Alice Satin

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Name: Alice Faye Satin
Nickname: None
Role: Siren 24
Age: 23 (210)
Sexuality: Aromantic (Lacks interest/desire for romantic relationships)

Manipulating others
Anything sexual
Other's weakness
Other's fear
Sadistic tendencies
Fun (at other's expense)
Other sirens
Playing with humans
Killing people
The cold
The dark

Not getting her way
Being tied down
Being in one place too long
Being afraid
Feeling weak
Not being in control

Being caught in a lie.
Being called out on her heartlessness.
Being ugly.

Destroy as many humans as she can.
Feel infinite.
To die.

Her past is kind of a secret, and even as a kid she was always a bit off. She killed her parents, for one. And troubled many others around her. She was always a master at lies, and manipulated everyone she could. As she grew up she constantly used others for her benefit, and often got into relationships with people she didn't love or feel any sort of romance toward. Also, she was once married to a man and even had twins. The second she was able to she left him, somewhat suddenly and with an abrupt exit. And other than that she almost completely lacks empathy, and only sees the evil in others, incapable of seeing an honest or kindness because she herself doesn't really have any true niceness in her body.


Personality: Alice is not like other people, never was from birth. Something had always been off about her, like something was unbalanced. But, she was one to turn her weakness into her strength. Making her strong points even stronger because of what she seemed to lack. She had always used her difference to her advantage, leaving destruction and painful events in her wake. There was a time when Alice could have been described as being related to the devil, or the devil himself. But she is a siren, merely a muse with false pretentions. She has a way about her that makes people distressed, restless, uneasy, and even envious. But, Alice wasn't obvious about her inner ugly motives. She had an innocent face, lovely cream colored hair, that grows oddly long. Her wide set eyes are a blank grey, with upper lids that droop making her look mysteriously sleepy. Her nose delicate and porcelain like her skin, her cheekbones high and wide sweeping down to a small chin, giving her a heart shaped face. Her mouth nicely shaped and slightly wide, fit her face well enough. She'd always been very skinny, and didn't have too much of a figure. She had small hips and breasts, and looked more childlike skinny than slender. But, she was a pretty child and she became a pretty woman.
Her voice was huskily soft, and it could be so sweet as to be irresistible. But when she needed it to her voice seemed to cut like a knife. Even as a child she had an odd quality in her that made people look at her, turn away, then look back at her, trouble by something foreign. Something showed out of her that wasn't there when they looked back. She moved quietly and talked occasionally, but could enter no room and not have everyone turning to look at her. She always made people uneasy, but not enough for them to want to go away from her. Most wanted to inspect her, to become close to her, and to find what disturbance she'd created so subtly. And this had always been normal for Alice, so she never found it strange.
She was different from other children in a few ways. She never wanted to be like everyone else, and had always done whatever she wanted, worn whatever she wanted, and it seemed she set trends other children followed. After a while other children her age began to keep distance from her. Only few socialized with her at one time, others started to avoid her like she had some sort of danger around her.
Alice was a liar, but not with make believe lies. She didn't lie about stories and things that didn't matter. She lied for purpose; profit or escape. Her lies were never innocent, she often escape punishment, work, responsibility, or she gained something. She never forgot her lies, so she never was caught. She was sly and very smooth talking, so everything came out very naturally and believable.
Even when she was young she figured out that many people have lusts, impulses, and desires. She learned this in others, and used it to her gain. It's possible she didn't believe that there were anything other qualities in humans; only bad ones. It might have been because she herself did not have any kindness or anything that made her care for others. With that, she never felt any guilt or empathy for anyone, and only a disdain for humans.
She learned at a young age that sexuality with all its pains, jealousies, and taboos, is the most common impulse humans have. She used this as a way to keep power and manipulate almost anyone. It was a weapon and a threat. It was irresistible. She herself had never felt this impulse, and easy felt a contempt for those who did.
She is extremely organised, and constantly plans out and devises everything in her head. She plans everything coldly, foreseeing difficulties and preparing for them. She's very intelligent, but her cleverness is always used for her own benefit. Everything she does has an ulterior motive behind it, and you can never be sure whether to trust her or not, but since no one has any reason not to trust her, she gets away with it.
Upon meeting someone, they either sense the slight offness about her, and continue to be intrigued, or to see her as a complete angel. Yes, some people find her flawless and become hopelessly in love with her. They find themselves drawn to her and want her desperately. You could never see her really feeling the same way, but toying, teasing, and playing along is not beneath her. If it helps her, it'll happen.
She has an odd fear of commitment, and hates the idea of being tied down or trapped anywhere. She's like an animal in this aspect, for when you corner her she will get violent. Panic is what happens when things go unexpectedly for her, and panic always leads to trouble for the other involved. She never thinks of consequences though she is not careless. She wip


