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Sam Pravus

No one deserves anything from life- it simply happens.

0 · 442 views · located in The Genetic Modifications Centre

a character in “Genetic Anomalies”, as played by Shané


Nickname: He probably has many unwholesome nicknames throughout the facility, however none have been said to his face.
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Duration of Stay: Sam's worked at the facility for about five years now.

1. Psychology.
Sam has a diploma in Psychology, and uses his knowledge to gain exceptional results for the facilities owner. He's been one of the ones pushing for a social experiment for some time now. He uses what he knows of social and intrinsic psychology to break the Anomalies he is put in charge of. He's become exceptionally good at it, and is one of the best in the facility. This is partially due to his acknowledgement that these Anomalies are human, and therefore must be broken as such.

2. Torture
Through the facilities training he has also learnt the skill of torture. He has four years of experience in this field. He particularly loves the medieval techniques, though rarely gets to use these due to their debilitating results.

3. Strength
In order to be the best he possibly can be at his job, Sam uses a strict fitness routine. He uses it for the sense of peace and purpose it gives him, for a possible need of combat and also because of the evidence supporting it's help in mental strength. He has an incredibly strong upper body, and his endurance ranks fairly high even amongst the guards.


1. Arrogance
Sam is completely proud of his achievements and status. Once he has finished analysing a situation, he always assumes that things will go to plan. Since he has always been a high achiever he is unaccustomed to failure and will not deal with it very well.

2. Organisation
While it seems like a strength, Sam is meticulous to a fault. Everything must be in order, and he has a particular quirk in regards to having everything even and in patterns. In the rather messy job at the facility sometimes it can bother him as things do not always remain scheduled.

3. Emotional
Although many would assume that in order to be good at the job Sam performs you would need to be made of steel, Sam is the opposite. Due to his education in psychology and personal nature Sam is a very emotional guy. He uses this as a strength to understand his victims, but in turn it puts him at a downside as he can become easily hurt by the right person.

His most distinguishable features are his piercing blue eyes. They are a dark cobalt, and seem to stare through most people. His dark black hair is dead straight and is long enough to reach the top of his eyes. It sticks up around the sides and never seems to sit the same way. He has a narrow face with quite delicate features and his skin is quite an unhealthy pallor as it rarely sees the sun. Sam's upper arms are heavily muscled and his trunk is well defined. For clothing he prefers the neutral black and whites, though on special occasions wears blue to match his eyes. He's very fond of turned up collars and smart casual dress. When he's busy at the facility however he normally has shirts with the sleeves ripped off in order to avoid ruining nice shirts but also to remain intimidatingly well dressed.

Sam is a stranger personality. He almost has two. To the rest of the world he's a friendly, gentle guy, if not a little reserved. He's cheery, has a good sense of humour and enjoys late nights out with his friends. At the facility however he is downright sadistic. He enjoys playing with the anomalies minds and loves the satisfaction of breaking another. Deep down he's a little concerned about his own lack of concern for these people, however with enough logic and reasoning he's convinced himself that it's necessary. He believes strongly that in order for some to enjoy life, others must suffer. It's luck of the draw. As a result he's not one to go for revenge nor does he hold grudges. He accepts whatever his lot is in life, which he expects others to do also. He's always calculating and enjoys a sense of status when he's at the facility. Power is something he has become accustomed to and he loves wielding it.

After receiving his diploma, Sam got a job at as an assistant psychologist within the facility, mainly in the less secure areas in animal testing. Within a year he showed much promise and gradually he worked his way into the behavioural department with the Anomalies themselves. The next three years he gradually learnt the best way to gain information and to remove the fight from most Anomalies. He was then promoted and now holds the highest field job within the department. Technically the owner was considering putting him in charge of the department, but seeing Sam's skill in the field the promotion has not come. While Sam would enjoy having the high status position, not getting the job is life so he accepts it without complaint. At the moment he is in charge of the social experiment, though still under the control of the departments head.

Character Link: Sam is well known to all Anomalies in the facility. Though he specialises in the care of the most dangerous particularly Ember and Reyna.


So begins...

Sam Pravus's Story

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#, as written by Shané
Sam Pravus

Sam watched the goings on with a morbid fascination. So far things seemed pretty predictable. The usual heroics from the nicer of the Anomalies, the tensions arising from the more broken. Nonetheless human nature itself fascinated Sam, and despite the common nicety of pretending the Anomalies were anything but, Sam enjoyed watching the humans running through the maze like rats in a trap. At the moment Sam couldn't help but root for the sound guy. He was amusing to watch, and his disregard for any of the others aside from the addict was quite entertaining.

He watched as the ones left behind started scrambling to get away from the flames. He contemplated how long he was going to let them burn. Preferably he didn't want any to die- however if they didn't follow his cues then sacrifices would have to be made. Becoming a little bored with the groups frantic scrabbling, his gaze turned to Serena and the beast. He knew she could deal with it, but he was a little surprised at her compassion for the rest. Sure she'd helped others in little ways throughout her days at the facility, but Sam had put that down to boredom and her own entertainment, not anything so innocent as actual concern. The conceited little pet was going quite fast through the maze, with his genetically modified creature lumbering slowly behind her. At the rate she was going she was like going to lose it. It didn't really bother him. If anything it was pleasing, perhaps he could use the monster again.

