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"I'm not even going to dignify that with a response."

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a character in “Get The Money”, as played by Averagebear



The full picture is very explicit so I kinda cropped out the bad junk. If you're alright with it, here's the link!



Male Four
✷ Food: His one true love! He's known to be quite the fatass. If he's not working, he's probably eating. There might be a combination there, too. If you want leverage over him, or maybe some incentive, just wag a steak in front of his face and he's all yours, baby.
✷ Keeping himself busy: He just feels weird doing nothing. He's usually doubled or tripled up on jobs. Everyone bets that he's sure to burn out sometime soon if he keeps working the way he does.
✷ Athletics: There's just something about the feel of tired muscles that makes him feel like he's been productive that day.
✷ Sex: It's simple enough, really.
✷ GTM: He may be impossible and butting heads with everyone constantly, but, really, he'd die for any one of them without hesitation.


β˜‚ The Government: It's less of dislike and more of hate. If you took away all of the loathing he has for the government, Abel would be 1/5 of the person he is now. Nearly his entire constitution is based on rebelling against them - fighting against them. In a way, they are his driving force and without them, he'd be nothing. Strange to think about, isn't it?
β˜‚ Thunder: If you comment on it, he's sure to punch you. It's probably his only fear and he despises it. During a thunderstorm, he'll spend most of it pacing around inside, mentally berating himself for being such a coward. At one point, he's likely to run outside in the rain in attempts to "cure himself" of this phobia, but it's yet to work. He just comes back inside dripping wet and in a foul mood for the rest of the night.
β˜‚ Just Surviving: Unlike the others in GTM, Abel has grown tired of just scraping by in life. He wants to live, to flourish. He's tired of running away and is willing to sacrifice antyhing for it. "What's the use of being here if we do nothing but cower?"
β˜‚ Lazy Bums: He could go on and on with this one. If he ever feels for some reason that you're not carrying your weight, he'll go off on you until you do.
β˜‚ Insomnia: It's harrowing at times, but he's not one to complain. If you ever wake up in the middle of the night and need someone to talk to, more than likely, Abel will be up. He sleeps about nine hours a week on average.
β˜‚ Losing: So much so that he's able to warp everything in his brain so that he never loses.. "I was just goin' easy on 'im."
β˜‚ Love: It evades him. You'll never hear him say it and he's actually quite scared of the thing. Imagine- caring about someone so much that they could destroy you in a second if they wanted. He couldn't possibly trust so much in someone else.
β˜‚ Being deceived: If Abel's decided to trust you - and, trust me, it takes a lot for him to do that - and he finds that you've been dishonest, he'll go ballistic.

β˜‚ Passion: Abel is such a hot headed guy, so firm in his convictions and wrapped in his emotions, that it often gets the best of him and forces him to blow up when he needn't and act brashly. That said, it also makes him rather predictable. Just backhand a weak lookin' person (say, a woman or frail boy) and he'll be snapping at your ankles in no time. In that sense, he's pretty manipulatible.
β˜‚ Loudmouth: Frankly, the kid doesn't know when to quit yapping. He's got a terrible potty mouth and he's rather critical of other people, and doesn't seem to mind voicing his observations aloud. He hurts people's feelings constantly.
β˜‚ Empathy: He's runnin' a little low here. He's the worst when it comes to comforting people - always has been. He's a force of rebellion, not a shoulder to cry on. Even if it's someone he cares very deeply about, he'll often get so frustrated with his own inability to make things better that he'll yell at said person.
β˜‚ Intimacy: This is not to be confused with the ability to screw around (as he seems to excell at this) but rather communicating tender feelings of love and fondness to other people, plantonic or romantic. Motions like hand holding fly right past the guy.
β˜‚ Arrogance: Abel's pretty sure it's his way or the high way and there's not much anyone can say to change that. He's entirely too cocky. Sometimes he can't even fathom how other people have different opinions than him.

