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Mercury Kana

"Living is an excuse to run from everyones true fate."

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Mercury Kana

"Beauty is something you shall find in living... but also in dying. As also this life is twisted, you find happiness. So why shouldn't there be joy in dying? Open up your vision and you'll see everything, even more, than you wish for."

Image+ Full Name:
Mercury Kana

+ Nickname(s)
Kana, Mer

+ Age:
19 years old

+ Gender:

+ Position:
Boy #3 - Extremely cocky, dramatic, and over theatrical. Has a massive ego and a superiority complex. Talent: acting/drama

+ Height and Weight:
5'9" and 122

+ Physical Appearance:
He is a tall half japanese half american boy with dark blue eyes and extremely pure skin. His hair is unusually long 'till his shoulders, which is blond and silky, well treated. Tying it up was never an option -- they were always dancing in the wind as he goes, lightly and free. It's not a rarity to see him being mistaken for his opposit gender as his skinny figure and slim composture really reminded more to a girl. Even his long eye lashes and white, feminine face support that misunderstanding, also his hair and earrings, which he do not wish to be removed. One can say it is his purpose to have it like that still, his opposing, and irritated look everytime someone mistaking him for a girl absolutely vanished that thought.

Blue eyes, blue earrings, and that precious aquamarine that he always wore around his neck was a significent sight of him -- no one ever saw him without those marks. Certainly, is made his feminity raise again however, those were his treasure, that he would never put off and hand to another person, though he knew he could trust him.

That aside, although he does have many female features, he still is a boy in his development state so that he strength can not be compared to some not trained teens. Though he may seem like someone who doesn't like to sweat, he trains his body.

"To a profound pessimist about life, being in danger is not depressing." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

+ Sexuality:
Bi - sexual

+ Quirk(s):
To walk proudly He always walks like a rich person (who he is) which made him look very arrogant and self-centered.
To look down on people before he even knows them It is a quirk, a bad habit that he always seem to be looking down on people. It may seem so even though he just examine them from head to toe, having his own opinion about someone without considering their thoughts about him eyeing people a bit too closely.

+ Likes:
♥ Acting
♥ Reading books about Quotes
♥ Drama, Theater, Art and Skills
♥ Beauty

+ Dislikes:
► Everything out of space
► Who is against
► Sympathy

+ Fear(s):
- Disqualification
- Deniability, Disgusted from something he felt at home in
- To fail expectations

"Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see." - Arthur Schopenhauer

+ Hobbies/skills:
- To read various philosophic books
- Convey appropriative Quotes in the best opportunity
- Writing Dramas

+ Talent/Gift:
Acting/Drama His appearance more reminded him as an arrogant brat which is hopeless without money however, his acting skills are superior. Although he may seem to never understand any other person than himself, he is able to play any character by his will until now, without putting any real effort into it. He just played them -- lived within them and displayed their feelings without fail.

"I'm a pessimist because of intelligence, but an optimist because of will." - Antonio Gramsci

+ Personality:
How you may put it...? He is an oddball. As anyone wants to get help from someone, he decline it and stubbornly go for an one- man fight alone. He dislikes to depend on somebody which is the reason he'd never convey himself to anyone. Aside from his stubborn nature, he is surprisingly someone who always leave things undone if he feels that it would never be finished in lifetime. That's his pessimistic side, living in deduction and certain of a 19 years old teen. Nothing is surprising seeing him then being an unsocial human being, who is arrogant and has a superiority complex. Probably because Kana comes from a well known rich house, he always think himself as better. However, not like any other would think, he really is able to know others feelings just too well, hurting them nevertheless. His sadistic way of speaking may scare people off him, keep distance, still deep inside, he is attracted to society. However, him being too proud and distrusting towards that world made those high walls between them and kept those feelings prisoned inside him. Another view point of his behavior is that he decline to show himself because of it convey his true feelings, with other words his weakness. Covering his weakness that is the reason he hated sympathy so much. So to cover that soft point, he made his personality everyday arrogant and self- centered, sarcastic and bad.