Lastly his eyes were turned to the top right screen. Neptune and Brent. He was surprised that of all the Anomalies they had made it to the left hand turn. He had expected Serena to be first followed by someone like Hector or Ember. This displeased him. He didn't like that his prediction had been so far off. Beside, at the moment the two were rather aimless and boring to watch.

He cocked his head slightly. He wondered how Neptune would respond to a mind illusion if it was in his own head. Perhaps their little detour would provide some interest to him. With purpose he pulled up a couple of programs on his screen, typing in a few commands. A lazy smile flickered over his features as he watched the two. He could only imagine what they would think after they heard the hiss of the gas escape into the compound. He'd sealed off a large section of the maze to ensure the poison remained in their section.

This particular batch had been made at his own recommendation. Unfortunately he did not have much involvement in the actual creation of the gas as he was not chemically minded, however the result had been quite pleasing. With his own help, one of the chemists had devised a substance that attacked the amygdala which the primary section that dealt with fear. The person subject to it had fierce hallucinations of either their worst fears or their brain interpreted any new stimuli as life threatening. As of yet it was still difficult to get an anomaly to actually reveal their deepest fears, however through this substance clues could be picked up through their body language and exclamations.

Sam watched the screen intently, waiting for the pairs reaction to one of his favourite tools.

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Nights turned into days, and weeks turned into months. Solitude was his only friend ever since he had been placed within the confines of this prison. It seemed only yesterday when they visited him. They told him that they would help him, help him control that which he did not understand. They told him that with their help he’d be cured, or even in control of what he now knew to be abilities far beyond what any mere mortal could dream. They lied. Everything they told him was a lie. Upon his arrival to the facility he was beaten to near unconsciousness after slaying a few of the guards. They took him away to be studied, to find out what makes him tick. Ever since that fateful day over four years ago he has sat in this cell feeling the presence of others around him but too weak to even attempt an escape. They fed him minimally, in order to keep him dampened and weak. They made sure his cell was state of the art in the area where all the powerful ones go. He was deep within the facility, farther than most of the others. Time seemed to have forgotten about him as he aged within the cell. Four years, four long and traumatic years that he could never get back. He would watch them all die for this.

Time ticked on. Commotion could be heard outside of his cell and an alarm blared to indicate that something was wrong. Xandre lifted his head if only for a brief moment before resting it back in the place he had it before. It was hard to say if they would make it out alive. His visions were dampened by the power the cell gave off. How pathetic they were to keep him caged like an animal, and yet how so very smart they were to do so. It only took a moment of weakness for him to escape. Whenever the damned cell would lose power would be that moment in weakness he was looking for. Everything was playing out in his head. He had seen the vision of others around him, even if they dampened his powers severely. He saw an escape attempt, he wasn’t sure how it ended, but he knew one was sure to come and he had to be ready. Day by day he stored his energy, consuming food and exercising in the small cell as best he could. He could not afford for anything to go wrong. He wanted out of this place, and he would find solace in knowing that upon his departure, those who captured him would rest upon the floor as lifeless as the smashed embryo of a fish.

It was near time now, near time for him to do what needed to be done. Blood would surely be spilt this day and time was of the essence.

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Neptune's vision returned as they moved away from the noxious gas. She blinked her eyes a few times in order to clear her vision and sped up as she heard Ember's voice. It wasn't so easy to get to them though, the path began to curve and they were suddenly at a crossroads. Neptune turned to Brent although he seemed pretty uninterested in which way they went so she chose the one one to the right, jumping back when the floor suddenly opened up and going to the left. "That was close," Neptune sighed in relief and continued walking.

This time when a trap came, Neptune was prepared. Again the floor gave away, but there was no stepping back or avoiding it. Underneath the tiles was some sort of weird gel with bots in it that clung to her legs, attempting to weigh Neptune down and drown her in the odd solution. Neptune kicked and paddle her way across, glad to see that it closed when she made it so that Brent could keep up. Neptune brushed off the last of the bots and continued, shaking a bit as she was cold; the gel had soaked her clothes through and it had been kept at quite a brisk temperature.

"Thank goodness we found you," Neptune said when they finally came upon the group. Some of them were slightly singed and the smell of burnt rubber was in the air. The female wrinkled her nose, her eyes widening when she realized one of them was missing. The rubber man. A nauseous feeling filled her stomach as she thought about how Harold had perished and Neptune bit down on her lip to keep the tears from reaching her eyes. The pain was a good reminder to stay strong, she couldn't show her weakness when these scientists were watching.

Serena the cat girl suddenly collapsed, clawing at her ears and screaming in pain. Without question Neptune picked the female up and began walking, hoping that if they moved away from this part it would stop affecting her. "I agree," Neptune said to Ember's notion, wondering how they could escape.

