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Full name: Evan Michael Wainright

Nicknames: Ev, Wainright

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Birth Date: February 13th

Nationality: American

Sexual Preference: Heterosexual

Height: 5'11"

Scars: A few from football and others from various athletic injuries.

Tattoos: (thinking...)

Piercings: None

Personality: Evan is the all american preppy boy. If you ask any underclassman they'll tell you of Evan's perfection. He's a classy gentleman, to say the least. He's incredibly charming and witty, and always manages to talk himself in and out of every situation. His politeness is always noted, good manners from being raised by a nice classy family like himself. He often displays his humbleness, his prudence, his calm, his patience and his principles. He's many girl's dream guy, animal loving and kind. Anyone who talks to him would say he's a nice guy, dashing gentleman. A smile and a wink from him will send most blushing, and it's possibly he'd be called a flirt. Easily girls fawn over him, and he's sweet and kind to them all.
He saves face, so to say. He's extremely sheltered by any means, and hasn't ever been an outcast of any of the sort. He's always trying to improve his image, so he socializes with the other populars. He's a bit insecure though he never shows it, and he's not stupid to the idea of the social ladder. He's a born leader, and is known to throw raging parties. Though he is friendly to everyone he meets, you'd never see him really hanging out with anyone other than his other socialites. He's somewhat shallow in that fact, but in his eyes it's just the way things work. He tries not to stray from the unwritten laws.
When it comes to girls, he flirts occasionally but not too much. He sometimes has flings or hookups, but it's somewhat understood it wasn't going to be more. He's also had serious girlfriends, which becomes the talk of the school. The two are basically celebrities then, and many follow the whole relationship. Every girl wishing she were his girlfriend. The break up is basically the talk of the school for a month.
He's pretty well rounded, and participates in various preppy things. He goes sailing or boating with his family, and vacations often. He plays lacrosse for the school team, but you wouldn't say he was as involved in it as a jock. It's sort of a boost to his popularity, because he's a decent starter for the team. Other than that he's extremely spoiled, and works for almost nothing. He's the youngest of three, and the baby of the family. His older brother and sister often spend time with him, and are extremely similar to how he is. They're a seemingly picture perfect family, and very rich at that.
When it comes to being the king of the socialites, he does his job. He keeps the other boys in line, while keeping a neutral agreement between them. Being boys, they have less drama than the girls, but not much. They do have an image to uphold, just like the girls. He's serious when it comes to any serious issues, but besides that he's more focused on scheduling the next kegger. His older brother will easily buy him one, so alcohol is never a problem.
Being a socialite means that you have friends and bonds to withhold, as well as hatreds. It isn't odd for Evan to go along in the fun of pulling pranks on the nerds or anyone else they decide. He's always looking for a good time, even at other's expense.
He'd never really come off as a dick to women, but he will laugh behind any friend who does. Standing up for someone other than your main friends is suicide, and Evan isn't willing to risk anything. He decides there isn't a right and wrong, only a grey area. Looking into it is pointless because nothing will change unless you mess with the flow. And honestly, things are going wonderfully for him as it is. He has everything he could want really, other than a girl. For right now.
He is extremely confident, and does place himself above everyone else. He's Evan Wainright. Why should he lower himself? He respects others generally, and has his gentlemanliness, but like mentioned he doesn't mind being cruel for a few laughs. In his own perfect world everyone is there to entertain him and his friends.

+Nice clothing
+His friends
+Being king
+Dressing nice
+School colors/pride
+Confident people
-People who think they're better than him
-Feeling dumb
-Being cold
-Rude people
-Poor people
-Not getting his way
-Boring parties
-Vertical stripes
-Girly things (wearing them)
-Rap or pop music
-Crazy people
-Oddly colored hair
-The circus

Getting girl 4 back
Going to college
Doing well in football

Losing Girl 4 forever
Being alone
Failing in football & not going to college



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Evan Wainright's Story

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Time: 7:00 A.M
Date: Tuesday, 14th January 2014
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
What's Going On?: It is the first day back from Winter Break for the students of Van Buren High School.