✷ Passion: Yup, his passion is also one of his biggest strengths as a person, too. The fire that burns in him makes him a fierce fighter and a good person to depend on when in such harsh conditions.
✷ Bravery: He doesn't seem to be afraid of anything. He'd easily sacrifice himself for a cause he believes in.
✷ Fighting: Be it verbal or physical, he always seems to prevail as the victor. When his adrenaline starts pumping, he goes in for the kill. Winning is something he prides himself in. When he gets into this mode (which can be very frightening, mind you) he won't stop until he's either beaten the crap out of the other person or is snapped out of it by something very surprising. He doesn't even flinch when punched or sliced while all amped up like this.
✷ Charisma: Hey, you weren't thinking he was always in a rage, were you? It's not the case. If nothing's really bothering him, he's actually a pretty silly guy, if not a bit doggish and perverse. Your first inclination will probably still be to dislike him, as he's rather fond of taunting and making others embarrassed, but it truly does rub off on you once you realize he doesn't mean any harm by his cruel ways. He's got a dashing sloppy grin, if he does say so himself.
✷ Good-heartedness: Abel might do some bad things - he's killed and robbed, etc, etc - but he does them for explicitly good reasons. His sense of morality might be different from the normal kid his age, but it's still unwaveringly strong. He will help those in need and fight oppressors fiercely.

You won't ever see him far from his metal bat. He's more for close-combat fighting, and would rather throw punches, smack around with blunt objects, or slice with a blade than to shoot them down from far away. It feels dishonest. Plus, then you don't feel any of the reward afterward. But, sometimes you do what you gotta do. He carries a pistol in his back pocket for this reason.

(( This song greatly alludes to his past/history! You can get little sneak peaks of it if you're clever enough. >:> ))

Poison oak; some boyhood bravery,
When the telephone was a tin can on a string,
And I fell asleep with you still talking to me.
You said you weren't afraid to die.

In polaroids, you were dressed in women's clothes.
Were you made ashamed?
Why'd you lock them in a drawer?
Well, I don't think that I ever loved you more

than when you turned away,
when you slammed the door,
when you stole the car,
and drove towards Mexico,
and you wrote bad checks,
just to fill your arm.
I was young enough;
I still believed in war.

Well let the poets cry themselves to sleep
and all their tearful words will turn back into steam.

But me, I'm a single cell on the serpent's tongue.
There's a muddy field where a garden was.
And I'm glad you got away, but I'm still stuck out here.
My clothes are soaking wet from your brother's tears.

And I never thought this life was possible.
You're the yellow bird that I've been waiting for.

The end of paralysis, I was a statuette.
Now I'm drunk as hell on a piano bench.
And when I press the keys, it all gets reversed.
The sound of loneliness makes me happier.

My favorite food are avacados. Mmmm.

So begins...

Abel's Story


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Abel flung open the front door and sauntered inside, not making any effort to quiet the wooden thing from slamming against its own frame. A trail of smoke chugged from behind him as he entered without any pretenses or explanations. "Honey, I'm home!" he called out to no one in particular, trudging over to his room to peel off his sweaty shirt and yank on a new one. He realized as he was tugging off the first shirt that he still had the nasty cancer stick smokin' in his mouth and readily crushed it on the sole of his boot. "'Hope nobody notices I forgot to put it out 'fore I came inside..." he muttered. Technically, he was supposed to be quitting (it cost way too much money) but he didn't think anyone actually expected it out of him. It's not like he bought the things, anyway. Well, not usually. Today he was offered it by a chick he'd been talking to. How the hell is he supposed to say, "No, thanks." when an addiction is staring him in the face for free? He made a distinct "tch" sound as he tucked the half smoked cigarette into his wallet where he'd resume smoking it later. He was a frugal guy, after all.

He hadn't slept a wink last night, though he tried. It had been one of his only free nights and he'd set a full seven hours aside for him to catch some Z's but, of course, insomnia doesn't let up just 'cause you tell it to, so after a good two and a half hours of laying awake as everyone else in the house slept like lambs, he'd hopped out of bed and gone exploring. Strolling the streets had lead to coming across a mugging had lead to beating some chumps near death had lead to chatting with the little lady he'd helped had lead to going back to her place and chilling with her room mates and playing beer pong under the pretense that he was 21. It'd been a pretty social day for him, to say the least. His head was just killing him, though. No hang over could push aside his appetite, however, as his stomach growled loudly in complaint. "Yeah, yeah." he mumbled, rubbing his abdomen lazily as he headed to the bathroom to wash his face. He opened the door mid-yawn, stretching his back so that his shoulder blades nearly touc-


He stopped his lackadaisical warm up to curiously peer at the small furry creature that sat on the toilet seat. He raised his eyebrows and shrugged before turning on the water and spritzing his face. He gazed in the mirror only to confirm that he, indeed, looked like shit. Bags lay heavy under his eyes. He sighed and made his way to the kitchen where he heard the rest of 'em. "Oi, you guys know there's a cat in the loo?" he asked chirpily as he entered, a cheap imitation of a greeting. He ran a calloused hand through his black mane before hopping up on the counter next to Kaze. "Please tell me there's some food left for me." he added, less perkily. There was something about the desperation in his voice that carried the sincerety he felt in that. His stomach growled again.