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It was all so unexpected, Serena going crazy and clawing at her ears, Brent and Neptune finding their way back to them a few seconds later and Neptune carrying Serena out of range of whatever was hurting the poor cat lady. Reyna was going to follow, she knew they had stayed in one place far too long and were going to be punished when Babble broke and used his ability. Reyna jumped when the pop sounded and the room grew dark. She was afraid of the dark and this blackness was far more solid then any darkness she had ever seen. Someone took her hand and squeezed, but who Reyna was unsure. She performed a minor transformation into that of a tiger's in order to improve her vision and looked down to see Neptune's hand intertwined with her own. She was going to say something, but the floor began to tremble and break, the whole maze crumbling because of Babble's supersonic wave.

It split open then and the earth seemed to swallow them whole like Gaea had for the Titans. Their descent was fast and Reyna hardly had time to turn into a bird, a beautiful pair of white dove wings sprouting from her back in order to slow her fall. She landed with hardly a sound on the ground and the wings disappeared, leaving a few white feathers behind. She had broken the rules, but then again so did everyone else. Reyna slowly turned to see who else had made it down when her eyes caught the light. It wasn't the harsh chemical florescent type that glowed at the same intensity during all hours of day, this was a low glow. Her heart swelled with hope and she approached the wall where the light was poking through in holes. Reyna swung her fist at it, her whole arm going through the plaster like it was made of paper. She punched again and again until the space they were in was filled with the emergency light and a smile lit up her face. They could get out of the maze!

Then all hell broke loose.

Guards came from every direction, surrounding them with their tranquilizer guns and tasers. It was then that the girl knew what she had to do, there was only one way to get out of this. She pushed herself to the front, giving Ember a quick glance and wondering if the Wraith knew what she was about to do. Reyna had never attempted to control so many at once and failure could mean not only her death, but that of her teammates. They were all in this together whether they liked it or not and now that Babble had pulled that stunt... Well they were not going to let them get away unpunished.

As she approached them the guards grew nervous, but none of them struck. She took a deep breath in and reached out, closing her eyes as she knew what came next. Reyna squeezed and five of the ten guards collapsed, dropping their weapons and clutching at their throats, blood pouring from their eyes, dripping from their noses and mouths. "Go," she said urgently to the others. "Run, get out of here. I've got them!" Reyna wasn't trying to be a hero or anything, but there was nothing left for her outside. They all probably had families to get back to, lives that had been thrown into chaos after being brought here. Reyna's parents were dead, there was no waiting for her. No one to say welcome back, to her if she ever returned to her childhood home.

She released the ones on the floor, they weren't going anywhere anytime soon and took hold of the remaining five in one quick breath. A perverse sense of pleasure filled her as she watched them wither in pain, knowing that they were as helpless under her control as she was under theirs. "Go, what are you all waiting for?" She questioned, wondering why they seemed frozen in place.

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A cat napped on the thick lower branch of a tree, its tail hung off the side occasionally swinging and curling like a worm on a hook. The temperature was well within the animal’s comfort zone, a slight cool breeze combined with the warmth of the sun being absorbed into its black fur.

Higher up in the same tree, a falcon was perched near the tip of a limb. The raptor was a position such that it could easily see beyond the nearby grey wall and into the dry grass field. The falcon scanned area before it in a methodical pattern. From the edge perimeter of the gray wall, through the grassy field and gray outposts, all the way to the large gray building near the center of the complex.

Midway through its scouting of the field, the falcon spotted a patch of rustling grass. The disturbance was likely caused by a small animal. The bird briefly considered taking flight to catch the spotted prey, but its thought process was interrupted by a loud ringing and the shattering of glass. The bird’s head snapped in the direction of the complex’s main structure. In the nearby town a golden retriever was caught by surprise and missed grabbing a frisbee out of the air, instead biting into its own tongue.

The black cat remained still, but opened one yellow eye. The animal wasn’t high enough to see over the wall it didn't’ need to be. Legion used the falcon to scan the area for a few moments after the loud raucous had occurred. There didn’t seem to be a very obvious alarm going off. The bird took off to get a better view. As it climbed into the air above the facility Legion wondered if this was the chance he had been looking for.

It had been nearly three years since he had decided to start regularly watching the facility. Starting out it had been hard, staying so “close” the place that had caused him so much strife. Seeing daily the place where he had been tortured, put through hell, his childhood worldview shattered and broken. Keeping an eye on the spot where his human body had died. Though like most of his situation, he had gotten over the discomfort with time.

The falcon was now circling in the air above the facility. Since Legion had heard the strange ruckus there hadn’t been all that much movement. There were a few guards moving from the perimeter outposts toward the main building. Though from their movement it seemed to Legion that they were mostly investigating the origin of the noise, just as he was.

In the three years of planning, Legion had yet to actually take much action toward mapping out the inner parts of the facility. He had infiltrated some of the outposts as small insects, but hadn’t seen the inside of the facility since his escape. He liked to think that his greatest asset over those who ran the facility was their ignorance of his existence. Though he was well aware of his fear of discovery and he wasn’t spared the guilt of watching the arrivals of new prisoners.

As the falcon circled, Legion noticed a car arriving at the main gate. Shortly after the automobile parking a man emerged from the building. The man seemed to be in a hurry as he seemed to waste as little time as possible getting in the back seat of the car. Legion was now relatively sure that something out of the ordinary was going on. It was several hours before the time the staff usually left. Also it was easy to classify the car as “fleeing” the facility, considering the rate at which it was traveling.

