Ryan Huntington

"Missing eye or not, I'm still the best damn fighter at this school."

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Ryan Huntington

"When in doubt, punch 'em in the face."

Full Name: Ryan Huntington

Nickname(s): People have given him some pretty nasty names because of his missing eye. But his true nickname is Ryan the Puppy.
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 11"
weight: 140lbs of pure muscle.
Physical Appearance:
Ryan has about chin length hair and amber eyes. Though you can only see one eye because what's left of the right one is covered by a black eyepatch. His build is incredibly athletic, there isn't an ounce of fat on him anywhere. He's more of a jeans and tee-shirts kind of guy, but no matter what he's wearing he always has on his favorite leather jacket.

Sexuality: Homosexual
Quirks:All brawn, not a whole lot of brain.
Likes: Fighting
Being busy

Dislikes: Sweets
Having nothing to do

Fear(s): Big time Claustrophobic
Being injured in a way that would make him have to quit martial arts.

Hobbies/skills: His guilty pleasure is Yaoi manga, but he doesn't read it in front of other people.
Running, jumping, climbing, swimming, basically anything athletic.
Surprisingly he enjoys putting together puzzles.

Talent/Gift: Ryan's talent is martial arts, which includes weaponry. While he doesn't know much beyond the art of fighting, he is incredibly knowledgable in that subject. He loves teaching other people what he knows so that they can defend themselves. He is considered an expert in martial arts.

Personality: When it comes to anything other than martial arts he's naive. He's as loyal as a dog and has more energy than one. Which is how he earned his nickname. He is very confident in himself and his skills, almost to the point of arrogance. He loves to show off and isn't modest in the slightest. He likes to act cool, but he's really a big goofball. He's friendly and talkative, but knows when to talk and when to listen. He's impatient, he can only wait about three and half seconds before he starts doing something. He's also proud and ambitious.
History: Ryan was, literally, born in a dojo. Seriously, his mom went into labor picking up her husband from his dojo, they only had one car at the time. The highway leading to the hospital was closed due to a semi truck rollover, but luckily one of the adult students was a doctor. So Ryan was literally born in a dojo. They knew that Ryan was going to be a martial artist about a week later when he doing what looked like kicks and punches in his crib. At three and half he started training and never looked back. Martial arts was his life. Which is why when he was eight years old, losing his eye almost killed him. Both literally a figuratively. He didn't even lose it in a cool way, it was a freak accident involving his spazzy best friend and a marshmallow that was on fire. Luckily only his eye was affected, but it still took almost six months in the hospital to recover. Once he was able to return to school, he started getting bullied for his eyepatch. As much as he wanted to, he never raised a fist against any of them. Except when they threw the first punch and he was defending himself. The bullying continued all through Elementary school, then middle school. But Ryan took it like a champ and it never hurt him in the slightest. In high school things got a little better, they all thought the eyepatch was cool. He gained friends, a nickname, things were looking good. Then he got the letter...
Relationship Status: Single
Crushes: None at the moment.
Theme: Fight-Icon For Hire
Other: Though he doesn't care if the world knows or not, he hasn't told a single person that he's gay. It would have just added something else to get bullied for.

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Ryan Huntington's Story

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Ryan couldn't take it anymore. His energy, his impatience, his restless limbs that craved to hit something. He was going insane on the plane. The claustrophobic wasn't helping either. He couldn't even read his yaoi manga because of the people around. They had been in the air for hours. And Ryan couldn't take it anymore, he was going to snap soon. "Oh thank god!" He said to himself as the plane finally touched down.

He was one of the first people off, even though he had been one of the last ones on. He didn't even want to come to this stupid school. He was doing fine training on his own. But his parents thought it would be good for him so here he was. He knew the truth behind why they made him go, they were afraid of him. He had surpassed them in skill as a martial artist by the time he was twelve, normal kids don't do that. Normal kids don't have eyepatches and spend almost all their free time practicing combat. They thought he was a freak and that shipping him off to a school with other 'gifted' children would mean they didn't have to deal with him.

Ryan groaned when he saw what was waiting for them outside the plane, limos. They were going to make the claustrophobic kid go from a plane that already had him on edge, to an even smaller mode of transport. He was tempted to tell one of the drivers that he was just going to run there, but with his sense of direction, or lack of, he would have gotten lost. With a sigh he slipped into one of the limos and nodded at the driver. "Don't be alarmed if I start throwing punches while I'm back here, I won't hit you or your seat."

The driver laughed and started driving.