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Give Your Heart a Break

Give Your Heart a Break


Everyone wants to find that one person who will love them forever. No matter what happens or what they have been through in their life. But, when something gets in the way, it all disappears. Until now.

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ImageIn their lifetime they have broken many hearts, some for reasons and others just for the thrill of knowing that person would be hurting. But, there is always "The one that got away", he one person that just touched their heart, who is always in the back of your memory but still there. And that one special ex, is the love of their lives. The person they hurt all for different reasons is the one person who is meant to be in their lives forever. Many never get the second chance they desire with the ex they hurt the most. But, that was years ago and in couple years, they have changed. In more ways than once, some have changed their personalities, their appearance, Hell some could have changed everything about themselves. In those years, the heartbreakers have continued to break hearts like they were pieces of paper, hoping to find that connection again. Now Cupid wants revenge on them, he wants them to pay for making his job even harder than it used to be. So now three ex couples have be sent to San Valentin in the Pacific for the whole Summer on what they think is a free vacation. But this isn't all about having fun in the sun and flirting with strangers, oh no the heart breakers have a job to do. Their job is to make their ex fall in love with them again. And not only do they have to say the three magic words "I love You". Their exes must say it voluntary and they have to mean it. But, will it be as easy as it sounds? Of course not, just like love there are many twist and turns they might have to go through.
Good Luck.


They were far from perfection. They came from opposite worlds; The boy was born into the high class, pampered life while the girl was on the wrong side of the tracks. Yet, somehow they met and fell for one another. But, they kept it a secret and after a while, they got tried of hiding. He let their differences get in the way while she left without a trace while they were on their break.

Holden Green || 23 || FC: Stephen Amell || Heartbreaker || Taken by Addrinvan

Luminita Carpathia || 22 || FC: Sierra Kusterbeck || Ex || Taken by BleedingLover

They were that picture perfect couple in the high school. Everyone knew that once they left to start their lives as adults that they would be together. Forever. And they both though the exact same thing in their own minds. That is until something, something huge stopped those plans and their future was gone. It just... Vanished.

Scarlett Gainsborough || 19 || FC:Crystal Reed ||Heartbreaker || Taken by LittleMissGeorgia

Jay Hammel || 21 || FC: Colton Haynes || Ex || Taken by Onuwa

Unlike most couples, they weren't a normal couple. He was the celebrity bad boy that every girl wanted and every guy loved to hate. And she was the newest up and coming star who got into his heart, until something happened between the two and they fizzled.

Guy 3 || 20 || FC: T Mills || Heartbreaker || Open

Aeronwyn I. Derek|| 18 || FC: Chachi Gonzales || Ex || Taken by TaniaSoulEater


They were polar opposites with one another, in every way from their views on the world to the groups they interacted with. And, at first it was just a dare for the girl to see if she could get him into falling for her. But, after a while they feel in love until he found out how it was a joke. And, it went downhill from there.

Zooey Greene || 20 || FC: Lights Poxleitner || Heartbreaker || Taken by Bandgeek

Rikki Martian || 21 || FC: Ash Stymest || Ex || Taken by HypeR


Code: Select all
[center][img]go to [url=] this [/url] site, and create your characters name here, placing it in the img brackets[/img][/center]

[right][img] GIF of your character [/img]
    [img]And, Another GIF[/img]
    [img]And Again Another GIF[/img]
    [img] one more, please.[/img][/right]
    [b]Name[/b]: First, middle, last.
    [b]Nickname[/b]: if any.
    [b]Age[/b]: Given
    [b]Job//Career[/b]: What do they do for a living?
    [b]Role//Story[/b]: What role are they? And, what story are they in?
    [b]Heart breaker or Ex?[/b]:.... Are they one of the heartbreakers or an ex?

    [b]Dreams[/b]: What do they want to accomplish in their life? At least 3
    [b]Likes[/b]: At least seven.
    [b]Dislikes[/b]: At least seven.
    [b]Fears[/b]:Everyone fears something. At least 3

    [b]Personality[/b]: At least one well-written paragraph

    [b]Appearance[/b]:Height, Weight, any tattoos, Etc.

    [b]History[/b]: Two-three paragraphs, please.

    [b]Theme Song[/b]: [url=LINK TO SONG] What song do you think explains you?[/url]


[right][img]Put A Picture Or GIF Of Ex[/img][/right]
     [b]Name of Ex//Nicknames For Them[/b]:... What's their name? And What did you call them?
     [b]Why Did You Ask Out Your Ex?//What Drew Them To You[/b]: Why did you fall for them?
     [b]Favorite//Worst Memory of Your Ex[/b]: It Couldn't Be All Bad! What was the best memory of them? And What was the worst?
     [b]Why Did You Break Up With Them?[/b]: (DELETE if you're an Ex)
     [b]Why Do You Think They Broke Up With You?[/b]: (DELETE if You're a Heartbreaker)
     [b]Theme Song For Them[/b]: What Song Comes To Mind About Them or the Relationship?