The black cat now opened both eyes, rolled itself over carefully on the tree and stood up, arching its back in a stretch. Legion figured he had waited and watched for just about long enough. There seemed little to lose from sending in a scout, especially since there was apparently some sort of internal security risk going on.

Legion turned the falcon’s attention near to the spot in the field he remembered seeing the rustle of some small animal. It took a few moments, but the keen eyesight of the predator spotted its target. The bird quickly pulled into a dive, hurtling toward the tiny field mouse. Its claws extended instinctively, though as it landed on the ground it missed its mark by a couple feet.

The tiny mouse, noticing the impact nearby snapped its head up from the seed it was munching on to face the eye of the crouching falcon. The mouse blinked twice then stretched its limbs as though it were testing the limits of its flexibility. Legion settled into the new member of his network fairly quickly. The falcon flapped its wings and returned to the air.

Using the sight of the falcon, the mouse made its way to a nearby entrance to the main building. Soon after, a small group of guards arrived to make their entrance. The group now seemed to be responding to a call for backup. None of them noticed the tiny animal slip in behind them before the door closed.

The mouse followed along behind the bootfalls of the group of soldiers. The group he had been following earlier had met up with some other reinforcing groups. Their com chatter seemed to indicate that there had been some kind of explosion. Legion learned that the explosion had freed several mutants, along with damaging many of the security countermeasures of the facility. Legion did his best to try and create a mental map of the guards path since they had entered the building. However, the mouse was much more used to an outdoor daylight environment.

The longer Legion followed behind the soldiers the more he realized this was the opportunity he had been waiting for. Well, it wasn’t actually ideal, but he knew that if he acted he would have the opportunity to help those already making their escape. If he didn’t do anything he sure wouldn’t enjoy dealing with the guilt.

As he was thinking, Legion noticed the group of guards had gotten much more silent. They appeared to be approaching their target, getting ready to engage some of the escapees. Legion decided he couldn't just sit by and watch the apparent ambush happen. A few feet back from the group of guards the field mouse let out a squeak as loud as its little lungs could handle. Hoping the the noise would be loud enough to alert whoever the group of guards were about to attack.

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And so it began.

Eyes closed, mouth sealed shut, deep in meditation and mind strengthening. He knew what was coming; he knew oh too well the signs of an escape. Sitting on the floor of his sell, he waited and waited. He could hear the guards outside his cell conversing. There was nervousness in their tone. He can smell fear. They were afraid. Something was going on within another part of the facility. Everything around him began to slow. The final moments before something major happened. That is what it felt like as he sat in the floor of the cell preserving his energy and waiting for the inevitable. Then it happened. There was an admittedly painful sound that seemed to reach every part of the facility. Shattering could be heard, and the foundation underneath him seemed to shake at the sheer power of the sound. It shook so much that his cell lights went completely out. Power loss? He wondered about this because the effects of the cell began to dissipate after all the glass within and around the cell shattered. Any normal individual would’ve been cut to ribbons, but the falling glass missed him completely and landed beside him.

He was unmoved. He opened his eyes and watched everything happen. This was his chance. The outage of power and of strength in the cell meant that it wouldn’t withstand what he was capable of. The door of the cell was the first to feel his power. It writhed and groaned, twisting and contorting until it broke free of its confines. Shooting out like a bullet from a gun, the cell door struck a guard that was standing just outside of the cell instantly killing him. Xandre rose to his feet slowly, allowing the feeling of being outside of the cell to overtake him. His moment was ruined as he heard footsteps coming. The lights were out, that was true, and there was no light in sight, but he could sense every mind in the facility. Every soul he picked up on, and every step he could hear. It would’ve bombarded the less experienced, but Xandre had enough experience to bring the facility to its knees.

“Stop,” a guard yelled, a beam of light shining direction on Xandre. The source of the light was a flashlight on the guard’s person. Xandre slowly turned around until he was facing the man.

“Stop? Oh how wrong you are,” Xandre replied in the most menacing tone. The man opened fire in order to subdue Xandre, but it was no use to try and fight something that could literally teleport. The guard looked dumbfounded as he looked around trying to spot Xandre, and it was when he felt hands upon him that he realized it was too late. His screams filled the prison, the agony he felt, the power to rip one’s soul from their bodies was something new to Xandre, and yet he had only tested it once. Now this poor guard was the victim of his experimentation. Footsteps were approaching fast. Clearly Sam remembered that those within this area of the facility needed constant surveillance and power dampening, otherwise to let lose any of them would surely mean death to those of the facility.

“Where are they now?” Xandre questioned as he watched the chemicals began to mix within the ceiling and tubes that lined every hallway within the facility. Soon light filled the area and he could see. The guards in the area surrounded Xandre. He looked at each of them and sighed. “I do hope you have health insurance.”

Glass shrapnel began to surround Xandre like a swirling cloud of dust, except this cloud could rip to shreds. Bullets shot from the chambers of the guns the guards carried, but they were immobilized before even reaching Xandre.

