Damion Howard

"Alright... Let's get in there quickly, take him out, and get out before that clock ticks."

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a character in “Genesis: The Secret Annihilation Team”, as played by Asher MstrImmortalis


Damion Howard
I'm sorry, dear rebel, but I need this team to go on. After all, someone has to go and keep the humans safe. You definitely aren't that someone.


Personal Information

Age: 25
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship: -----
Side/Rank: The Genesis Leader

Damion is a young adult, his height being about 6 feet. His hair is short, though it's not kept neat and tidy. Damion has black hair and dark blue eyes, with a bit of a tan on his skin. His eyes seem to pierce through anyone who has a trace of fear in them- though this was just in their minds, as Damion IS the leader of a variant of the X-Men.
Damion's attire usually consists of a a trench coat and a button-up white shirt with a red tie under said coat. Along with that is a pair of black slacks and brown shoes. Alternatively, if on a stealth mission, Damion would wear a robe that reaches up to the bottom half of his face and covers his whole body. Damion also wears a black T-shirt.

Weapons, Equipment, & Abilities
Blizzard Storms: Two icy blue handguns that's cold to the touch. They use ice that Damion creates as ammunition, and each bullet can be as sharp as a spear or as blunt as the side of the sword. It's also able to fire normal ammunition.
Absolute Zero: A Japanese-styled sword, the blade created by the ice that Damion creates.
Ice Manipulation: Damion is able to create ice out of the water in the air as well as sending ice like a telepathic. Damion is also able to melt the ice that he creates.
Strategic Mind: Damion Howard's mind thrives mid-battle, as somehow, his mind uses the current adrenaline rush to speed up Damion's thinking, allowing for the ability to quickly adapt to the current situation. Most of the time, a new, efficient strategy can be made within a snap of your fingers (if you can snap them, unlike me).




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