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Cadfeal Hanham

Yeoman and Robyn's right hand man

0 · 219 views · located in Medieval Nottingham

a character in “Ghosts of Nottingham”, as played by Irish Wolf


a lean fellow that some might call wiry, around 5’9 with short cut nut brown hair. His right eye is a dark green and his left is covered with a green cloth band, as it was burned out of his skull with a red hot poker. On the back of both of his hands, a large P is branded into the skin, which isn't very tan, from spending most of his life in the shadows of the forest. He keeps strips of cloth wrapped around his hands, to cover the scars that make him as a poacher. He dresses in a green tunic, leather gambeson, green leggings, leather calf boots and belt


Cadfeal is generally gruff but thats to hid his worrying nature. He worries about supplies, condition of arms and the rather wild plans of their leader (but he will follow them right through the gates of hell if need be).


Having been a yeoman bowmen before turning outlaw, his natural choice for a weapon (and something to carry with him at all times) is a six foot longbow made of yew. He also carries a plain dagger and a crude falchion (little more then sharpened slab of steel, lacking a cross guard and a hilt wrapped in leather).


Cadfeal was born in northern Wales, the son of a yeoman. Not being bound to any lord or land, his father liked to travel and brought his family along with him before settling near Nottingham, to be a forester for the king, hunting outlaws and poachers. His son would follow in his footsteps, after both of his parents dying of sickness. This life would last until he was roughly twenty seven years old, when his hut was suddenly filled with the sheriff's guards one morning. Apparently, a visiting Baron had spotting a man dressed in green carrying a dead deer into the woods. The guards were sent to each forester but his was the only one where they found not only the legal hunting blunts but broad headed arrows, something he used against outlaws, not to hunt deer. His explanation was ignored and he thrown into the cells to have his hands branded. During his punishment, he managed to get a few swings into the guards, earning a hot poker in the eye. A few weeks after being tossed out into the street, he met with a young lass, who managed to turn him into an outlaw.

So begins...

Cadfeal Hanham's Story