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Glamour and Grace

Glamour and Grace


Looks are something that is truly something precious, something not to toy with. But other people may think differently. They think natural looks is putting on makeup, and other things. But it can result in dire consequences.. [Remake of an old RP]

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Beauty is not something to just look at and then just look away from, beauty is like a piece of art. And just like art, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Beauty is something to be admired. Because soon enough, that beauty will be gone. Before you even know it. In the blink of an eye. Beauty is something that you cherish. And something that you admire. Something that is to be looked at, in a different way. Beauty is not putting makeup on just so you can look pretty. Beauty is being yourself. Beauty is showing what is on the inside and outside. So it can paint a picture. Each form of beauty tells a story. And always remember, that you, are the most beautiful person to exist..

Those were the exact words that Izumi Hoshi's dear grandmother had said to her when she was simply a wee child, however, now she is dead, she passed away from a simple stroke, and Izumi knows that nothing can simply bring her back, as much as she wishes she was still there beside her. She was the only woman in her life who had made Izumi truly happy. She was a beautiful and kind person. But nothing is bringing her back now, no matter how hard that she may try to bring her back, it shall not work, but she is in a better place now.

Izumi cannot live with her mother, she is dead, she died from birthing complications, and she cannot live with her father, he is in prison for selling drugs, such as meth and other addictive drugs. And now she has to live with her aunt and uncle, along with her five annoying cousins who she simply hates with a burning passion. And even worse is that she is starting her last year of high school, and after that its off to college. And now, Izumi has spiraled into a depression. Her friends try to help her, but it simply does not work. Nothing seems to work for her. And there is barely any hope anymore.

That is, until when they start school, to their lucky surprise, there is a new boy who has transferred to their school from the Osaka district of Japan, named Hiro Umesaki. And her friends, now that there is a new boy, they think that they can get Izumi out of her depression and hopefully make her happy once again. They are determined to make their friend happy. No matter what the cost is. Even if they had to risk their own life for her, then they would do it, just to make her happy. So they set up a simple 'date' with Izumi and the new boy.

They drive her to the park, blindfolded, and her friends just so happens to know the new boy from preschool, so she also drives him to the park, blindfolded as well. Neither of them know where they are going, or what they are doing, all they know is that they are going somewhere. And it could result in good, or bad things happening. When they both arrive they they take off their blindfolds, and are greeted to one another, Izumi seems interested, and to her surprise, everything seems to go quite well!

But after a while, Izumi seems to develop a crush on him. But there is something wrong.. about her.. she is fat, ugly and disgusting, at least to herself that is. She finds herself disgusting. So she starts taking pills, starving herself, puking up food even. She wants to do something about her face, but for her makeup makes her more fat and disgusting. So she gets plastic surgery, and lucky to say that for her, the operation was a complete success! It all worked and she has the look that she wants.

But her friends are worried about Izumi. And so is Hiro. She starts acting strange and suddenly gets angry at her friends, this has changed her, and she wants to look even more beautiful. But along the way she will have to overcome some obstacles. Her friends fear that she shall not stop. So can they stop Izumi? Or will Izumi keep getting surgery; eventually ruining her true beauty? The last type of beauty that she really has? Or will she just simply forget about everything, and throw everything away just to look beautiful?


Izumi Hoshi


Lost grandmother, has plastic surgery || Eighteen || Mika Harima || Open

Hiro Umesaki


New boy, takes interest in Izumi || Seventeen || Usui Takumi || Open

Emi Chiyo


Izumi's concerned friend, sets Hiro and Izumi up on a date with help || Sixteen || Shouko Nishimiya || Open

Hiroko Asahina


Izumi's friend, secretly bipolar, knows Hiro from kindergarden || Seventeen || Kaori Miyazono || Taken

Haranobu Hajame


Izumi's friend, has trust issues, helps friends with setting up Izumi on date || Eighteen || Zen Wistalia || Open

Kohana Mitsuki


Hiro's ex girlfriend, wants to get back together || Seventeen and a half || Chitoge Kirisaki || Open

Lincoln Himura


Hiro's shy younger sister, in a wheelchair || Fourteen || Suzume Yosano || Open

Toggle Rules

1.) This should not even be a rule but please, no bullying in this roleplay, especially OOC, in the OOC threads I want everyone to get along, if you cannot handle a certain person then I advise you to simply leave this roleplay, because likely it wouldn't do you any good and I want to make you feel comfortable as possible and all. If you still would like to roleplay, send me a PM and I shall see if we can work something out. If we can't then that is okay. Its not a big deal.

2.) Please remember that there are a variety of characters present, NPC's, other characters, and all of that stuff. So remember to interact with everyone, OOC, and also while you are roleplaying as well.

3.) No character is perfect. Don't make them 'too nice' or 'too mean' or do the 'everybody loves me yay' act. We want unique and original characters-- okay maybe not entirely original since in a way everything has already been done. But still, give your character real emotions, and make them relateable and all. Even some of he most perfect people have weaknesses and flaws and all. Like for example, Sebastian, from black butler cannot hide too well, and he has a weakness for cats. So no mary or gary-stu's, to put it simply. As well as this do not control anyone's character.

4.) It is important that you build plots with other characters both in the OOC, and in private messages. I want surprises and all. Yet this should be pretty self explanatory and all. Be sure to make everything believable too.

5.) There will be many important announcements in the OOC. There will be several threads, and a specific thread for announcements. I want everyone to keep up with the OOC threads and all. If you cannot be social do not join the roleplay, its that simple. However if you need some assistance or are confused, send me a PM and we can work it out there. I promise I don't bite, naturally I am a friendly person. So don't be afraid of me. Don't be afraid to ask other members of the roleplay what is going on either.

6.) All posts must be at least 400 words. If you cannot do posts of that length, then do not join the roleplay, it is that simple, oh and I almost forgot to mention, don't be lazy, I check, its okay if your one word off though. I'm not that pushy. I highly encourage you to write more, longer posts.

7.) If you are NOT ready to participate in romance, occasional kissing, alcohol use, drugs, eating disorders, cursing, etc. Then please exit NOW. This roleplay will not do you any good.

8.) Do not god mod and play god. This really irks me. I actually had someone who wrote for my character throughout the whole role play and let me tell you, it left me with nothing to write at all. So just- don't god mod no one likes a god modder. The password is to answer this riddle. 'Everyone has it and no one can lose it, what is it?'

9.) When replying please make sure that you continue it off in your part, I hate when I am the only one giving and pitching in ideas as to how to move the story along. Please make sure that you also contribute so that the role-play doesn't end up turning boring in the end. If you cannot join in OOC discussions and other things then don't join its that simple.

10.) When creating your forms, please make sure that you take your time to go through everything and make sure to fill everything out. If you have a question about something, always feel free to ask me about it and I'll explain so that you won't leave anything blank on your form. Also please refrain yourself from describing your character by using 'me', 'I', 'myself'. The character isn't you so those terms shouldn't be used.

11.) Have fun. Pretty self explanatory so, yeah. Have fun.

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Character Portrait: Hiroko Ashina


Character Portrait: Hiroko Ashina
Hiroko Ashina

"Hey! What the hell do you think your doing, looking up my dress?! I'll beat your ass, you perv!"


Character Portrait: Hiroko Ashina
Hiroko Ashina

"Hey! What the hell do you think your doing, looking up my dress?! I'll beat your ass, you perv!"

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Character Portrait: Hiroko Ashina
Hiroko Ashina

"Hey! What the hell do you think your doing, looking up my dress?! I'll beat your ass, you perv!"

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