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Yang O-Huang

The Master Yang Jian's granddaughter and a guard of the island

0 · 130 views · located in Kohaku Island

a character in “Ginryu School: Way of the Fist”, as played by Jaybt9


Name: Yang O-Huang
Age: 21
Style: She knows Wu Dang Quan internal martial arts (Tai Ji Quan, Xing Yi Quan,etc.) and a few of Shaolin Quan but she prefers using Tai Ji Quan's weapon style
Position: Resident of the island, and also secures the island with Kumagaro Go.
Standing 5'7", O-Huang's figure is quite slim for someone skillful in the jian. Her skin complexion is as soft as cotton, and clear as glass, having a wheat shade of brown with light blushes of pink. Her eyes are radiantly brown, while her lips are small, yet full. Her hair is dark brown, flowing slightly below her chest area. Her classy attire consist of either various shades of red, or shades of green.


Her personality is really calm and innocent, comparing to the fresh air. She treats life itself as her first priority, along with her health. Fighting is also important to her, as she practically lived fighting and training, but she doesn't want to treat that as a priority. Another thing that she treats seriously is her religion, which is Taoism. Even though she isn't as dedicated to the religion, she does perform practices, such as attend festivals.

O-Huang is forever loyal to her family, and his father's fighting dream, which inspired her to perform Tai Ji Jian.

O-Huang is quite wise for her age, and is even displaying wisdom to others, especially the young fighters, even though she barely sees them. Even though she has good nature, she despises cockiness and narcissism, and even though she isn't the first to regulate (usually someone else would), she lets them know that she has an opinion on it, but more with body gestures.


Red Tai Ji Jian sword


O-Huang was born in a middle-class lifestyle by a Wu Shu champion and Taoist father, and an inspiring Beijing Opera singing mother. O-Huang was literally born and raised martial arts by her father in the arts of the Wu Dang Mountains.

O-Huang had heard of legends about the famous Yang Jian when she was little, not even knowing that he was actually her paternal grandfather. O-Huang was curious as to whom her paternal grandfather was, but her father never revealed his name. He did say that his father "died" when she was 1; something that he actually believed.

O-Huang did attend ceremonies held for Yang Jian, but she only thought that her father was a grave fan of his. At age 12, however, O-Huang finally discovered her family secret by an old family album, displaying pictures of Yang Huan in his mid-20s, pictures of him and his son (O-Huang's father), and one last picture of him in his very-late 40s, carrying in newborn baby in his arms. She asked her father why he would keep something that really wasn't as big, but it would have been interesting to hear. He responded by saying that people gain too much greed, telling others that they were related to someone with big fame. Eventually, she would forgive him for it, and she decided that she would help build Yang Jian and her father's legacy by becoming a wu shu competitor.

At the age of 14, O-Huang's father had taken her to his childhood home; the Wudang Mountains, a small mountain range located on the northern part of China, where she began to spend summers training in martial arts, especially Tai Ji Quan's fluid weapon style. At the same time, she was able to perfect in it.

At the age of 16, she attended her very first Wu Shu competition. Even though she was silver for Xing Yi Quan, she was gold for both Tai Chi Quan and Tai Ji Jian. She had received positive feedback from her performance in the Tai Ji Jian event, that she was even invited to the World Junior WuShu Championship, where she also won gold for Tai Ji Jian and Tai Chi Quan. this had motivated her into even continuing after she graduated high school. At age 19, she attended the World Wushu Championship for adults, winning gold for both sports that she had won before when she was 16.

She was 19 when she had received a letter from an unknown sender, but the sender had revealed his name on the letter; it was her grandfather. Along with it was a talisman.

Once she entered the island, she had smiled so greatly at the presence of the very grandfather that she had never even remembered seeing. Even though her grandfather had offered her at being his next prodigy after he died, she rightfully refused. She had her own life to take care of most and her path was still not complete; her grandfather understood her reasoning. She wanted to see her grandfather, and that was all that mattered most at this point. However, she was willing to be trained by him for the summer. He promised her to keep his presence a secret to the world, including her family, until the time was right. She agreed.

She had attended a university, getting her Associates Degree, but instead of perusing a real-life career, she wanted to see her grandfather again, and was willing to become a guard for his newly-found students.

So begins...

Yang O-Huang's Story