“I wonder if Sam even informed you all of what I am capable of,” Xandre stated speaking into the minds of those around him, “it is sad, sad indeed.”

More glass joined the swirling mass that surrounded Xandre until there was enough to satisfy what he needed it for. The men held up their guns to fire again, but the glass shot forward slicing the guards in twine. Blood, so much blood, how it littered the floor, giving it a queasy bright red color. Xandre’s head began to ache, he felt nauseas but he had to get out of this place immediately. One last stop though before he left. He would need to see Sam. He didn’t have the strength to fight through all the guards that he was sure were coming, and he didn’t have the strength to fight Sam either, but he did have the strength to leave a message and get the hell out of dodge. In an instant he was gone moving through the halls as if he knew exactly where he was going. He evaded guards left in right. Those who had the unfortunate circumstance of meeting him face to face died quickly. It was when he no longer felt Sam’s presence that he stopped in his tracks.

“Damnit,” he stated rather loudly. He had to find them now, the ones responsible for the evacuation, and for the shattering of all the glass that littered the halls. Closing his eyes, he reached out with his mind searching the facility. He found them; they were so close, so very close. He was still in the restricted area of the facility, this is where they kept those like him, the more dangerous anomalies, and those who could do things that would leave you baffled. It was a pity that he hadn’t thought about freeing his brethren, but he knew that if some were freed, death awaited whoever freed them. His movement shifted to the direction of those attempting to escape. He was on the scene before he realized how quickly he had made it. He examined them. He wasn’t walking, but rather floating, he was levitating.

His mouth did not move, but his mind spoke to all of their minds. “Are you the ones who freed me?”

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Xandre looked at Ember, he remembered her, even though he couldn’t see his own future, he remembered how he met her. The day was so vivid in his mind that he realized how much he hated Sam. Sadated and beaten to near unconsciousness is what it took to keep him in this place. He had nearly demolished them, but they had managed to get the upper hand. That was when he was less aware of what he was capable of. That was when he was younger, more foolishly fooled and more foolishly accepting of others. That day had changed him forever. His innocence had left like a bat out of a cave. He barely had time to reply when it happened. Sometimes he hated being right. It made things difficult, even when he could sense the outcome, and then there were times when things surprised even him. Yes not all things were divulged to him. The future still managed to surprise him when things happened. Yet still, he was ready for freedom, he could taste it, he could smell it, it was within his grasp and he would not allow anything to stand in his way, not even the little militia that began to pour into the hallways leading towards them. The unprotected minds of his comrades filtered into his thoughts and he could hear them thinking. It wasn’t intentional, but it just sort of happened whenever he went into deep thought. Things were happening so fast, and it was like dejavu to him. He was watching this unfold just as he had seen it in his vision, but this time it would be different. Focusing, he took cover when shots rang out throughout the hallway. Hector’s mind was speaking so loudly that Xandre could only shoot a glare in his direction. He didn’t care too fondly for the male he had never met, and he would appreciate it if he kept his thoughts to himself, or just stop thinking period. Either way it would help Xandre focus more on the task at hand.

Blocking out Hector and the other thoughts in the room, Xandre realized too late that Ember was on the ground. The guards had infiltrated their space, now was time to act. He had promised them he would get them out of this place, and he had promised himself he would get out of this facility whatever the cost. A stray bullet shot towards him and reflected off him as if he were made of metal. He looked in the direction of Ember. She was down, and Reyna was down. Hector was covering Ember and Evan was asking him the same question. His anger grew at the sight of suffering. He owed Babble especially, and he would repay them by getting them out of this place.

“Hold on to something,” Xandre spoke loudly enough for them to here, “Evan is it? Use your gifts and be prepared.”

That was all Xandre said as his body stretched. Bones popped and positioned themselves for the task at hand. He would need every bit of strength to get them out of here alive. A deadly glimmer shone in his eyes. He uttered a prayer, for the first time in his life he felt sorry for those filing into the hallway towards them. The guards that had entered the room had been dispatched by the group, but there were still those coming. He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. He was silent, but he was feeling everything within the facility. Every mind, every being, every piece of material, every atom that made up everything within the facility filtered into his senses. His eyes opened and everything stopped. The marching guards stopped in their tracks. Those in the room were the only ones free to move. It was as if time had stopped. Xandre looked back at Evan and nodded. This was the boy’s chance to show what he could, and Xandre would guide him. “Aim at the wall, create and destroy." It was at this time as well that a power shifted around Babble and Scarlet. They were lifted to their feet in the gentlest way and transported to the torture chamber with the rest of them. They were placed softly on the ground next to Ember. It was so gentle that it wouldn’t disturb Babble’s injury. Xandre’s head felt as if it were about to explode, but he had to maintain this power in order for them to escape.


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Everything was happening quicker than he realized, but his mind was keeping up with it all. It was like a super highway running at max speed, on the verge of breaking the limits, but what would happen if the limits broke? He realized far too late that blood was dripping from his nose, littering the floor beneath his feet in a crimson red. Nonetheless, he pushed pass the extreme pain he was feeling and maintained his hold. The sheer strain was overwhelming and had he not trained his abilities even more during his stay at the facility, it would have snapped his mind in twine. Evan and Hector did as they were instructed and the rest soon followed. He was in no way shape or form the leader of this motley crew, but he would be damned if he allowed them capture and death in such a pivotal moment of the escape. Even now he could hear Hector’s change in attitude towards him, and he would make a point of it later. Even now he could hear them speak, with their minds, telling secrets he didn’t want to hear.

