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Greyson "Grey" Kellington

"Pleasure is all mine."

0 · 392 views · located in New York, New York

a character in “Give Me Your Love”, as played by xxtensionxx




Name: Hadley Greyson Kellington
Nickname: Grey
Role:Human 6
Age: 19
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Likes: Music | Rings | Longboarding | Coffee | Suits | His Hair | Photography | Dance | Smoking | Hats | Girls | Fall | Modeling | Fire
Dislikes: His Smoking Habit | Seriousness | Being Called Out | Awkward Silences | Being Alone | Summer | Wearing Shirts | His Pills
Fears: Death | Disappointing His Family | Spiders | Being Homeless
Dreams: To Be Successful | Living a Happy, Quiet Life | To Fall In Love | To Be a Performer
Secrets: He's a Grade A Dancer | He Was The Cause of His Best friends Death |

Personality: When he was younger, his attitude was a combination of pills after pills. At age 6, he was diagnosed with anger management issues and ADD, and since, he's had pills he is supposed to take.

Grey has a tendency to make everyone around him as happy and comfortable as he is. There's not really a specific reason why, but he gets very comfortable around people easily. He is known for both being very friendly and funny, and doing ridiculous things, without thinking of the consequences. His warm and inviting nature makes people want to be friends with him in general, whether it be because he's always straight forward and honest with them or because he's so friendly.

But the truth is, most people don't really know him. This happy, friendly, laughing exterior is only one of show to hide how he really feels. He's angry- all the time about things that should no longer matter, but for some reason do. His emotions are hyped higher than the average person, thanks to his meds, and he seems to take things harder, though he doesn't let it show. To his friends and the people around him, it seems as though nothing can pennontrate his bubble of perfect happiness, but if you get to know him, you'll realize there is no bubble.

History: Grey's mother was a middle class woman from England, a ballet dancer since birth. For college, sick of her over protective parents, she went to school in the USA. And that is where she met Grey's father. He was an upper class man from California, and when they met, it was love at first sight. Fast forward 6 years later, and they had two boys, 2 and 3, and a third on the way. This one was Greyson. Before he was old enough to decide, his mother had enrolled him and his brothers in as many dance classes as their local arts school had, as well as a gymnastics team and football.

When he was six, he was as impressive as he could be. He was young, but talented, and his parents loved that, and he loved the attention. But his parents got pregnant again, and this time had a baby girl. She became the center of their focus, and while at first Grey was jealous, he and his two brothers grew to love her more than anything else. They had a pretty good life style. They lived in a large apartment on the Upper East Side, all the kids attended a fine arts academy, and they lived the lifestyle many wish for.

Though it had it's downsides. They were exposed to things in The City a child should not be exposed to. Sex, drugs, and alcohol were a part of his daily life by age 15, despite his parents hard work to keep him and his siblings straight edge. He started smoking cigs at age 16, the only reason he wasn't addicted was the fact that he cared more about dance. That seemed to be the only thing that kept him sane, dance. And the fact that right after he started smoking, he started getting high paying modeling offers, and still gets them.

One night after a dance recital, then a party, Grey had gone over to his friends apartment, and stayed there until 4:30, hanging out with him and his roommates, smoking and drinking. A half hour after he left, their apartment set on fire. In the end, his two best friends were hospitalized, and one died, the other having severe mental and physical problems for the rest of his life.

Place of Origin: New York City, New York

Theme Song: Drunk - Ed Sheeran
Anything else: He has a tattoo on his wrist for his dead best friend, who's nick name was wolf.

So begins...

Greyson "Grey" Kellington's Story

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Maeve let out a yawn as she sat up in her bed hitting the snooze button on her alarm clock. Stretching, the red head began to rub her eyes as she shuffled out of her comfy covers after a few moments of gradual acceptance over the fact she wouldn't be able to sleep any longer. Handing to her dresser as she began to repeat her daily routine with great ease. Of course, there would be a slight change to them. She'd still bring her clothes to the bathroom, still change once her shower was over and she would still dried off, fix up her hair, and change. However, unlike how she'd normally have milk to sip due to her strong distaste in coffee, she'd head over to the little coffee shop down the street from her apartment.She knew her charge, Greyson Killington, liked coffee and would most likely go there today as always. Or at least, Maeve hoped he would. Her sticky note stating that information on the fridge seemed to have a lot of dates and methods scratched out...

