Alexis Brown

"I will never be found, nor taken"

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a character in “Give all or nothing”, as played by Bella Enchated


Name - This girl goes by the name of Alexis Brown, nothing different.
Face claim - Taylor Swift
Age - Alexis is 17 years old, her birthday falls on June 10th.
Gender - Female, of course. Werewolf.
Sexual Orientation - Alexis is straight, heterosexual.
Race - She is American/white.

Human - In human form, Alexis has long curly blonde hair and hazel eyes. She has a skinny body but is very fit. Her eyes sometimes seem to shine in any kind of light around. She normally wears jeans with a tank top or sometimes a t-shirt no matter how cold it is outside. She wears toms, flip flops, sandles, and sometimes heels.

Wolf - In wolf form, Alexis has a light gray coat color with a white patch on her chest. Her eyes turn pure black and her claws are longer than the were before her. She has long, sharp fangs that hang just below her lips almost to her chin. She has a scar on her right side and one across her front, let paw all earned in a fight she won.
Likes - Alexis enjoys listening to music, reading, singing, running, fighting, writing, and more.
Dislikes - She hates the hunters, people getting hurt, bugs, snakes, sea food, beans, and more.
Fears - She fears having no other people to help, death, being forgotten, and more.
Strengths - She is a better fighter knowinng she has back up, and people she care for who care back.
Weaknes - Her big weakness is, her friends and family.
History - When she was a young girl around 5 her parents were both killed and she was put up for adoption. Keeping her wolf secret to herself she was adopted by two nice people named John and Lea. They are both still caring for her and give her a reason to live. She has always loved having people to tell stuff to knowing they won't stab her in the back and tell other people. When she was 13 years old, her first boyfriend was kidnapped and she still looks out for any sign of him.
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