Lazarus Kingsbane

A mischievous vagabond and occasional thief who happens to be wandering through Nottingham.

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a character in “Ghosts of Nottingham”, as played by Conquerer_Man


Lazarus looks to be malnutritioned, his frame lithe and wiry. His height of 6'6" coupled with his ravaged-looking body gives him a gangly appearance, though this is often hidden by his posture and clothing. Despite his weary look, he is not weak. Years of traveling across England, and parts of western Europe, have strengthened what one would judge to be a meek man. His face is worn from his exposure to the elements and gives him a rough and rugged look that some might even dare to say is not hard on the eyes. His brown hair is shaved to stubble, nicks and scars highlighted by the bald spots the occasionally dot his head. His face his covered in either a full bushy beard or shaved. When it is shaved, one can notice a distinct scar across his lower right jaw.


Lazarus is a world weary and cynical man. His first priority is own gratification and his purse with his stomach a close second. Though he is all these things, he hardly ever shows it willingly. His travels have taught him to hide his true nature in a facade of a downtrodden beggar who plays upon the heart strings of others. Save that, he's not above departing of a coin here and there to persuade others.


Swathed in beggar's clothing and wrapped in a cloak and hood Lazarus hides his stature in his loose fitting clothes. His feet are covered with a tightly wound thick wool cloth that is bound to his feet, ankles and calf with leather longs. In his cloak he keeps hidden a dagger about the length of his forearm in a sheath on his back. His coin purse is hidden in the folds of his cloak. He usually uses or carries a walking staff.


Lazarus Kingsbane was born to Mark Lordsmith and Abigale of Willowshire. Though raised by his mother, Lazarus was never aware of his father or his lineage. Growing up Lazarus had a normal life of an Englishman. He helped tend to the fiefdom and did what normal boys did: hunting, fishing, roughhousing. At the age of 14 he learned who his father was by an abrupt turn of events. Mark Lordsmith had been the local lord's blacksmith, hence the Christian name of Lordsmith, as had his father and his father before him. Mark, having no other heirs of his own, sought to place Lazarus to succeed him as blacksmith for his lord. While this would mean that Lazarus would have had a far greater life than he did then, it felt to him that leaving his mother, who only had him to rely upon, was a betrayal of all that she had done for him. Lazarus's refusal drove his father mad and in his anger he struck down Abigale while confronting them both at their home. Not knowing what to do, Lazarus fled from his father and his life.

Years later Lazarus found him self wandering the countryside from shire to shire, town to town. He relied heavily on the land to provide for his needs. Upon his travels he stumbled upon a monastery in the highlands. Starving and near death from winter's savagery, the monks took him in. For a year he stayed, learning to read and write the King's English as well as a few bits of Latin, Hebrew, and Greek. Though his time was brief, he learned quiet a bit and would probably have continued his education and become a monk had not events conspired against him once more.

Three months after his sixteenth birthday the lord of the land, in which the monastery dwelled, sought to take taxes from monks. Though they had taken a vow of poverty the monks held a good swath of land that they used to cultivate their crops each year. Trying to appease the man, they gave him what land they could spare but this still did not meet the demands that he had laid upon them. Branding them heretics, the he sought blessing from the Catholic church to seize the monastery from them. Given the okay from a corrupt bishop, who wanted to take the relics in the monastery for his personal gain, the lord stormed the monastery grounds. Had it not been that Lazarus was tending the fields he surly would have been killed as well.

After this Lazarus took the name Kingsbane and began his currant life. He is now 31.

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