Time would soon return to normalcy as Evan caused an earthquake which shook the very foundation of the facility. It was then that Xandre got a dangerous idea. He would truly test the limits of his power. Those who had been caught in the falling of the debris from the earthquake could not be saved, but every latch within the facility opened releasing whatever mutant he had met and some he hadn’t. Freedom was now their choice, but before he could finish his heroic work, if he could call it that, he had to make sure that this facility could no longer be used by Sam. His mind was so strained, but he had to push it a little bit further, he had to destroy the facility. Everyone was safe outside the walls of this place and now he had to make his way out. It was the only way to buy them time to escape back to their lives. He would be useless after this, but he was sure to make it back home, he just had to.

There was a crunching sound. It was the sound of girders ripping apart and support beams snapping in twine. The building had already been damaged by the earthquake and his psychic maelstrom was the icing on the cake. The building began to collapse in on itself. There was no escape now, not even for him unless he used the last bit of his energy. As the twisting and contorting continued, Xandre whispered a goodbye to his home for four years and at the last minute, his body teleported. Moments passed as the building lay in rubble. Every bit of it destroyed, and Xandre nowhere to be found.

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Nothingness. Void.

Was he dead? He had to be, there was no way he survived the collapsing building. He felt nothing. No pain, no noise, no smells, nothing. It was an odd warm feeling that had overcome him. He felt surrounded by warmth and it was an amazing feeling. Then reality shifted in and he felt pain, a huge amount of pain. So much pain filled him that he found his throat groaning in response to the pain. His body trembled as he tried to figure out where he was. His senses were alert, and as suddenly as a flash of light, he appeared just above a branch in the forest before falling with a loud thud. More pain filled him as he felt a twig pierce his left shoulder sending waves of nausea through him. The twig was snatched out of his shoulder and thrown to the side before it could do any more damage. Xandre let out a sharp exhale before attempting to get to his feet. He was on his knees and his hands were pressed flat against the ground. He coughed and a bit of blood splattered onto the ground.

Silently he shook in defiance of his body. It wanted to rest, it wanted to stop going for a moment in order to regain the strength it needed to function, but Xandre was pushing his body farther than he ever had and the strain was going to kill him if he didn’t stop. He looked up at those that he had helped escape. It was only then that he noticed where he was. The golden blades of tall grass followed by the scent of honey filled his nose. They were outside the boundaries of the wall. Xandre could feel a tear well up in his eye, and for a brief moment he felt the tear stream down his face pelting the ground beneath him. He had done what he said he would do, but the lives it cost to get to this point were saddening. He hoped that those who had escaped would find peace in all of this. They had done so much against their wills that now doing something to better their lives meant so many things. It was hard to take in sometimes.

Silently he forced his body to stand, and as he did so he stumbled and landed against a tree. Exhaustion finally settled in and he slid to a sitting position.

“Is......Is everyone........alright?” he wondered out loud leaning his head back in pain. This wasn't good. Eventually his body would shut down, and he needed to find cover soon. He didn't know where the others were, but he hoped that they were safe. Looking around he took in his surroundings. It was clear he was in a forest. Upon looking closer he could see that there was some sort of cave in the distance. He sighed. He would have to move, and right now the pain he was feeling would put him in a position of immobility.

"I hope they're alright," he said softly moving a bit but only to be punished as pain struck his body once more. He groaned and looked around him once more. He could've stretched his mind to see if the others were close by, but he couldn't bear using his powers now.

A twig snapped which caused him to jerk his head in the direction the sound had resonated.

"WHO'S THERE?" he yelled hoping whoever it was wasn't hostile as he hadn't the strength to fight anyone at the moment. Several moments passed and there was no reply. Maybe he was going crazy. After all, according to Hector he should've been loony by now. A chuckled escaped his throat, but his senses picked up the presence of another and he turned to see someone approaching slowly.

"Are you okay?" they asked catching Xandre off guard.

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#, as written by Shané

"My you are home early!"

Sam looked up from the kitchen as Amanda walked in. He gave her a warm smile coming over and giving her the customary kiss on the cheek.

"Well I was fortunate to get off work today. We had a bit of a break through."

He let out a chuckle at his own private joke. She smiled up at him unaware of his reference.

"I thought we might have a private little celebration of this uncustomary escape." He continued, leading her into the dining room.

The table was carefully set up for two, each item meticulously in its place. The woman practically beamed.

"This is a pleasant surprise!" Her soft hazel eyes lit up in her joy.

Sam simply smiled gently back and for a moment both seemed caught up in the pleasure of the others company. And then the phone rang. The light died quickly in Sam's eyes and instead his face contorted with annoyance.

"Sorry, I suppose I should get that."

She shrugged his apology off, still smiling and sat herself down at the table as Sam strode his way back into the kitchen.

