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Amaro De'or

"I am completely against Inhumane quarters...for true humans that is"

0 · 240 views · located in Department of Genetic Modifications

a character in “Genetic Modification”, as played by Shané



Name: Amaro De’or
Sex: Male
Age: 32
Role: Supreme Director

Physical Description:
Amaro has a dark and brooding look about him. He always looks cold and dangerous, with piercing, cold, blue eyes. His eyes are an immediate stand out, being a deadly, ice cold blue. His glare often stands people to silence. His eyes are also narrow slits which narrow even further when angered. He has a stern and dangerous gaze which he is notorious for. Amaro also has very thin lips which are almost always pressed into a thin hard line. His head is bald and shiny, with his skull being very narrow only adding to his imposing appearance. His skin is pulled quite taunt over the frame of his skull, and his eyes are sunken into his face only darkening their appearance. He also has a very set jawline giving him a look of a decisive man.
As for his build, Amaro is quite heavily built in his upper body, with broad shoulders. He is also reasonably toned, though not overly muscular. He has a certain quiet strength about him, which he uses to his every advantage. Amaro has a very set posture, and his chin is always lifted giving him a superior look. He always stands very tall and regular, extending his normal height, with is a rather imposing 6 foot. Amaro uses his height to it’s best advantage, and never fails to subtly remind people of his power.
Mr De’or is always dressed in a suit and tie to make the best use of his position. It gives him a sense of formality and control. His suit is a dark blue, with a white, high collared suit underneath. He usually wears a matching navy blue tie, though this is occasionally swapped for a midnight black one. Due to his work mainly involving office and controlling, he has not much need for less formal attire. That is, however, when he does not have what he calls his “bloodlust”. In this he usually wears black jeans, with a leather jacket. This is also worn during his time out of the department.
Over all, Amaro De’or is an imposing and dangerous figure to say the least. Amaro also has a thin white scar down his back, from his left shoulder to his right hip from an accident in his past. If you get close enough to him, which is not a safe place to be, you will also notice many razor thin white scars crisscrossing over his left wrist. No one knows how these came to be, and it is highly unlikely he would tell you. No one has dared to ask.
Amaro also likes to use his environment to enhance his deadly appearance. He has had his office structured so that shadows fall over his desk, giving him a dark brooding look. He enjoys the dark, and therefore he uses lots of dark clothing and environments.



Personality Traits:
Amaro has a dark personality, if you can call it a personality. He is almost robotic in his thoughts. He has a very logical mind, but not many emotions. At least, he doesn’t let them show. His face is always passive. He finds them a bother, and has mastered a way at keeping them from distracting from his work. They are normally locked away in his mind, and pushed to the side until an issue has been dealt with. Because of this, Amaro comes across as an unfeeling person in absolute control of whatever situation he is in. The only emotion he tends to show is anger through his eyes and voice, nothing else.
Amaro also holds a deep hatred for the mutants under him and takes great pleasure in using his power to harm them in every conceivable way. He uses this hatred as a sort of fuel for his work, and never ceases coming up with new techniques to ensure the imprisonment of more mutants. He also insists on having every new mutant brought before him, in order for him to assess and in most cases strike fear into each and every one.
Amaro also is a bit of a work addict, and is continuously spending long hours researching new techniques and using each one of his staff to the best of his abilities. Due to this over working, Amaro is often tired and this also makes him rather edgy. Occasionally his restlessness will develop into what he tends to call his “bloodlust”, in which he demands that he be taken to one of the numerous cells to conduct an “interrogation” or beating to one of the mutants in his care. This is usually the only physical contact he has with the actual inhabitants of the facility, as he is usually the one controlling those doing the work, not the work itself.
Amaro has no love for anyone or anything, therefore making him a cold person towards anyone. The only true feeling he has towards his fellow humans is occasionally a little respect, this mainly directs to his Second. Enjoying his seat of power, Amaro often uses it rather ruthlessly, driving people to their limits in order for his every scheme to succeed.
Success is a major part of who Amaro is. So far he hasn’t had a major failure, and this often makes him arrogant and quite cocky. Everysuccess is listed in a book in his top draw. His need to succeed drives him further than most men, allowing him to keep his position as Supreme Director when others seek his job and power. Money and riches do not hold much sway for Amaro, as he prefers fear and respect. Power is another thing Amaro longs for and uses. Without it, Amaro would most likely finish himself, he relies heavily on it. Overall Amaro is not a man one would want to contend with.
Amaro does however, have a great love for history. Especially those containing medieval torture devices such as the rack, whippings, burnings etc. While he has respect for modern techniques and devices, his real love lies in the past. His torture techniques often displays this, and it is not rare to find him encouraging his employees to use some ancient device on a mutant.

Amaro, even though he often seems unstoppable, has his vices like everyone else. His desperate need to succeed is one of these. If he failed, this would through him into a rage and perhaps drive him to irrational plots. Another major vice is his lack of emotion. This makes it difficult to understand the nature of others, therefore making it difficult to predict his prey’s plans. His addiction to work also adds fatigue to the list.

Amaro is quite adequate with a gun, and also very skilled in torture, especially the medieval kinds. Amaro is also physically very fit and has a good endurance. His intelligence and logical thinking also aids him in all he does. Another main strength is his strict control over his emotional state, allowing him to keep logical even in stressful emotions.

Amaro’s one and only fear is failure. He cannot stand the idea that he may not succeed at something.

Amaro has some rather interesting likes. One of which is his love for history and the medieval. Something about the past fascinates him and he enjoys learning and adding to the old techniques. Another love is his power. He enjoys using it and abusing it. Other likes include, respect and fear in those beneath him, torture and weaponry. The major hate in his life is for mutations and those that research too far into the facility. People lacking discipline and respect. Disobedience to his own orders.


Amaro won’t speak of his past to anyone. The only thing people know is that he enlisted in the army and got quite far in consideration to ranks, and that he apparently had a mutation in his family from which he acquired the scar on his back. These however are only rumours, and no one has of yet, dared to ask him about his past.

So begins...

Amaro De'or's Story