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Give all or nothing



a part of Give all or nothing, by S1mon.


S1mon holds sovereignty over Hill-Valley, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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twilight (loosely-based)


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Hill-Valley is a part of Give all or nothing.

6 Characters Here

Roman Wolcott [32] Pack Member
Alexandra Ackroyd [29] "I am not just a pretty face...."
Wilder Bell [16] Alpha of the pack.
Viktor Michael McKlaus [15] "I'll have you know that I do not consider myself a prisoner to the hunters."
Ash Stone [14] "Blood, sweat, and tears."
Mikaela Udinov [4] "Butterflies are god's proof. That we can live a second life."

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Character Portrait: Mikaela Udinov Character Portrait: Alexandra Ackroyd
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#, as written by S1mon

❝Alexandra Ackroyd❞

Alex could not deny how overwhelming the whole existence of another species dwelling among them would be for Kayla, nevermind two which both had their eyes on humans for their survival in exchange for their deaths or conversion which was at least their death to humanity. Overwhelming wasn't even the right word to describe it, but hopefully she would game for her proposition and not be spooked off by thinking that she was being illusional and making it all up. However, should she be able to gain Kayla's service, then her plan would be back on track to bring peace between the three waring species where the human's were easy prey, but if all went Alex's way and if the experiments worked as she had hoped, then it would be human's that would be prey no longer.

Knowing that Kayla was coming which made her feel over the moon that she decided to come all the way back to Hill-Valley, Alex made it her busy to look her part as she straightened her hair after it dried from bathing and begun making sure that she looked presentable. Alex had changed so much from her youth, though as she thought about her own youth, she also thought about the young Kayla, both of them had grew both physically and mentally, so she couldn't wait to see how Kayla was now.

Then again, Meagan seemed to be the perfect candidate yet had let her down with how naive she was. She couldn't really blame her in all honesty, having a fit guy like Viktor go round her house, totally forgetting that he was a vampire that could suck the life of her. Pretty blunt, yes, but until the few humans that were not so blind to the truth were able to defend themselves properly, they had to maintain themselves and keep their wits about them, which was why Alex grew to be the cunning woman that she was, certainly a foxy lady indeed.

The old cabin wasn't exactly the best of places to meet up, but it was the perfect place to discuss things without the ears of ordinary blind humans, such that fell victim to vampires and werewolves again and again. Alex's response to that was no more, which was why she was determined for her plans to work, as she now saw the cabin up ahead and smiled. There was clear excitement inside her to see her friend again, which was evident when she opened the creaky old door and saw her, causing a wide smile on her face and rushing over to greet her, which she did with the french customary greeting of a light kiss on each cheek. "I'm so glad you've come Kayla, you look wonderful and I've missed you so much", she exclaimed, clearly the werewolves had to watch out with her and Kayla on their tail XD


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Character Portrait: Wilder Bell
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Wilder Bell

Wilder watched Ash go. He considered following her, helping her stitch herself up, but ultimately turned around and returned to the kitchen. He was still hungry after all. Unlike in wolf form, when his pack sat around the table, there was no hierarchy on who got food first. They didn’t need to wait for him to take the first bite, though some still did. He didn’t mind either way. Humming, he reached over to snatch a piece of bacon off of someone’s plate. They swatted at his hand and he gave them a grin, stuffing it into his mouth.

When he felt something press against his leg look looked down to find a head full of dirty blond curls and bright blue eyes looking up at him. Wilder bent down, picking the two year old up and settling him in his arms. “Hello Pierce. Did you sleep well?”
The child nodded, still sleepy, and wrapped his hands around Wilder’s neck, snuffling against the skin.

“Do you want me to take him, Wilder?” Anna had put her own plate down, approaching with open arms. Wilder shook his head, readjusting the child.

“I’m fine Anna. You go ahead and eat.” It had been a long time since he had spent time with his child, maybe over a week. Anna gave him a smile and picked her plate up again. Pierce was rubbing his nose and chin over Wilder’s neck and shoulder, scent marking. Wilder returned the favor and felt Pierce relax again, settling into sleepily staring about the room.


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#, as written by xRoo
Ash Stone


Ash had finished in the bathroom. Her shoulder was soon stitched and beautifully well, as if she had much practice. She taped a bandage over her wound, to keep the stitches from wearing and from getting dried out. She brushed her fingers through her hair for a moment, staring at herself through the mirror. She was fit, tall, and she had such an attitude appearance. Did she find herself attractive? Not so much. She didn't think much of herself, except that she was a badass when it came to fighting. Her lips formed a slight smirk as she pulled her hood over her head and stretched her arms carefully.

She hurried back down to the kitchen and her eyes settled down on Anna and Wilder. She stepped close to Wilder, her fingers brushing against the back of Pierce's neck before she stood on her toes and pressed a kiss to Wilder's cheek softly. "Good as new." She murmured, before he had the chance to ask about her arm. She looked at Pierce and smiled.

"I brought you something." She whispered, pulling out a bit of black leather. At the middle, was a bound blue stone. It was shaped to a paw print. Something she figured Pierce would enjoy. She held it out in front of the little child, a smile touching her lips.


6 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Mikaela Udinov Character Portrait: Viktor Michael McKlaus Character Portrait: Alexandra Ackroyd Character Portrait: Wilder Bell Character Portrait: Ash Stone Character Portrait: Roman Wolcott
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#, as written by S1mon
(OOC: Tagging everyone so this message reaches everyone. I've not been so active as of net due to moving house, net not working and my wireless usage running out since it became our main net so been relying on my 45-min lunch break at college (which sometimes included finishing off work since couldn't work from home as a result) but know that I am back, once I catch up with everything. By the looks of it, Viktor and Mikaela have disappeared, so thinking of maybe time skipping to the action to the four of us that remain with Mikaela watching over Viktor with me NPC'ing their parts as and when sorta thing)