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Abel grinned sheepishly when Kaze mentioned "speaking of the devils..." which could only mean that he'd been a topic not long ago. It was hard to tell if his smile was apologetic or smug, but it no one had enough time to analyze it as it transformed quickly to a devilish smirk as soon as it was brought up that he'd snuck out that night. He shrugged and avoided eye contact with that coy little "u" shape on his jaw, and might have gave a decent response if Kaze hadn't set a plate of pancakes in front of him. His entire face lit up like a bright, sunny sky. He gave the older male a sincerely grateful look, sure to catch his eyes with his own icy blue orbs (though he didn't actually voice his thanks) before digging in like a savage animal. He practically shoveled the delicious, syrupy goodness into his mouth like he hadn't eaten for days upon days upon days. Man, these hit the spot.

"you should have at least told me you wanted to go out..." the other had said as he took a seat and started to eat himself. "Imrwewwyshorry" he muttered, a guttural sound from deep in his chest, in between a bite. It was a cheap knock off of "I'm really sorry" but he didn't bother correcting himself, too caught up in the food. He vaguely understood that Kaze was going off to Mimi and Devan who, for some reason, weren't present at the table. He had finished scarfing down the food just as Ami approached. He wiped his face and cracked his neck, slouching in his seat obscenely. "I can only imagine the night you had mister." Ami had said chirpily, poking him in the back of his head. He smiled- a warm, genuine one. Mimi always seemed to bring out the better side to Abel, taming the beast or so to speak. He, for the second time, merely shrugged in response. "I thought I got back late last night, but you came in even later after me."

"Oh?" he asked, wondering why in the world little innocent Ami would have been running around after dark. "Right! You were the ~date~ to that old fart." he said, suggestively wagging his eyebrows on the word date. "The guy looked like a fuckin' mummy!" he barked, sharp laughter following. "I don't envy you." She went on to pester her brother some more and then, of course, talk of shopping and boredom and nails were hovering in the air. He internally groaned at the thought, but merely rolled his eyes in real life. "Well you guys probably don't want to go shopping." she added sometime later, and he was sure to exaggeratedly nod his head in agreement. "Hit the nail on the head there."

Chi, who was somehow usually the most sensible out of them all despite her baby face, finally spoke up. She seemed to be in a pretty foul mood, and he guessed it had something to do with the cat and - it finally clicked. Devan must have been having a little fit. It didn't surprise him. He pushed the realization aside to listen to the comedically short girl. " Well earlier I suggested taking a trip by the park, they have some close by shops and some other neat things...get some fresh air..." 'Don't we have jobs to do or somethin'?' he thought, as he wasn't around to hear that he had work as a "guard" later in the evening. His mental ranting was cut short.

" By the way...Abel what were out doing last night...?" the thing asked suspiciously. Well, he was finally put on the spot. He'd managed to avoid the question so far, but now there didn't seem to be a way around it. He rubbed at the back of his neck, knowing that he couldn't lie about it, but not wanting to confess. "Well, you see... I... eh... ah..." he sputtered, waving his hands around dramatically. He had a way of becoming overly animated when he was trying to come up with an excuse. "I couldn't sleep..." Well, that was true. "And everyone else in the house were snoozin' it up. It was like a festival of fiestas or somethin' I'm tellin' you!" he explained, somehow trying to put the blame on everybody else. He was basically flailing by now. "So, I left the house and...! And...!" Upon the realization that he really wasn't getting anywhere with this, he sighed and deflated, dropping his arms to his side and laying his head on the table. "I was out drinkin'." he admitted finally. "I mean, I didn't go out lookin' to drink. Some guys were muggin' this girl and I, of course, stopped them. Then we were talking and, I don't know, it just kind of happened, alright? I won't stay out so late from now on." he said, drained. He wasn't sure if that last part would be held out, but he'd try for at least a month or two.

"In any case, what do we got planned for today, huh?"
he asked, changing the subject in hopes of not getting scolded.