History: Ever since she was born she'd been missing something. She wasn't a very normal child, and rarely cried even as a baby. She was an only child, and her mother never thought anything of her oddness. Since she was a new parent, she never thought of anything as strange, and assumed every parent had the same problems. Her father on the other hand could feel it. There was something uncomfortable about her. She wasn't like other children. But, he was the type of person who was more reserved and introverted. He wasn't good with much communication or physical stuff and he always kept a safe distance from people. He never spoke out about the oddness of his daughter, even when strange things kept happening.
She was a lovely child, pretty face with a boy's figure for most of her life. She didn't start changing until she was in her late teens. She never conformed to the normal way of doing things. Other children would have phases and styles they all followed, dressing the same, having the same toys, and doing things similar to the others. Other children didn't like to be the weird one out. Most wanted to do whatever was popular. Alice was different. She wore, played with, and did whatever she wanted really. She didn't care for others, though many seemed to follow her. At a distance. She wasn't very approachable by her looks, and only a few could go and be around her. The older they grew, the more they edged away, and observed her with curiosity.
Some of her childhood was a blur, a routine almost. She only spoke when spoken to, and she was a good kid in most's eyes. Others thought very, very differently. She was a liar, no doubt. Though she'd never been caught in a lie. She had a way of manipulating anyone to believe anything. Her strength was finding other's weaknesses, and she never seemed to fail. She was a quiet stab in the back, and even after you wouldn't be able to put the blame on her. Her way of twisting things always worked in her benefit, and she found that almost everyone was breakable.
One thing that was key to her discovery was learning of sexuality. Taboo, really, in her time. Not many spoke of it, though there were whore houses. She herself found the sick temptations of humans and things related sexually. Something about her made many men fall head over heels in love with her, to the point where they'd be begging for her. She did date a few, and had a few affairs with married men. She never let anyone think she was ever satisfied, and it drove them crazy. Everything revolved around making her happy, but she never gave them a break. Well, she never stuck around too long either.
Something that Alice easily despised was being trapped anywhere. A claustrophobic feeling came with staying in one place for too long. Whenever anyone threatened her in any way, she'd dispose of them. Make up a lie, or story, or make a scene and have someone else blamed. She sent a few classmates to a reform school, and drove a teacher crazy. So crazy that she was able to kill him and stage it as a suicide. And no one ever knew.
Her parents weren't any better. They wanted her to be educated and take over a business or become a teacher. She wanted neither of those things, having other plans in mind. She tried running away a few times but to no avail. So, she got rid of them to. Staged their death and her own; quickly escaping to Boston.
In Boston she met a man who owned a prostitution ring, and he fell in love with her the moment he saw her. The type of love he fell in like many others was an odd ecstasy that made him incapable of seeing any bad in her. When really, there wasn't any good. She wanted to join his circuit, but he felt that she was too pretty to be a whore. He wanted her for his own. He built her a house, gave her everything she wanted and more. He often cheated on his wife with her, but she never seemed satisfied. It drove him mad, and eventually she was tired of him. He'd given her any money she wanted, and she had a good amount. Enough to leave him and live on her own. She didn't bother killing him, and just left. He did find her once, so angry that he almost beat her to death. She lived though, without his knowledge. She never saw him again luckily, and she was saved. Desiree found her, and knew exactly what type of person she was. An offer was made, and Alice hesitantly accepted. She liked the idea of enhanced everything, and decided hurting humans, who she despised anyway, wouldn't be bad. She made the blood oath, and became immortal.
Place of Origin: She claims Boston, but her childhood was in a small town in Connecticut.

Theme Song: Miss Murder
Hey Miss Murder can I
Hey Miss Murder can I
Make beauty stay if I
Take my life? Whoa oh oh

With just a look
They shook
And heavens bowed before him(her)
Simply a look
Can break
Your heart.

The stars that pierce the sky
(s)He left them all behind
We're left to wonder why
(s)He left us all... Behind

Hey Miss Murder can I
Hey Miss Murder can I
Make beauty stay if I
Take my life? (Whoa oh oh)

Dreams of his(her) crash
Won't pass
Oh how they all adored him(her)
Beauty will last
When spiraled

The stars that mystify
(s)He left them all behind
And how his(her) children cried
(s)He left us all... Behind

Hey Miss Murder can I
Hey Miss Murder can I
Make beauty stay if I
Take my life? Whoa oh oh

What's the hook, the twist within this verbose mystery?
I would gladly bet my life upon it
That the ghost you love, your ray of light will fizzle out
Without hope, hope. We're the empty set just floating through wrapped, in skin,
Ever searching for what we were promised
Reaching for that golden ring we'd never let go...
Who would ever let us put our filthy hands upon it?

Hey Miss Murder can I
Hey Miss Murder can I
Make beauty stay if I
Take my life? (Whoa oh oh)

So begins...

Alice Satin's Story