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Teddy Boone

"All The world's a stage, and all the men and women are merely players."

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a character in “Gifted”, as played by The DSM XXVI




All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women mere players.

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Theodore Boone II

[Those he likes] Teddy or Bubbles [Those he dislikes] Ted, shorty, or Booney

20 or 5… It’s weird…

February 29th, 1996

American, or most specifically Georgia, or less specifically Earth

White, like super white


Dialogue: #a466d3
Thoughts: #2d2428


Adoptive Muscle Memory- To the great majority of people the closest they will ever come to being cast as Odette in Swan Lake is dancing drunk in their living rooms. People gather in concert halls to hear people show off their years of hard work and dedication with sounds that seemed to be unimaginable and most people could only dream of having that skill. Teddy is not most people.

With his ability of Adoptive Muscle Memory, Teddy can become one of the greatest dancers, pianist, or martial artists on the planet. Once Teddy is deeply relaxed and watches someone live or on video perform a feat, he is able to replicate it himself. He watches a demonstration on playing Beethoven’s Last Symphony on steel drums, and assuming he is in a relaxed state, will be able to replicate the song perfectly.

While being unable to replicate the powers of other Gifteds or the strength of another, Teddy will make use of what he can copy and given he can copy almost anything, he is a wildly unpredictable person to fight.

Height: 5’6” Weight: 135 lbs
Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown

When looking at or even glancing at Teddy, the first thing a person will notice is his height. Standing at the indomitable 5 feet and 6 inches tall, this Gifted is one of the shortest guys in any given room, and he knows it. Although he is short, Teddy without his clothing isn’t a soft person. Years of running, track, and dance has made his body mostly lean muscle, with strong legs and a respectable 6 pack.

With a very defined jaw line, Teddy’s face is one that is most often described as ‘adorable’ or ‘all-American’. Combined with his deep blue eyes, clean complexation, and small nose, it would surprise no one to know he is a Southern Boy. His hair, brown and relatively easy to manage, can be put into multiple styles, but the classic Up-do is usually good enough for Teddy.

Teddy does have a pierced ear, although he hasn’t worn anything in it regularly for at least a year. He does have a single tattoo, an alligator around the size of his hand on his outer right thigh.


Given his physical appearance, it is easy to assume that Teddy would be a jock-bro, someone obsessed with working out and is just very very basic. However, this assertion is one that is incredibly wrong. Teddy Boone, upon meeting someone, will shake their hand, smile and ask a question that seems completely out of nowhere. Something along the lines of if they have ever seen a baby dolphin.

Teddy is a very enthusiastic young man with a bubbly streak a mile wide. He is seemingly always filled with manic energy, ready to burst out into fits of laughter or crafts, which he loves. His steps are bouncy, and looking at him from afar will mostly likely show him gazing off into nothing while walking by people, texting, or just humming to himself. It is no given surprise that he would be someone who enjoys helping others, seemingly out of the kindness of his heart, without often asking for anything in return.

This is all true of Teddy, just as it is true that he is an expert manipulator, liar, and sexual fiend. It is with his ability that he has learned to copy any expression from quizzical to pure anguish, and he uses them all with his big eyes that he manipulates people into doing what he wants. Using his sweet nature, he can appear earnestly confused at something and ask for help, even though he was just fine. He doesn’t use this side of him for explicit gain, but rather to make sure he is always on everyone’s good side and be in good favor. As a small note of interest, he has used these tricks to gain multiple friends with benefits across New York, both human and Gifted, all of whom believe him to be a nice sweet young man.


Night Time: Although he misses all the stars you could see in rural Georgia, Teddy likes how the city changes so drastically when the sun is down.

Dancing and Music: Years of ballet, classical, and jazz dance lessons have made Teddy a lifelong lover of the art. His ability is just icing of the cake.

Sex: It doesn’t have to be wonderful, it doesn’t have to be with one person, and it doesn’t have to involve emotions. All the same, sex has always been a great way to relax for Teddy.

Action Movies: Not just because he can pick up some new techniques, but also how extreme they get makes Teddy very happy.

Dogs: Especially large ones, they make Teddy’s face light up, and he gets all warm and fuzzy.

Being Yelled At: This may have to do with his upbringing, but being yelled at has always made Teddy fall apart, and lose any train of thought.

Beer: Not that Teddy is crazy about alcohol in general, but beer seriously disagrees with his stomach.

Horses: Again, this may stem from his childhood, but horses are too large and sturdy and in Teddy’s opinion murderous to be trusted.

People withholding their emotions: This relates to his manipulation of others, but if Teddy can’t read a person or tell what they want, he gets annoyed very quickly.

Stares into space -This happens whenever Teddy is thinking particularly hard about something or thinks of something he wants to know. He just blanks out for a second or sixty, and then will go back to normal, like nothing happened.

Rubs thumb on index finger- Especially when he gets excited about something, but cannot move around. His pent up energy manifest itself this way, but not in a bouncy leg oddly enough.

Likes to play with other people’s hair- Not total strangers, although he will fantasize about doing it. No, he just likes to run his fingers through other people’s hair. Long, Short, any texture or color, it seems to calm him down a lot.