"Sam here." His tone was abrupt and irritated.

"Sam?" The connection broke up as the voice rasped through the speaker.

"I said that it's me already." Sam replied impatiently.

"You were right."

"Who is this?" He demanded, his eyes suddenly narrowing in concentration.

"Sir I'm one of the guards from the facility- Ben."

Sam rolled his eyes at the name, it was irrelevant.


Ben stuttered in plain nervousness.

"It's the Anomaly you mentioned. The one that you thought was useful…well he's dead."

He gripped the phone harder, his knuckles white.

"You have got to be kidding me. One of the only jobs you had was to ensure he was recaptured and you manage to botch it up!"

"Sir wait! He's still going to be useful."

"I don't need a body Ben!"

"Well he's abilities still working sir."

There was silence on Sam's end.

One of the others tried to attack me and failed. I reckon the kid's ability saved my life!"

"I don't care about your little narrative- I need facts Ben."

Another sound of shuffling before Ben managed to reply.

"He's located just underneath where the maze used to be. Both of us are trapped under the concrete, one of the Anomalies managed to destroy the whole building and-"

"What!?" This time Sam's voice was far from restrained. "What do you mean? The whole facilities gone?"

"Yes sir. And all the Anomalies have escaped not just the ones you mentioned."

Sam's face darkened in anger and then one thought pierced him. Alexander . He ran his hand over his face. Now this was going to be more complicated.

"Well this one down here is still botching up all the abilities sir. It seems his ability was one of physique not of conscious thought."

His eyes flew back open. If this was true perhaps this Anomalies ability would help him subdue the mob.

"Right. Listen closely Ben. I'm going to be over at the other facility as soon as possible. I'm sending in some men to retrieve you and the body. Make sure they keep the corpse under lock and key. No one is to touch it until it gets to me at the other facility? Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes sir."

"Oh and Ben…"


"You've already failed me once. Ensure that it doesn't happen again or you won't survive a second consequence."

Silence on the other end before Sam jammed down the receiver. He took a deep breath suddenly looking exhausted.

"Sam?" Amanda's voice came from the dining room. "Is everything ok?"

He managed to drag himself in there.

"Amanda I'm so sorry. That was work…"

Her face dropped.

"Damn them." He let his rage out. "The boys back at the office stuffed up again and now I'm left to clean up the mess. A whole branch has been completely shut down."

"Sam I'm sorry."

"Don't be. It's not your fault, and really it should be me apologising- now we're going to have to cancel the plans for tonight."

"It's ok really." She replied forcing a smile. "Once this whole mess is sorted out we can properly relax."

"Thanks honey."

And with that he was pulling on his coat, gave her a quick kiss goodbye and drove into the night. The sound of his angry tones followed closely behind as his workers received his angry phone calls.


Not long after helicopters began their way to the torn down facility, filled with armed men.

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”Who are you?” Xandre asked too weak to even put up much of any type of resistance at this point.

“I’m Niall,” the stranger responded, “you saved me in the facility and now I’m here to repay the debt.”

“It was no biggy, trust me,” Xandre replied as he tried to stand only to slide back down into a sitting position.

“Take it easy,” Niall stated, “here let me help, I was one of the anomalies in the medical terminal. Sam used us to stitch up his guards whenever they got ransacked by one of you,” Niall stated before taking a step towards Xandre who moved slightly as if he didn’t want help, but Niall kept moving towards him until he was kneeling eye level with him. “Relax. It works better if you’re relaxed.”

Xandre watched the male with uneasy eyes. He didn’t trust him. For all he knew this guy was a spy sent by Sam to bring him back in.

“If you don’t trust me, read my mind,” Niall said catching Xandre off guard. “Sam would threaten us that if we didn’t comply he’d bring us to you and you’d rip our minds apart bit by bit. I don’t blame you though, that man is a monster.”

Xandre sighed and leaned his head back.

“I’m not the monster everyone thinks I am. I am only here to protect, nothing more. Sam took my kindness for weakness and exploited me.”

“Here,” Niall replied as he grabbed Xandre’s hand and placed it on his forehead. Xandre’s mind buzzed with activity. He saw Niall’s past, how his parents were shot down in cold blood, how he was taken in by a rich family and how Sam lured him away with false pretenses. He saw the betrayal, the hurt, the pain, all of it within a split second before the vision stopped and Xandre was left breathing heavily, snatching his hand away.

“Why are you helping me? I’m the monster remember,” Xandre snapped.

“Relax,” Niall retorted. It took several moments for Xandre to relax, and when he did, Niall went to work mending his body. The guy had magical hands. As he touched Xandre, an odd feeling overcame him. It felt as if every sore muscle was bathed in soothing salts. Every strained joint, every wound, it seemed to ease and close with desperation. Thirty minutes passed and Niall looked up at Xandre. “You were beat up pretty bad. I was able to stop the internal bleeding and mend your wounds; you should be fine now, but no more extracurricular activities. You saved enough lives today.”

Xandre felt odd. He had never felt this way, and yet he moved his arm without so much an ounce of pain. He moved his hands and realized his muscles had renewed vigor.

“Thank you Niall,” Xandre stated, “how can I repay you?”