Thinking like this sped up the time of the routine Maeve was already dressed and now heading out the door and down her three flights of stairs to get to the great outdoor city. Sure it was a bit chilly today to be wearing a dress and sandals, but the cold air just helped Maeve awaken from her tired state, more so then the hot shower. Maeve continued to dwell on her previous charge even as she walked though, unable to let the women go so easily. She could only assume... She could only assume the women she helped had forgotten her already. It ate away at Maeve quietly, her eyes zoned for quite awhile as her body continued to walk on autopilot. She had been forgotten so many times before, nor did she have closure from the past.

She was still pretty distant from the coffee stop as Maeve stumbled over to a bench, nearly tripping over her own two feet as she began to fix her sandal and the sleeves to her dress before realizing she was wasting time, as always. So many useless thoughts about the past would only distract her, and her nervous habits of tugging on articles of clothing was becoming a pain as well. For all she knew, she could of missed her charge. Speed walking, Maeve prepped herself to not get flustered and to just stay calm and cheerful when meeting the man.

Just like before, this time Maeve didn't just stumble over her own to feet from not paying attention, she tripped over uneven concrete just outside the shop, nearly landing on her face as she gave her legs a few scraps here and there. Nothing she wasn't used too. Groaning, Maeve rubbed her hands which she had used to brace her impact into cold floor. Today wasn't going to be a "fun" day, that was for sure.

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Grey Kellington

Grey was out of bed and showered before the sun was out. His roommate, a kind girl named Hannah who was 16, was still asleep, like a typical teenager, but he was used to having to be quiet in the morning. Not like he wanted to be loud at the crack of dawn anyways. Sliding the comb through his hair, he glanced at himself in the mirror. Tired, cold, and only wearing a towel, it was easy to see the toll that early morning and late nights took on him, but he was still doing fine, and that's what he cared about. Grey slipped some gel into his hand then into his hair, pushing the front part up. He really couldn't care less about how his hair looked, but the choreographer preferred it that way, and it helped keep sweat out of it.

Making his way to his room, he sent a quick text to his friend Mike, telling him he'd be a bit late. He changed into spandex-like shorts and then sweatpants, and a tight fitting v neck. He grabbed his beanie, putting it in his backpack, and left the apartment. A quick check of the phone revealed it was 5:38. Without looking, Grey reached back and pulled out his nickel board from his backpack. He placed it in front of him, falling into the normal feeling of cruising on the sidewalk, avoiding the other early risers he came across.

He arrived at the studio around 6:05, picking up his board and sprinting inside the rotating doors. Nodding to the lobby man, he skipped the elevator and took the stairs up four flights. Grey dropped his bag on the ground, walking to the dance room while taking off his shoes. As he entered the room, no one look up at him, all eyes on Karren, the lead choreographer who was speaking about her knew ideas for the next showcase.

The next three hours were spent doing grueling run throughs of the new dances, and there was a lot of criticism coming everyone's way.

Sweating and bleeding from a few places on his feet, he exited the studio, his shoes now back on, speaking to Mike and his girlfriend. He would never admit it, but Grey was slightly jealous of their relationship. They just got each other, but it didn't effect him very much. Right now, he was focused on making money and dancing.

He waved bye to his friends, and made his way to the coffee shop down the block. That was his number one habit, caffeine. Arriving at the shop, he went right in. He didn't even need to wait in line to order, simply nodding his head to the barista to signal he wanted his usual. it was ready quickly, and he grabbed the jumbo drink and the paper bag with coffee cake in it, sitting at a table near the window and beginning to people watch. He didn't see anyone particularly interesting, there was this one girl, red headed, and pretty, but he wasn't planning on anything. He sighed, leaning back in his chair a little and pulling out a book from his backpack. It was a random one he'd brought at a tag sale about a week ago, the cover worn so much you couldn't read the title, but it was interesting. He sipped his coffee, pulling out his pen and beginning to read, pausing once to underline something he found interesting.