Fighting Prowess- While not formally trained in any martial art, Teddy has gained a strong affinity for several breeds of combat that he has seen. His weapon of choice is his fists or a pair of brass knuckles, and fights focusing on pressure points on the human body. He is quick, strong, and dangerous if made angry.

Dancing- Teddy has been taking dancing classes of many varieties for many years, even before he knew how to use his Gift, and always prefers to work on his skills the old fashion way. He is trained in ballet, tap, jazz, and others including several e(x/r)otic disciplines.

Sweet Nature along with manipulations- While he almost never uses his Gift to manipulate others maliciously, he does use them to always be in someone’s good standing. Very few people know that he plays people, and he intends to keep it that way.

Obliviousness- While Teddy does make sure to maintain his standing with others, he never does fake the fact that he is an airhead. Things slip his mind, and does on occasion speak without thinking. This has landed him in trouble a few times, all of which have shaken him.

Lust- A strong sex drive on a twenty-year-old is not an uncommon thing, it is even considered healthy in most people. However, Teddy has his own issues with Lust, mainly that he craves attention from others, and sex is one of the only ways he can think of to keep it. Combine that with the fact he is memorized many… umm… adult techniques from certain films, he rarely leaves a partner dissatisfied.

Need for attention- This is a deeply rooted issue for Teddy, one he’d rather not discuss openly. However, he does know on some level that he wants other people to see him and to impress them, no matter how he can. This has resulted in some bad situations for him, and actually lead him to his current job as a dancer in a club for men and women. He loves it when eyes are on him, almost like a drug. And just like with any drug, he would sink down the rabbit hole for a fix.

Being Truly Alone- This isn’t referring to being along in a house by himself at night, nor is it moving to a new place and not knowing anyone. What Teddy truly fears is not having anyone, anywhere that knows him or likes him. Being a complete outcast, unknown and unloved. No reason to continue for yourself without others, he fears that that day may come upon him.

Werewolves- This may seem childish, but it is a real fear for Teddy. His father allowed him to watch a very scary horror movie when he was 7 about werewolves, featuring incredibly graphic scenes and gore. Ever since then, he has feared the beasts, and given the world around him, he believes his paranoia is valid.

Grandfather| Theodore Boone I| Human| 66
Father| Charles Cain Boone Sr.| Human| 43
Mother| Alice Boone nee Underwood| Human| 42
Sister| Elisabeth Boone| Human| 22
Brother| Charles Cain “CC” Boone Jr.| Human| 22
Brother| Michael George Boone| Human| 17
Sister| Debra Boone| Human| 15
Brother| Jordan Grant Boone| Human | 13

Bowman, Georgia is a small town on the very edge of the state with a population of around 13,000 people. It is a quiet town, filled with the type of people who are either born there and stay or retirees looking for some quiet from Atlanta. Although small, a big name is known throughout; Boone. This family has a long and strong relationship with the town, with some records indicating that a Boone may have been one of the original founders in the late 1800’s. In current times, the patriarch of the family, Theodore Boone is the owner of a great many businesses within town, while his son Charles is a highly successful lawyer and married to a beautiful woman, Alice.

It was to this family that Theodore Boone II was born in 1996, on leap year’s day. Being the third child, the first two being twins, Teddy had an interesting position in the family. He wasn’t the baby for too long, only two years, and was often seen as one of the more rambunctious children. Growing up, he would always be the one swinging from the shelves and running around everywhere in the family’s large expansive house. From a young age, around 6 or 7, Teddy was always enrolled in some type of sport, be it soccer or baseball or his personal favorite, dance. He grew to love the feeling of memorizing a complex series of steps and performing them on stage for everyone to see.

Being in his position in the family, Teddy often felt overlooked compared to his other siblings, as the twins were smart and beautiful, and most of his younger siblings were ‘angels’, as his mom liked to call them, because they were so well behaved. Combined with the fact he had a… tense relationship with his father, over many things in his life not excluding dance, he felt as though he was left out. This only added to his outlandish nature, and combined with the dawning realization that his ability to learn steps faster than anyone in his classes wasn’t just skill on his part, he felt isolated.

It was at age 16 he realized that he was Gifted, and he knew from how his father spoke at the dinner table that one wouldn’t be tolerated in Bowman. Teddy knew that he wanted to go up North from a young age, and five weeks after graduating high school, he packed his bags and left Georgia, telling everyone that New York City was the place of opportunity, and that he felt that he needed to travel before settling down. It was within a month of living in New York did Teddy learn of the thriving Gifted community, and for once he felt validated for his gift, although slightly jealous he couldn’t control stuff like other people. It was also in New York that his libido exploded, never had Teddy met so many different types of people, so fascinating and interesting. It was been around two years since he moved to the big city, and while he has assured his mother back home that he feels his ‘big break’ is around the corner, Teddy couldn’t begin to care less about ever leaving this wonderful City. Although his relationship with his father is best described as rocky, he has a good relationship with his mother and little brother George. He makes sure to visit them every once in a while, and does call, although he is feeling more guilty every time because he is keeping so much of his life hidden away from them.

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So begins...

Teddy Boone's Story