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Hiroko Ashina

"Hey! What the hell do you think your doing, looking up my dress?! I'll beat your ass, you perv!"

0 · 681 views · located in Tokyo, Japan

a character in “Glamour and Grace”, as played by DESPAIRBXTCH



Image {NAME} Hiroko Ashina
{NICKNAMES} Hiro|| The name Hiro is from her childhood, she grew up with her mother and her mother vowed never to call her darling baby Hiro. But then when they got home, she started calling her Hiro. And the name stuck.
Hiriri-chii|| Hiriri-chii is what mostly her little brother calls her, while he is fourteen and a half years old and all he still has a childish personality and is really childish since he worries about her. So he called her, Hiriri-chii, to make it sound as if she wasn't growing up. Not to mention he is a really big baby.

{AGE} Seventeen years old.
{GENDER} Female.
{SEXUAL ORIENTATION} Pansexual|| Hiro doesn't care what gender you are, she cares about what defines you as a person.
{BIRTHDAY} May, 24th.
{ZODIAC SIGN} Gemini.Image
{HEIGHT} 5'4"
{WEIGHT} 149lbs
{OVERALL APPEARANCE} Hiroko has always been quite, beautiful and described as bright like her personality by most people, the girl has big blue orbs that shine with glints of curiosity hidden inside of them, glassy. Her eyes compliment her blonde hair very well, its blonde, and a beautiful color, a rarity is what she is. Her skin is pale and her cheeks are naturally rosy, with glossy pink lips, so soft you could simply steal a kiss from them, medium cheekbones and a pink tint upon her delicate face, like a doll. She seems to be quite lovely, many people wish to be her as if she is so rare and so beautiful, in which she is. However while it is not visible to the eye at first, Hiroko has past self inflicted scars upon her wrists, from feeling worthless and helpless. Most of them lie upon her wrists, thighs and arms. Her body shape is quite petite and skinny, however it isn't to the point where you can see her ribs. Though she is extremely insecure about her weight and doesn't like how she looks to herself, but worries upon other topics. As for any other things, you barely can see anything and she is still a beauty to most people that are to witness her.Image
{PERSONALITY} Hiroko is secretly bipolar, so her personality really depends on how her illness is and what phase she is in. However, when she is in her own happy, usual state, she seems to be a free spirit, soaring so high and free like a bird, her wings guiding her. She is welcoming to new people and can be described as quite friendly to most others. Be she is also quite unpredictable as well. Her mood changes rather quickly and she can be happy at one moment, and angry the next. This is just her and kind of her illness a little. she is trapped in her own world and it is dark, no light can come through this window and world that is hidden away from the other people. It is a sweet pleasure to see herself bleed and let the blood run down her body. She loves to see herself in pain. However she is also extremely sadistic, she is evil and also does like to see people suffer, what is even more satisfying than seeing herself bleed onto the floor and scream in pain, is the pleasure of seeing others bleed. She is prone to anger outbursts and all. She cannot control herself. Her brain is in a constant state and she flips out on people. Hiroko is bold and loving, she loves to speak to people and make new friends.Image
{LIKES} Food|| Give Hiroko food and your forever gonna be her friend. Hiroko loves the sweet taste of food inside of her mouth and simply loves it.
Animals|| All animals are so very cute and adorable, even the ones who aren't. All of them seem to have this weird attraction towards Hiroko that's un-explainable. Like snow white.
Rain|| Nothing is better than the sound of the rain. She loves the rain and loves the sound of it.
{DISLIKES} Veggies|| She freaking hates Veggies. She doesn't eat veggies too much. She is very picky when it comes to food.
Boys|| She doesn't really like boys. She feels that they are just too big and intimidating to her.
Homophobes|| She mostly leans towards females when it comes to romance and all. Some people bash her because of this and she doesn't like it.Image
{HOBBIES} Violin|| The violin is calming and she simply loves it when she plays it, she feels free.
Video Games|| Yes, she loves video games, mostly games by Bethesda. Like Fallout 3, or Skyrim.
Chess|| She is quite good at chess. She is a strategist.
Image {HISTORY} Hiroko and her family used to live in the Shibuya, district of Tokyo and all. Her mother constantly struggled with her bills and everything, however they tried their best to make it through. Hiroko never had met her father since he had left when she was born and claimed that he didn't wanna deal with a freaking bratty ass child like her. She barely had any toys and anything to play with so she had to make her own things. She always tried her best to make it fun for herself so that she could grow up happy. Her mother moved when at one point and got a new job, where she met her best friend Izumi, she was enrolled in school with Izumi and met her, becoming best friends with her, the two girls were inseparable and she always did follow Izumi around, usually she would go to her birthday parties and all. They would have sleepovers together and do everything. Though when Hiroko was about two years old, she started having her first little episode. She had been cutting herself with her mother's paperclips she used and her mother took her to the hospital due to getting an infection. Lucky for her they cleared her infection and all. She was took to a therapist and they prescribed drugs to make her better. It didn't do much though, then her baby brother was born since she had a one night stand with an unknown man who she met at a bar and all. She had to help around the house more and she didn't like it so she tried to run away, but it didn't work. When she was in middle school, she broke her leg while doing gymnastics and her mother and the doctors considered a wheelchair and a cast as well. The break sure was not pretty and it hurt, during this time Izumi had come to visit and she was quite happy, since she was still in the hospital and she just had a surgery on her leg as well. Izumi was worried, but she reassured her friend and said that she was perfectly fine and had nothing to worry about at all. Puberty was awkward and she had to get braces, which she normally would complain because it hurt so much from getting tightened. Image She was disappointed because she had clear ones, and she didn't get to choose their colors. However, once she had to get them on again during her freshman year of high school, she was happy because she had colors. Lucky for her her teeth had finally straightened, and she just had to wear a retainer. When she was in the tenth grade she had her first sexual relationship with a guy and became afraid of most because she went through physical and emotional abuse with him. And when she was in the eleventh grade she had lived for her grandmother for a while because of her mother going on a business trip, and when she got back it had been a year and was in her senior year, in which now she shall have a big journey in.
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Hiroko Ashina's Story