1. You may change your FC ONCE and only a couple of them am I willing to change, but if you do change it... It may not be someone I have seen in almost EVERY single RP I look at like Claire Holt, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Holland Roden, Victoria Secret models, OR Any girl from PLL (Pretty Little Liars).

2. Post on the OOC to reserve AND have the password. Do NOT private message, please. After you're reservation is made, you have two days to finish the character sheet. I don't like giving extensions. If you're too busy to make a CS, then you're too busy to post; that's the rule I always abide by.

3. If you can't post for a while, please let me know! It'd be greatly appreciated. Activity is needed to keep any RP alive. Please don't let this die.

4. Yes, I have Face Claims, do not flood the OOC saying how much you dislike them. Please.

5. As for post length, no one liners. You must post at least 180-350 MINIMUM words. Sorry, if that seems a lot but, then maybe you shouldn't join.

6. This roleplay is for mature people only. If you can't accept violence, swearing, drinking, sexual content, and such, then don't join.

7. I want to see interaction with EVERYONE. Just because your character doesn't get along doesn't mean you have an excuse to not talk to someone. Make drama and not just between you and your ex!

8. With number 7 said, make drama IN character not OUT OF character. If you have a problem let me know. I don't bite... Much. :)

8.5. The first part of the password is your favorite Disney movie (Yes, I know it's random!)

9.I know a few people who join and then disappear, and I do have the right to decline a reservation but, I will do it in PM

10. You MUST read these rules! The second part of the reservation is: Your Favorite Television Show.

11. If you do not have the passwords, I will ignore your reservation and not reply to it. Get it? Got it? Good.

12. Have fun! :{D This is all in good fun!


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Character Portrait: Aeronwyn I. Derek
0 sightings Aeronwyn I. Derek played by TaniaSoulEater
"Even if you cannot hear my voice, I'll be right beside you."

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Character Portrait: Rikki Martian
Character Portrait: Zooey Greene
Character Portrait: Holden Green
Character Portrait: Scarlett Gainsborough


Character Portrait: Scarlett Gainsborough
Scarlett Gainsborough

"Scarlet, I guess it's the colour of lust."

Character Portrait: Holden Green
Holden Green

"I never seem to have anything that if I lost it I'd care too much about."


Character Portrait: Holden Green
Holden Green

"I never seem to have anything that if I lost it I'd care too much about."

Character Portrait: Scarlett Gainsborough
Scarlett Gainsborough

"Scarlet, I guess it's the colour of lust."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Scarlett Gainsborough
Scarlett Gainsborough

"Scarlet, I guess it's the colour of lust."

Character Portrait: Holden Green
Holden Green

"I never seem to have anything that if I lost it I'd care too much about."

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Re: Give Your Heart a Break

Well, I do remember awaiting a reply from somebody I've requested to enter a triangle with. Seems like there's some things that need catching up on.

Re: Give Your Heart a Break

Weekends aren't this long were I come from is all.

Re: Give Your Heart a Break

.............................................................................. *poke*.

Re: Give Your Heart a Break

Hey awesome! congratz! :)

Re: Give Your Heart a Break

I'm the one getting married, our wedding's in August so the months are just flying by. :D

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I'm still around, just waiting on hyper. BleedingLover, who's getting married? :)

Re: Give Your Heart a Break

I am still here. :)

Re: Give Your Heart a Break

I'm really sorry I haven't gotten around to posting yet, I've had a lot going on with college and wedding planning. But, I am free this weekend. I just want a head count. Who's still here?

Re: Give Your Heart a Break

So that post ever coming or is this dead?

Re: Give Your Heart a Break

I'm Ok with her in a love triangle with Rikki and Zoey, but it's not really my say. Hyper's the one who has to say it's fine.

Also- My post will be up tomorrow! :)

Re: Give Your Heart a Break

Come on someone respond to Tania!

Re: Give Your Heart a Break

Can I choose Rikki? That is, considering hyper is willing to.

Re: Give Your Heart a Break

So which guy is going to be in the triangle? I'd say Tania should chose.

Re: Give Your Heart a Break

Yay I solved a problem. Two years of rping finally payed off.

Re: Give Your Heart a Break

I like it. :) I'll start on the first post now.

Re: Give Your Heart a Break

That would work! :) Then when boy 3 comes along things would eventually straighten out. That seems like a valid solution to me.

Re: Give Your Heart a Break

Love triangle anyone? New vs old vying for the attention of an eligible bachelor. Not as sexist as that mind you, But every love story has at least a love triangle.