+ History:
Always up in the high society, he had to learn many things from the time he was born. Manners, different skills and knowledge was stuffed inside his head and made him lost most of his childhood. Passing his time inside studying, never having the opportunity to go outside was the reason why he is such a closed person. He only knew to smile as he was told to, not as he really wanted to. Till then, hatred was still something unknown to him, only boredom accompanied him through his days, prisoned in his own manor. Nonetheless, he had that curiosity every child had, wanted to explore, wanted to know, everything. He quickly had his interest on the big world, earth, where he lived on. Wanted to see waterfalls, rainbows, different animals, even cliffs and canyons. There was a time where he wanted to go outside those walls. That feeling grew even bigger as then with only two hands to sum his age, he escaped his manor and walked in the town alone, seeing beautiful, as also terrifying things. Thinking that would be a lesson for little Kana, he did it again not many years later with enthusiasm. It was then when he had that strange acounter with a philosoph. He figured, he was not a very optimistic guy in his age, still, he was fascinated by his vision of the world. He wanted to know even more -- which is why he spent even more time now in his four walls, reading various philosophic books. And no one could even guess that twist of fate: He died, the philosoph.

It was the first time someone near to Kana died, however, he didn't even shed one tear. It was something normal -- dying is something normal, nothing to shed tears for. Probably that was the time where his own mother grew vary of him. She was scared of her own child. After that incident, she brought his son to many theater, in the hope of making her son conscience of the sadness. Sorrow. Although it didn't went as his mother wanted to, she had made Kana to grow interest in theater and acting. Many called him talented child, genuis. As then his perfect world crumbled, most the fault of his father. Of course, he doesn't know if the one who has ended his carrier as young actress was indeed his father however, he had an evil hunch which was verified one night. The night when he had threaten his own father and disappeared, to follow that letter he had received the morning before.

+ Relationship Status:
Single, most of the time.

+ Crushes:
"No one in particular."

+ Theme:
Nothing's carved in Stone
Two Steps from Hell - Protectors of the Earth

+ Other:
From all Quotes in this world, he is attracted especially to the quotes of philosophs out of this century.

So begins...

Mercury Kana's Story

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Mercury Kana

Mercury didn't regret his decision to go from his estate and finding the place where he has been told to come, a place, that he didn't know about before. Even though that, he came. Not for anyones sake than his, like always. He wanted to continue his life as he believed in, as an actor. Not as a puppet of his father -- that day he made it clear. He confronted him directly, he declined his demands, didn't listen to his orders -- he defeated him clearly. Truth to be told, he was happy although he didn't show it much as he drove away from his estate with that creepy little car without saying goodbye to anyone -- except his father of course. No, Mercury was not in a hurry or something, he only refrained himself to do so because it is only wasting time, may that be his inner thought or actually not. A sigh escaped his lips as he thought again about it. He had to quit thinking about useless stuffs and seeing up front.

Soon, the early morning turned to a warm midday which made him put off his sweater and with a controlled curiousity stared in front with a hint of surprise. He didn't thought that someone would own such a big estate, even bigger than his house although the difference was minor. Mercury, who loved details, already found those little things which made the difference clear like a cloudless sky, as if this estate was build in perfection. "Who was the architect for the estate?," he asked his driver, not contante that he couldn't hold back asking. He was ashamed that he never have even heard about such a masterpiece before. The private school of the talented, Mansion March -- he bowed (in his thoughts) because it was such a beauty that Mercury loved. He already knew that he would feel be just fine staying there, if the meals were even only half good as the whole appearance of the mansion. Gracefully, he let his driver drove away before inspecting the building first (which was a rarity) and with his own hand he carried his bags to the the mansion inside.

There he was confronted with not less perfection, details loving curves and small towers, engraving art into the stone and well picked colour in each places. It was such a joy only to look at it. However, there was someone else there, standing there with a guitar on his back. Mercury couldn't see his/ her face but he definitely knew that he was probably another student of this private school of the gifted -- and his certain gift has most definitely has to do with music. Mercury always looked up to musicians although he never showed it. It was a riddle for him how anyone could produce such gentle yet beautiful sound, as in the other hand they also produce rough and loud noise. Anyhow, Mercury was not someone who greeted, but the one who is always being greeted, which is why he didn't say anything as he passed the blond haired man deeper into the mansion.

