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Theodore ???Theo??? Harwood

Captain of the freighter Dancer.

0 · 325 views · located in The Universe

a character in “Ghostship”, as played by Irish Wolf


Theo stands at six feet and four inches tall. His body is muscular without being ripped, as he works out a good deal but itโ€™s mostly to maintain himself in the low gravity of his ship. His strawberry blonde hair is buzzed short along his scalp, maybe an inch long, if at. He shaves once a week, so his face is normally covered in stubble, which is hard to see, because itโ€™s the same color as the hair on his head. He has a strong jaw, with a cleft chin. A pair of light brown eyes sit above a roman nose. As a general rule, he can be found wearing a pair of black pants, slip-on shoes and a tee shirt of some kind.


Theo is an easy going guy, willing to forgive and forget but sharp on making contracts. He likes traveling, which is why he going into the business and tends to split the profits evenly among the crew. He also loves collecting strange animals and planets, having filled his cabin with tanks containing samples from dozens of worlds.


The Dancer
A pocket knife
A ten gauge combat shotgun


Theo was born on a space station orbiting the planet Osiris. His childhood was pretty good, his parents were still together and they werenโ€™t abusive. He got teased in school, chased girls, played video games, you know, all the normal stuff. He loved it when he got to go planetside and every time attempted to sneak some sort of pet or wild animal back home. Of course his parents (or the station security personal) would make him send it back. He also loved to go exploring, which led to several lost child incidents and more then a dozen times where he got dragged back home by a guard.

When he was seventeen, he signed aboard a small freighter, eager to see new places and left home with a kiss from his mother. Over the next eighteen years, he would work in various ships, at various jobs, ranging from cargo handler to engineer. Two years ago, he made the deal of a lifetime, spending nearly all of his savings on a medium freighter called Dancer. Finally his own master, Theo set about recruiting replacements to those sailors who jumped ship with their old captain and went looking for contracts.

Most recently, he had been hired to ship cargo pods filled with live cattle from Beaumonde to Sihnon, a three month run. He had to hire a few extra hands to help his current cargo handlers keep the animals alive.

So begins...

Theodore ???Theo??? Harwood's Story