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Raven Umbra

"Evil...depends on how you define it. I would say I seek justice"

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a character in “Genetic Modification”, as played by Shané



Name: Raven Umbra
Sex: Female
Age: 19

Physical Description:
Raven has a deep gothic look about her. Her stature and clothing really tell of strength and darkness. Raven has long, pitch black hair that reaches just to her waist. It is layered slightly, and dead straight, hanging with seemingly no life. Her hair also frames her face, with a quite a large front fringe, which helps give her a dark, rather intimidating look. Her facial features are actually quite delicate, with only slight lips and a small, soft nose. While they are delicate, Raven manages to distract from the seemingly "weaker" elements in her face by highlighting and darkening her eyes. Her eyes are also quite small, yet intense and with the help of darkened make-up, Raven manages to make them successfully intimidating. They are a deep, dark brown, however in most lights appear black and cold, much like the rest of her appearance. Both eyes also have a sort of depth to them which is enhanced by her ability.
Standing in stark contrast to her dark hair and eyes, Raven's skin is a white, porcelain colour, which if it ever saw the sun would burn quite effectively. While her skin appears flawless (just as she likes you to think), it's unnatural white colour actually has a lot to do with being underground for so long. Depending on the treatment, Raven also has a few blemishes taking the forms of large cuts and dark bruises which mar her skin. This used to be rare, as Raven is (was) usually silent and brooding, not so much rebellious as calculating and also is usually mistreated with mental torture rather than the physical, however now she has begun to be restless and has now gained the attention of the Higher Order. Raven has a very slim figure, which probably would have been an hour-glass if not for her lack of food which only helps reveal her ribs and other bones. This only adds to her rather frightening appearance.
Raven also dresses to impress. When she was first introduced to the facility, she wore jeans like any other girl. However the longer she remained in the lab, the more she nurtured her dark appetite and eventually resorted to the more gothic styles. She continuously destroyed her clothing until, finally was given the style she wanted. She did not seem to have much trouble gaining these articles of clothing in exchange for "good" behaviour. Now she prefers tight black corsets that manage to work with her thin figure and also hide her ribs effectively in the boning of the corset panels. Depending on her mood, Raven has an assortment of skirts. Most are long and reach to the floor, with thick volumous black fabrics which mask the thinness of her legs. The others are short, poufy skirts which reveal her knees, and then the rest of her legs are covered in lace stockings or striped socks. Almost all her clothing is black with small strips of red or white. The only other colour found on her body is her dark red nail polish, which she likes as she claims blood red or scarlet is the colour of revenge.

Supernatural Talents:
Raven has unique telepathic powers. She has the ability to speak into others minds as well as searching through a few of their more recent memories. These are the easier to use of her talents, but she also has a few more dangerous, yet also more difficult abilities. Raven can also create illusions and project feelings. She can worm her way into the deeper part of a person’s mind and allow them to see things she wants them too while also projecting feelings she wants to use to manipulate them. This however takes more effort, and if her concentration slips she can lose them, and have to start all over again.



Personality Traits:
Raven has a rather complicated personality, due to having a few almost insane parts to her. Originally, Raven was an average girl, though she did suffer from depression when she was fifteen. After this, her abilities started to form, changing her and making her more confident. She was happy, bubbly and outgoing. After she was taken to the facility she was tortured and lost a lot of her personality. Many thought she would sink back into her depression however instead she seemed to grow more bitter and determined, with deadly hatred building to a need to survive and even dominate. She kept this under lock and key however, preferring to appear brooding and rather silent. This was quite unnerving as she also had a nasty habit of pressing feelings of fear and even admiration for herself onto those around her. However due to her weakened state this did not last as long as Raven as she would like. She has a dark and deadly personality, though she herself believes herself to be in the right. She claims that while she wants revenge, the revenge would take the form of justice. Those that meet her at first are often charmed by her words, and she has a kind of snake tongue that can really make people believe what she wants. When you first talk to her, she seems to be quite sane and even intelligent with seemingly fair and also well-thought out schemes and plans for what she will do once she gets out. She claims that it is only fair that her captors get their own justice, though of course fair and in her silky voice explains that even those seemingly innocent people should have known and therefore probably should pay some sort of compensation. Of course it wouldn't be too much, she is fair, and as she keeps talking you eventually realise that she is more twisted and too full of bitterness to truly seek justice. She is almost delusional, truly believing she is just and would be a good person to keep justice on the world. She claims money and power are not the main reason, but just so happen to be a side line to what she truly wants- justice/revenge.
She also struggles with vanity, and loves to spend time straightening out her hair and organising her clothes in order to give the most stunning and startling effects.
Raven, like her personality, also has a rather dark and twisted sense of humour with a streak of sarcasm here and there. She also is quite negative in the way she thinks, though also over ambitious. The strange thing is that she also has a soft heart for certain people, yet finds that she easily is hurt or angered by them. Once a wrong has been committed, Raven has a hard time fixing the relationship and prefers to break it off and make sure the other person will never do it again. Due to being constantly hurt by those around her, Raven is more of a solitary person, and prefers to either work alone, or as a dictator where she can make sure people do what she wants and won't be able to hurt her emotionally. Overall Raven is really an emotionally broken girl.