Marie Destin

[font=calibri]Marie had a strange grin on her face. Well, not like it was something unusual for her. The perky and most definitely, sparkling little girl with pink hair was curiously lookind out of the window, forgetting how dangerous it was to also put out her little head off the car, with the reason wanting to see clearer what is up ahead her. She was not someone patient, one could see that straight away. Thus she loved the wind, which now pressed her face very strong. For seconds she couldn't even breath and coughed back inside the car as she heared the irritation of the taxi driver. "Why are children always searching for their death? It is shocking! Consider to cherish your life!," He muttered even more complains as Marie apologized with a small grin. "Sorry, Mr...," she peered up front reading the taxi drivers name as she added: "... Busho. I was only so excited wanting to see the mansion march soon!," she honestly explained as she, like a good girl, closing the window and now only gazing outside. There was a sigh coming up from the driver, but a small smile followed.

He asked what her talents were and explained that he already had other talented ones in his car, who were now very famous. Marie could only smirk seeing the driver excitement. "Well then, you'll have another famous one in your car! Me!," she stated with confident which was followed by the drivers laugh. Yes, Marie had a good time until she finally arrived her destination. Never in her life she had seen such a huge building. Happiness and curiousity was crawling up and pushed her to explore the who mansion as she winked the driver goodbye, grabbing her things and soon dashed up front.

It was not long after the big iron gate as she already saw someone with a guitar, and someone else with an expensive looking suitcase who is pretty much going very fast. That's why she decided to greet the nearest one first with a bright smile and a light touch on his shoulders. "Hey there! Also here because of a invitation letter?," The answer may be obvious, but she didn't care. She only wanted something that they could talk about, nothing more nothing less.[/calibri]

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The limo pulled up to a grand mansion. Even by Edinburgh's standards, this was another level. Jenna felt her breath hitch in her throat as she looked up at the building. She considered it her personal challenge to be able to do this building justice by way of the written word. She threw her rucksack onto her back and began hastily making notes on the building. She could redraft and make sense of it all later. She folded her notebook away in her coat pocket.

There were already people at the entrance. Two boys and a girl. The girl instantly caught Jenna's attention with her bright pink hair. One of the boys had a guitar on his back. She loved listening to music when she wrote. Music, like words, could evoke so many emotions. She stood next to the pink haired girl, looking up at the building wondering when, if ever, the impact of it would lessen on her.

"How long you guys been standing here?" She asked, her question directed at no one in particular.

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William Haxely

Will was admiring the scenery when other people began to show up. well, looks like the place is filling up know. he blinked when he saw that most of the current arrivals were girls, other then the blond guy who had walked right past him earlier. Will perks up and smiles. Okay, this might not be so bad. picking up his things, he look up at the mansion and sighed. "Guess your my home now."

He didn't notice one of the girls walking up behind him right when he was about to head in, he almost jumped when she tapped his shoulders. Will took off his headphones and turned to see a Girl with bright pink hair. "Hey there! Also here because of a invitation letter?" Blinking when he noticed it Must be one of the other students. He sighed. He held up his own invitation and smiled. "Yep, looks like I'm one of these "gifted" students like yourself." Will shook his head and laughed. Guess it's time for first impressions. he rubbed the back of his neck and then held his hand out. "I'm William, call me Will. I came here all the way from London, England." His ascent was light but noticeable, he just thought it polite to say where he came from. Obviously none of them where from here to begin with.

Will then eyed another girl that walked up to them and smiled. "How long you guys been standing here?" She then went next to the pink haired girl and looked up at the building. "Not that long, we just got here." wonder what she can do, must be awesome if it got her here. Will had sent his instruments ahead of time, sound prices and everything. Just then another girl walked up to the small group. "Hi, I'm Jayson." well, Looks like it wouldn't be hard making friends here, everyone seemed friendly enough. "I'm Will. Nice to meet you." This was going to be one interesting summer indeed.

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Annabelle looked at the mansion in front of her. There were 4 people here already.
Miss, you must go now.
The limo driver said. Annabelle quickly thanked him and climbed out, grabbing her backpack and slipping on the straps. She walked toward the group, focusing on the boy with a guitar on his back. She approached the group and smiled at them.
Hi! I'm Annabelle, but can you call me Anna?
She said, her Alaskan accent coming out in her words.