“By allowing me to repay you,” Niall stated as he sat next to Xandre, “you know a little about me, so what is your story? Why were you in that damned facility?”

Xandre opened his mouth to speak, but he heard the sound of propellers. A torrent of wind rushed through the forest which could only mean one thing. Sam had sent the recovery squad.

“I’ll tell you later,” Xandre stated as he looked at Niall and for a split second their eyes locked. They were around the same age, something clicked in both of them, but they couldn’t dwell on it now, they had to move.

“Which way?” Niall asked. Xandre stood to his feet, Niall following along. He closed his eyes and reached out with his mind. It took a few seconds but he pinpointed everyone’s mind, even new minds, but Babble and Scarlet were slightly undetectable. “If they don’t take those damn helmets off,” Xandre exclaimed as he looked at Niall. “How many of you got out?”

“I don’t know, when all the cells burst open, we all made a run for it in different directions. All of the anomalies escaped, but I don’t know where they are. I was nearby when you fell out of thin air, I have no clue where the others are, they could be long gone by now.”

“Fair enough, let’s move, just follow me and stay close.”

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"Ember?" Neptune shook her sister slightly, attempting to wake the girl up. "Crap, she's out like a light." Neptune mumbled and bit down on her thumb nail in thought, an awful habit she had picked up inside the facility. It looked like Neptune would have to carry her sister after all although whether or not she was strong enough was the real question. While debating, one of the men came over, his shaggy blond hair falling into his eyes. Her blood boiled at the sight of him, at the fact that his partner had used the nickname only her precious sister ever used. Neppy, it was somewhat of a tease really considering Neptune was really the name of an underwater Greek God.

Her mind stopped whirling though when he reached out with what looked like some sort of packaged square. In response the girl's stomach growled. Neptune hadn't thought about it, but she really hadn't eaten in a long time. Gratefully, Neptune took it from him and opened up the silver wrappings to find a sweet and sticky granola bar. The flavors danced across her tongue in marvelous harmony, it had been a while since Neptune had eaten anything but bland gruel and the occasional piece of meat or cheese. Despite how she felt, the black and white haired girl attempted to suppress the overwhelming emotion of joy and swallowed, savoring every bite. It wasn't until she had licked her fingers clean that Neptune answered him.

"I wouldn't worry too much about Ember," as she spoke she shifted her sister in her arms, lifting Ember onto her back. This was no easy task considering that Ember was limp and so her body right now weighed twice as much. "She talks a big game, but really Ember doesn't want to hurt anyone." A steely expression suddenly adorned her face as she practically whispered the words, "It's Sam's fault. Not her's." Neptune would protect Ember to the ends of the earth, if she didn't; who would? "If anything you should be looking out for Xandre and Reyna, he's older but powerful and she's young and impressionable. The other's I'm not so sure about."

It's true what she had said and Neptune really did not know to what extent Sam had gotten into Xandre and Reyna's brains. She knew Sam had been torturing the two, using them to get rid of other's he no longer needed. It almost made her worry about reuniting with them. "I will come with you, yes. However, if Ember leaves, I go too." She got to her feet, holding onto Ember tightly. "So if your partner is Zac, what do they call you?"



Just the mention of that man's name was enough to make her blood turn cold. Reyna hated Sam fervently, he had killed her parents, made her kill ceaselessly, and used her as a puppet in his twisted game of marionettes. She had almost died in the maze he had created and so the very mention of that cold hearted man's alias sent chills down her spine. The goose bumps went away though, but the feeling of being trapped with no where to run was ever present. Even free she would live in constant fear of that man, of that name. "We should get going," Reyna mumbled as Niell healed her. She uttered a thanks and rose to her feet, suddenly fully awake and awfully energized, like a fully charged battery or a kid in a candy store.

Reyna felt antsy, she wanted to move and jump around and do anything that wasn't standing still. She had to wait though, it seems as though using his ability had taken a lot out of Niell and he was out of breath. "What if Evan doesn't know how?" Neptune questioned. What if he was like her and had an incomplete education and could barely write his name much less find clues in a mine field of facts. There was no time to wait though, it was do or die and they had to keep moving for the shouts began to grow louder and clearer with every passing moment. So Reyna did what she always did, she kept moving forward. Her hands felt empty, she played with the bottom of the sleeves on the jacket she was wearing but it was odd walking around and not having anyone yell at her for standing out of line or being forced into a situation where she had to choose self preservation or the life of another.

Reyna was not innocent, no her innocence had been stolen like so many other anomalies who had been forced into the clutches of the facility, but she would do anything to preserve the young girl's and boy's of today. So Reyna started walking in the direction Xandre had pointed. Her bare feet picked up leaves, the soles of her heels stained with the color of earth. Eventually another ruined building was well within her sights but before Reyna could even grow close a voice yelled at her to freeze. She obeyed, jumping in the air in surprise which set off a chain reaction and a bullet whizzed past her, grazing the top of her left ear. A high pitched yelped erupted from within her, causing yet another bullet to zoom past her, this one missing it's margin by a large streak. "Stop shooting!" Reyna begged, holding her injured ear and not wanting to be hit by another more.