Raven is physically weak, though she would have you believe otherwise. She is not strong, nor does she have a good endurance. Raven also has a weakness for beauty and fashion, though she is loathsome to admit it preferring to seem indestructible. She can't help but long for accessories and is quite vain, finding clothing and other such things desirable. Another weakness is money and power, this is one Raven herself does not even know of as her twisted mind claims that she is pure and does not have any weakness for material gifts. Money and power do have a hold over her.

Raven’s power lies in her mind. She is intelligent and uses her powers with manipulative ease. She also has a tendency to come off far stronger then she actually is, making people think twice about confronting her even if they are stronger physically. Raven is also quite fast when she needs to be, though she cannot keep it up for long.

Raven has a deep set fear of water, due to an incident of her past. The prospect of drowning terrifies her, and she will do anything to avoid water in large bodies. This does not include showers or puddles, but larger bodies of water such as lake, rivers, the ocean and even a bath.

Raven is in love with one of the other mutants (I will pm whoever this will be and add it. You can also pm me if this interests you). She has constantly like him, however due to her dark character he does not seem to fancy her at all (This does not need to be the case, I will discuss with anyone interested). This infuriates Raven, however even though for most people she would simply hurt them in return, she can't seem to get over him in this case. As mentioned before Raven also loves power, money, beauty and fashion.
Raven dislikes and hates water, and also has quite a lot of disdain for other people beside the guy she likes. She also has a deep resentment towards the guards experimenting on her which has twisted her character beyond repair.


Raven was originally named Melissa by two loving parents. In her very early childhood, Melissa had adored baths, and at one point her mother had to quickly answer the phone. Melissa was seven at the time, old enough to be on her own, however, when she had had enough she attempted to get out, slipping and hitting her head on the side of the bath. Her mother found her two minutes later, face down in the water. She was rushed to hospital, and fortunately survived with nothing too severe in terms of injury, yet a harsh memory that stayed with her for life. She was an only child and went to a private school and was bestowed many gifts, however was not overly spoilt. At school she had some good friends, however due to her father’s job was forced to move to a new city. There she went to a public school, and struggled to fit in. She was thought of as a snob and her bubbly personality was crushed and she suffered a mild depression. During this, her parents grew quite desperate and used lots of different medications. A lot were newer designs with little testing and mixed with certain other ones creating strange hallucinations and seemed to give Melissa severe headaches and migraines. Throughout it all, her parents continued to support her, believing the medications were last resorts for their precious daughter. Five months after her fifteenth birthday, Melissa came through the depression, however seemed to have an enhanced mind and this was further discovered when she asked her mother unthinkingly about a previous romance with another man. Her mother was shocked as she had never mentioned this particular boy to anyone.
In worry, she booked an appointment with the local government doctors secretly in order to hide her own rather dark secret. Melissa apologised and tried to explain about how she could feel her mother’s mind and found it an open door not realising that she was not supposed to enter. Her mother only grew more agitated and at the doctors, Melissa turned out to use more than the average percentage of her brain. The doctor claimed that she might die from stress over it; however Melissa insisted she was fine. Not entirely convinced of Melissa's safety, her mother eventually allowed the doctor to keep her at the hospital that night. At about one in the morning Melissa's mother got the call that her daughter had fallen into a fit and sadly fallen into the fireplace in the lounge room. The doctors claimed she was now in a coma, and Melissa's mum rushed down to the hospital to see her daughter. Over the next few weeks, Melissa apparently refused to get better, and they were forced to turn off her life support.
In truth, the doctors had removed Melissa from the hospital and moved her to the new facility for the testing of the abnormal. The used another paranormal that had slipped into a coma and burnt her beyond recognition in order to deceive Melissa's mum while Melissa was forced to live in the facility. There Melissa, became Raven, preferring the darkness that was associated with the name. Various tests were done on her mind, and not all painless. She grew mad and bitter and deemed that one day she would get justice for the injustice of her life. She eventually grew in her bitterness and extended her hatred to most people claiming that ordinary folk had to have hints about what was happening and that every single person should help repay the damage down to her. Eventually she met a young male, and fell in love with him, but by that time her personality was so broken and twisted it was unrepairable.

So begins...

Raven Umbra's Story