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Hana Atal

"It's my nature to hurt, but no person is ever just their base nature."

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a character in “Gifted”, as played by The DSM XXVI




It’s my nature to hurt, but no person is even just their base nature.

Song The Chairman’s Waltz || Fix You | Coldplay ||


Mishika Shoshana Atal

Hana (What she prefers to be called), Mishy (Prefers for this name to die horribly), or Nurse Joy(Just rolls her eyes at this)


September 4

American/Indian dual citizenship



Dialogue: #ff289f
Thoughts: #887581


Pain Inducement; The ability of Hana Atal is one that many humans stereotype Gifted as having; Pain Inducement. People think so little, or are even weary, of Gifted who have abilities even bordering on causing mental harm such as Mind Control or can directly cause a negative effect. Gifted have spent years fighting that stigma, with some promising results. Hana could undo all that good will if she had the mind to.

Hana’s gift allows her direct control over causing almost any level of pain in another person. She could give someone a migraine for days, or make them feel as if their heart is about to explode. The nerves of the body can’t correct the pain because they are being hijacked by Hana. Well, all that is a bit extreme, as Hana’s ability does have limitations on it that help keep her in line.

Firstly, in order to cause serious or lasting pain, she needs to have direct skin on skin contact and maintain it to guarantee the length of pain she wants the person to suffer. While she can cause pain without touch, this requires her to have the desire to hurt the person in question badly, and even then she can’t cause mind shattering pain. However, at point blank range, she can cause a person to experience the feeling of their entire body being on fire, of each and every axon being stabbed, and even break someone’s mind if not stopped. Needless to say, Hana becoming a Gifted extremist could be a very dangerous force.

Height: 5’8” Weight: 120 lbs
Hair Color: Dark Hazel, wavy Eye Color: Dark Brown

One of the first things, and easiest, thing to recognize about Hana is her hair. Dark hazel locks wildly play around her head, pouring down her back and shoulders. As she will attest to, it is nearly impossible to control and would rather leave it to its own devices if it wouldn’t certainly engulf her face. Said face is home to two dark eyes, soft features, and an almost permeant layer of concealer.

Taking the whole picture as it is, Hana is at a decent height of 5 feet and 8 inches and is of a slim build, only coming to 120 lbs. Although she would deny it, she is well aware that her Indian and Israeli heritage give her a distinctly foreign look that many would consider attractive. Her dark olive skin makes her an exotic bird in a world of swans and pigeons.

Her style is best described by imagining a unicorn who is going through a mid-life crisis. Her favorite color pink, is usually found somewhere is her outfit, although it’s usually a hushed tone. She likes to wear heels, but when working at the hospital for school, she prefers trainers. When going out, she makes sure to always be dressed to impressed, even on a budget, with clean pressed clothing, usually a dress, although she will rock some skinny jeans and boots when feeling up for it. However, when she is alone or doesn’t want to see anyone, she is content to walk around in her circus scrubs or sweatpants that can only be described as comically large with a stained T-shirt.


When meeting Hana for the first time, a person will notice, besides her awesome (In her humble opinion) wardrobe, that she is very polite and reserved. She smiles and makes good eye contact, and even asks questions, but she is slow to reveal information about herself, often using vague answers and not answering the question but giving a rambling speech that goes nowhere. One thing she will gladly admit to is she is a die-hard Pokémon fan, and she loves to shop.

Raised from a young age to believe that the world can be a tough place and that some people will just not like a person for no reason, Hana is rather cautious with herself. She is a sweet person, who loves to shop, but only will trust people after knowing them for a while. Self-sufficient is the word she would use. Enjoys having people near her when she wants to, tolerates it all other times. Being a senior in a famous nursing program, Hana has a great ear to listen to others, and has a knack for mothering people she considers to be close friends.

Despite seeming as though she would only care about herself, Hana does have a weakness for helping others. She would gladly spend a Saturday at a Soup Kitchen than browsing Pinterest. Helping others gives her satisfaction for making the world a better place, and secretly does it because she has very mixed feelings about being Gifted.