It was around seven in the morning when an alarm went off, disturbing Rhapsody's sleep. She jolted up hearing Simple Mind's song, Don't You Forget About Me continuing to play on full blast before she reached under her pillow to shut her new phone off. She yawned before snuggling back in her bed, just now remembering that her boyfriend, Darren was sleeping next to her. She sighed and let out a smile before kissing his jaw. "Good morning." She said softly before

As she waited for him to finally wake up, she could hear that outside her door was silent which is just what she wanted. Her parents were suppose to be away until later that night. They have been away for almost a week for their anniversary and for that week, Darren had been staying with her for a couple of those nights. Her sister had found out the second night after seeing the teenage boy's car not far from their house, but she promised not to tell her brothers or their parents. Knowing that if any of the men in their family found out that both Rhapsody and Darren would be in trouble by both of their families. Knowing Peter Graham though, Rhapsody knew that her father would cause the most trouble. Blaming, Darren for the whole thing like he always did whenever Rap did something he didn't approve of.

She looked at the time, 7:04 a.m. The bohemian girl sat up in her bed and let out a loud yawn, that she hoped her boyfriend didn't hear, and got out of her bed. Walking to her bathroom, she grabbed out her outfit for the day and tossed it one the sink watching her shorts slip to the floor. She turned on the water and hopped in, hoping to get done before Darren woke up. Did it matter that he saw her in nothing but a towel? No, but she still wanted to get dressed and be able to have her make up on as soon as she could.

After not even ten minutes, Rhapsody was done and looking in the mirror to check her reflection. She pulled down on her shorts a bit in order to make them look longer just in case one of her brothers were still home. She spun around once more before smiling at her outfit choice for the first day back. She looked at her boyfriend and walked over to him. She sat on his hard chest and leaned down to give him a long but, gentle kiss. It wasn't until she heard her door open that she pulled away. When she pulled away and she saw her brother, Xavier there she had no idea what to say. "What the Hell?! Jackson! Get over here."

"No! Jackson, don't come here." Rhapsody shouted to the room next to her. She pushed her brother out of her room when he tried to get closer to Darren. "Get out. Get out of my room." She closed the door behind her and looked at her brother with an annoyed look on her face. "What the hell is he doing here, Rhapsody? Did he spend the night?... Oh dear God don't tell me you..--"

"No, of course not! Look, we just watched a couple of movies and we fell asleep. That's all." Her brother looked at her, trying to see if she was lying. He looked her up and down before sighing. "Do you know what dad would if he found out?"

"If I found out what?"

Rhapsody heard her father's deep voice along with the front door shutting behind their mother and father. "Nothing." Rhapsody said down the stairs as she looked at her brother who just shrugged. "Oh really?" Then next thing the teenagers heard was their father's loud and steady footsteps coming up the stairs. Luckily he was first going to his room to drop off his and his wife's bags on to their large king size bed. Giving the siblings enough time to think of a plan. "Help me." The small girl whispered to her older brother who looked at her like she was crazy. "What am I suppose to do?" He whispered towards her. She shrugged. "Anything. Just don't let him see Darren right now."

"Fine, get him looking decent and I'll distract dad." Xavier walked towards their father's and mother's room to see the two of them unpacking their bags and putting their clothing back in their specific places in their large walk in closet. What Xavier was saying, Rhapsody had no idea. The parents' room was too far away from her room. Rhapsody went back in her room and looked at her boyfriend. "Aw, you look so cute." She told him before remembering the plan. "Okay, so my parents are back a day early and they're here right now. Xavier is distracting them so that you can sneak downstairs, knock on the door, and make it seem like you just got here." She said with an embarrassed smile. She hated doing this but, she didn't want to get in trouble and her father was already skeptical of Darren and his intentions with his daughter, why give him even more reason to not trust the young man?

She wrapped her arms around her boyfriend and kissing his cheek softly. When she pulled away, she sighed. "I am really sorry, baby. I just... I just don't want my dad to hate you and if he finds you, he will make me leave you. And, I can't do that to you." She let go of him and just looked at him, hoping that he wasn't angry at her.