white magicians exist, he still needs the connection to make his gem work and he cannot do that without the gems. The diamond is the strongest, and consuming it first will give him a lot more power then he has now. His abilities are taking different shapes and forms; he is persuasive and usually resides in the shadow realm.

The Connection Holder- This would be a female or a male, but they are in charge of holding the connection between the gems, with a special rare gem that makes this connection possible. They went into hiding after being forced into it by the Shadow King, but you could bring them back into the roleplay if you wanted to. They would be very old, but no one knows what they look like and they are immortal unless the gem is destroyed. The gem is said to be a large gem with a rainbow color, moving around like it’s flowing and is very powerful. It is protected and the shield can only be broken by the power of the shadow king and the 6 onyx users using their power together.

Other Characters- You could add a human or some other type of character into the roleplay, as long as it fits and has a good purpose. If you have an idea of another character you’d like to have in the roleplay, send me a private message and I’ll see if it will fit.


Characters [Open and Taken]:

[Can be girl or boy for each section.]

White Magicians:

1. The Diamond: Silvia Pheasson- Played by Traveler
2. The Ruby: Jennifer Hunt- Played by Conversations
3. The Emerald: Walter Sterling- Played by TraitorsHand
5. The Amethyst: Rayen Summers- Played by UCTTigerette
6. The Sapphire: Isanne Bastet- Played by Twisted_Is_Me

]Black Magicians [They all have onyx gems]:

1. The Onyx: Drake Redwood- Played by Conversations
2. The Onyx: Lanzo- Played by Dark Star
3. The Onyx:
4. The Onyx:

The Shadow King: Mitch Wilkheim

The Connection Holder:

Other Characters:


Character Sheets:

Code: Select all
In The Description Section:


[b]Name:[/b] [First and Last]
[b]Age:[/b] [Between 16-18]
[b]Gender:[/b] [Male or Female]
[b]Sexuality:[/b] [Bisexual, Straight, Lesbian, ect]
[b]Status: [/b][Single, Taken, ect]
[b]Position:[/b] [White Magician, Black Magician, ect.]
[b]Gem:[/b] [If you are a White Magician or a Black Magician]
[b]Ethnicity:[/b] [Caucasian, African America, Korean, ect.]
[b]Family:[/b] [Your family members and who is in your bloodline]

[Insert a picture of your character below. Please try to have it be realistic and try not to have it be animated. If you can't find anything better and the only good picture you can find is animated, then that's fine.]

[b]Description: [/b]

[Type up a creative and descriptive paragraph of your character. Include eye color, hair color, height, weight, skin color, body type, ect. Be detailed]


In The Personality Section:



[Type up a paragraph of what your character is like. What are they like when they are sad? What are their quirks, their flaws? Are they impatient, stubborn, kind, needy? Ect. Be descriptive.]

[b]Likes:[/b] [At least five]

[b]Dislikes:[/b] [At least five]

[b]Hobbies:[/b] [At least four]


In The Equipment Section:


[b]Your Gem: [/b]

[If you are a Black or White Magician, describe your gem and what it feels like and how much power it gives you. Your gems also hold your memories and your feelings.]

[If you want, you can insert a picture of your gem below]


In the History Section:

[b]When you were born: [/b][Day, month, year.]


[Describe your history. What was your childhood like, and what events are really important to you? Describe how it was like when your character found out they had a gem and how it made them feel, describe their family and the fun and sad memories that are really important.]


Toggle Rules

1. No Drama please!! Let's have fun! So please don't make rude comments about people's characters or the roleplay! If you do have an issue with either, or something completely random, please send me a private message and I shall see what I can do.

2. If you'd like to reserve a spot, send me a private message please! And tell me which spot you want! I'll reserve it until midnight. If you can't make a profile by midnight, then I'll reserve it until tomorrow at noon. So please, reserve it and that profile done as soon as you can!

3. No Godmodding! Follow all the basic roleplay rules!

4. Only join this roleplay if you can post regularly and keep up with the posts and get on once a day!

5. Be descriptive! Fill out your profiles with the character sheet I made! If it isn't filled out properly, I'll only allow it to be rejected once! You will have once chance to fix it. If you do not fix it properly the second time, I will not approve your profile and you will not be allowed to participate in the roleplay!

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Character Portrait: Rayen Summers
Character Portrait: Jennifer Hunt
Character Portrait: Silvia Pheasson
Character Portrait: Drake Redwood


Character Portrait: Drake Redwood
Drake Redwood

"It's my destiny to find that diamond. I will do whatever it takes to make the shadow king proud."

Character Portrait: Silvia Pheasson
Silvia Pheasson

"Power? What Power? I don't see no Power." "Diamond? What Diamond? I don't see no Diamond."

Character Portrait: Jennifer Hunt
Jennifer Hunt

"I'm on fire."

Character Portrait: Rayen Summers
Rayen Summers

Rayen is a very simple girl, but she's also very protective over White Magic and the White Magicians.


Character Portrait: Jennifer Hunt
Jennifer Hunt

"I'm on fire."

Character Portrait: Drake Redwood
Drake Redwood

"It's my destiny to find that diamond. I will do whatever it takes to make the shadow king proud."

Character Portrait: Rayen Summers
Rayen Summers

Rayen is a very simple girl, but she's also very protective over White Magic and the White Magicians.

Character Portrait: Silvia Pheasson
Silvia Pheasson

"Power? What Power? I don't see no Power." "Diamond? What Diamond? I don't see no Diamond."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Rayen Summers
Rayen Summers

Rayen is a very simple girl, but she's also very protective over White Magic and the White Magicians.

Character Portrait: Drake Redwood
Drake Redwood

"It's my destiny to find that diamond. I will do whatever it takes to make the shadow king proud."

Character Portrait: Jennifer Hunt
Jennifer Hunt

"I'm on fire."

Character Portrait: Silvia Pheasson
Silvia Pheasson

"Power? What Power? I don't see no Power." "Diamond? What Diamond? I don't see no Diamond."

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