✤ Helping Others
✤ Pokémon
✤ A Good Deal
✤ Romantic Novels
✤ Going to Temple
✤ Painting her nails

✤ Rain
✤ Suffering
✤ Dogs
✤ Not having any say
✤ Country Music
✤ Coffee


✤ Plays with her Star of David necklace when thinking.
✤ Adjusts posture to straighter position, even when alone.
✤ Taking her New 3ds XL out of her purse and playing it when waiting.
✤ Stutters when talking to a person she likely romantically.

Confidence: While this seems like ego at first, Hana knows how far a person can get based on how they compose themselves. As such, she seems to have a take charge outlook on life, rarely letting anything happen without planning first.

Intelligence: This is something she is very proud of, and for good reason. Hana has spent her life with a thirst for knowledge and respect for anyone who teaches. She could tell you the capital of any nation on Earth or name every bone in the human body. She considers this to be one of her top skills.

Good Heart: While being a kind person to everyone can be seen as a sign of idiocy, Hana has shown through her actions she does care a great deal about people who depend on her. While she may be overly confident, she doesn’t let those near her suffer needlessly.

Multilingual: This is related in part to her intelligence, but Hana is very proud of the fact she can speak four languages fluently; English, Hebrew, Hindi, and German. She knows phrases in several over languages, but she wouldn’t call herself competent in them.

Fear of her own Power: While not being raised in a house that believes Gifted are dangerous, quite the opposite in fact, Hana has always approached her own abilities with extreme caution. Her need for control, and dislike of watching others suffer, stems from her ability, as she sometimes feels her gift is overtly wrong or evil.
Difficulty Making Friends: Being as confidence, or bitchy depending on who you ask, as Hana combined with her withholding nature does come with some draw backs. She has some difficulty making friends with people, as she does come across as above it all or not able to relax.
No artistic abilities of any kind: This is not an exaggeration. Hana is a smart person, in terms of facts and knowledge, but is somewhere around the level of a sea lion when it comes to creativity. She can barely draw a stick figure, can’t play any instruments, and has difficulty thinking outside the box with presented with a puzzle.

Becoming a Monster: Hana has a constant fear that one day she will use her ability to hurt someone and not feel bad about it. This, of course, snowballs in her brain until she believes that once she uses her power without feeling regret she will become no better than George March.

Becoming Oppressed or even Killed for being Gifted: Hana belongs to several historically oppressed groups of people, and has a keen understanding how quickly people will turn on a group of people. She fears a day will come when Humans decide they’ve had enough of Gifted people and decide they need to be sent away or killed.

Aditya Atal| Father| Human| 52-Deceased
Aliza Atal nee Behrmann| Mother| Gifted- Metal Manipulation| 48- Alive

Mishika Shoshana Atal, or Hana, was born on September 4th to Aditya and Aliza Atal, a civil rights lawyer and University Professor of Ethics respectively. Her parents, both being immigrants to the country, had only one goal in mind with respect to Hana; that she grows up to be a strong happy woman.

At the age of 7, Hana was told by her parents that her mother, Aliza, was a Gifted and despite what anyone might say to her, being gifted isn’t wrong or even unnatural. Hana actually said one night at bed time that she hopes that she is Gifted, because she would be a strong woman like her mother. And at age 11, that wish was granted, although the form it would take would be little more than a cruel joke.

It was at school one day, when a mean boy from her class who often picked on her because her mother was an openly Gifted woman stole Hana’s Gameboy. As she chased him around the playground, she managed to grab onto his arm, and he began to scream bloody murder. As teachers rushed to them the boy, who Hana had let go of, began screaming at Hana calling her a filthy freak and unnatural.

Hana was pulled from her school after that event, and sent to an upscale private school that was known for being Gifted friendly. After her father’s dead when she was 14, Hana began to dedicate herself to living to his legacy of fighting for people who needed help. She would go on have the highest GPA in her graduating class, and received a near full ride to a University in New York that had a famous Nursing program.

When moving to New York, Hana began to meet other Gifted, whom she had had little contact with even at her private school. It was also in New York that she discovered how much fun she could really have in a shopping day, often spending nothing and trying on everything with a girlfriend nearby. She was feeling great about her life, and even with some training had gotten her ability to a place where she felt comfortable, but then the string of Gifted murders that is currently plaguing the city gave Hana a dark reminder just how dangerous the world can be.

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So begins...

Hana Atal's Story